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We rented a car to travel around Europe. The starting point was Prague, so it was the place where we received and dropped-off the car. In this article, I will tell you how to rent a car, how much it is, and will give my review about renting a car in Prague.

My car renting experience

After buying flight tickets, we decided to book a car at once. The problem was that we purchased only one-way ticket and had no idea when and where we will fly back. We decided to book directly through service, which we already used for renting a car in Armenia, and whose prices I keep comparing for blog articles. Usually, it’s the cheaper option. Our main requirements were:

  • Automatic transmission
  • The price not exceeding 400 euros for the whole period (more than 10 days) – with full insurance and the second driver.
  • A comfortable car for two with enough luggage space.
  • Free booking alterations (I have already explained why)
  • Unlimited mileage

Finally, we found an economy class car (VW Polo or similar) with automatic transmission and with an additional driver included in the price. The company we rented from was RentPlus – a local Czech office having branches at the airport and in the city. The car cost 230€ (basic insurance included) and a deductible of 1,200€.

I gave the detailed information about renting a car in this article – there you can read about such terms as deductible, deposit and insurance.

By the way, yet I had to alter the booking (I contacted the support for that) – I changed the place of receipt (not at the airport, but in the city), the date of receipt and the rental period.

As I have already said, the deductible under the contract amounted to 1,200€, the deposit was 1,200€ as well (the sum blocked on the credit card).

We decided to buy full insurance not from Rentalcars, but directly from the rental company (Rent+), although it was slightly more expensive. What’s the difference? If you purchase insurance from Rentalcars, in case any damage is inflicted to the car, the car rental company will deduct the necessary amount (within the deductible of 1,200€) from the customer, and the customer in his turn will have to apply to Rentalcars for compensation. Which means that in this case, you will have to spend your money. If you buy insurance from a rental company, the damage compensation requires no customer’s participation.

At Rent+ the insurance costs (as of September 2017):

  • Full Cover (for 12 days) – 3,993 CZK (155€), coverage except for tires, windows and car replacement.
  • Platinum – 5,300 CZK (206€) – all inclusive.

Additional payment 413 CZK (16€) for crossing the border (one-off sum).

In total, we paid about 400€ for the car.

Since we got the insurance from RentPlus, I contacted the representative and asked to reduce the deposit. As a result, we agreed on a deposit of 15,000 CZK (585€) instead of the announced 1,200€.

Further reading: my author’s Prague guide

Pick-up and drop-off the car

RentPlus Office in Prague:

When we came to the company’s office; there was a small queue. Besides us, another 5 companies were waiting to receive a car. By the way, when we were there, we heard a call to the office and they said that there were no free cars for the next 5 days, so I recommend booking in advance.

For pick-up the car, we took the following documents:

  • Passports
  • Driving license
  • Voucher
  • Credit card for blocking the deposit

Then, we examined the car. We saw 2 additional scratches that weren’t specified in the act, returned to the office, pointed “here and here”, and the manager placed marks in the act and sealed without checking.

When we returned the car, they examined it again, and immediately(!) unblocked the deposit at the office – the money was returned to the card.

We drove 2635 km in this car, in this blog you can read about the countries and cities we visited. This was our experience of renting a car in Prague. I hope you will find my review about the car rental in the Czech Republic useful. Below, you can find practical information about booking a car.

how to rent a car in the Czech Republic
The first night — in Český Krumlov town.

Documents for renting a car in Prague (Czech Republic)

  1. Driving license
  2. Passport
  3. Voucher (!) mandatory
  4. Payment card. For the blocked deposit, I recommend having a credit card issued, so as not to “freeze” your own money, but to have the bank’s funds “frozen”. No interest is charged for the blocked funds; however, I recommend using a card with a long interest-free period. By the way, you can pay for insurance in cash. However, they won’t accept cash as the deposit.

Car rental price in Prague

The price for renting an economy class car on average starts from 20 euros per day for long-term renting (more than 10 days) and from 30 euros per day with full insurance. For this price, you will get a good economy class car with automatic transmission. Mini class cars with manual transmission will be even cheaper. Respectively, comfort and business class cars are more expensive – starting from about 50 euros and more per day.

What does the car rental include

As exemplified by our car, I will list what is usually included in the rental price:

  • CMTPL, partial CNC insurance (with deductible)
  • Airport fee
  • Local taxes, road fees (Czech vignette included)
  • Winter equipment (tires)
  • Unlimited mileage (pay attention to this point, since some companies may have limited free mileage)
  • Additional driver (we had this option included, but this is rather an exception)

What is not included in the rental

  • Gasoline (if you take a full-tank car, it must be returned with a full tank)
  • Additional equipment (navigator, booster chair, ski mounts, etc.)
  • Fines, road tolls, parking
  • Car wash (basic wash is included; however, if the car is in a very poor condition, you will have to pay separately or wash it yourself). We didn’t wash the car, but just dropped all the litter.
  • Additional driver, unless otherwise is specified in the conditions.

How and where can you rent a car in Prague

You can rent a car in Prague either upon arrival at the Prague airport, or later in the city. There are many companies, both international and local. You can rent a car directly from the rental office or from a broker (in our case, it was Rentalcars broker). It is often cheaper form a broker. For example, when booking from Rentalcars (in the “Budget” company), Skoda Fabia with automatic transmission and additional driver will cost 150 euros for 7 days.

On the website of the same Budget rental company, the same car for the same dates will be 20 euros more expensive when paying for a second driver:

Anyway, when booking you can always compare prices offered by brokers and by rental companies and make your choice:)

I can recommend the following brokers:

The latter’s peculiarity is that, first of all, it cooperates with local rental companies (offering lower prices and more individual approach), and secondly, here you can book a particular car, but not a class. For example, we ordered a VW Polo, but got a Skoda Fabia. From you will get a particular car of a particular color – everything as you’ve ordered (and they won’t be able to change the car without your consent). Another advantage — low deposits — up to 300€, and in some companies there is “no deposit” function available (its average cost is 12€ per day).

If you have something to add, leave your comments! There you can also ask questions:) By reposting it in social networks, you will help to promote the blog (easy for you – pleasant for me!).

Have a nice car trip!

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