In this short article I will tell you what capsule hotels, that are so popular in Japan, how to book them, and also show photos.

Capsule hotels are a purely Japanese notion. There is not enough space, but there are a lot of people, therefore, large rooms in hotels are a rarity.

Initially office workers used these capsules in order not to waste time on the way home – they worked until 12 at night, slept in the capsule for 5 hours, and again went to work. Apparently, something like this 🙂 Some sources write that women were not populated in such capsules, so as not to interfere with the men rest. Now capsule hotels are widespread among tourists, and there is no problem to find both general hotels, and “men only” or “women only”.

capsule hotels japan
Night in the box

The “room” in capsule hotels is a capsule. The standard capsule size is 2 * 1 * 1.25. This size is enough only to sleep here as a last resort – to watch TV.

In fact, such a capsule looks like berths on trains, with the only difference being that each seat is private and separated from the others by a wall. The capsules, as well as the seats on the trains, are located in two tiers.

In general, it looks like this:

capsule hotel tokyo
Female floor at the hotel

Side – “entrance” is closed, as a rule, by a curtain.

For one night during our trip we stayed in this hotel:

The Prime Pod GINZA TOKYO , $ 50 per night, for 1 capsule.

What was in my capsule:

  1. TV + headphones
  2. Locker for personal small items
  3. Hooks and coat hanger for clothes
  4. Small shelf
  5. Sockets, incl. USB
hotel capsule tokyo
Capsule panorama

Also at this hotel the price included all the necessary accessories – pajamas, toothpaste, slippers.

Toilet and shower are shared. There is also luggage space on the floor. If you are worried about your luggage, take a lock with you to fasten your luggage to the shelf. But I believe that this is not necessary, in Japan it is quite safe in this regard. Personal things always remain with you.

Our hotel had separate floors for men and women, access to their floor – with a plastic key card.

hostel tokyo
Hostel Lobby

In fact, a capsule hotel is not even a hotel, but a hostel. With a common lounge and shared restrooms. We also included a small breakfast. You can have breakfast with a cool view from the window.

capsule hotel ginza tokyo
A modest breakfast, but with a view of the Ginza

On average, prices for capsule hotels start at $ 30. In Tokyo, and especially in the Ginza – more expensive. Given that the hotel next door (with its own bathroom) cost us the same $ 100 for two, it is advantageous to stay in capsules if traveling alone.

Or like us when you want to know what it is all about.

Here are some more examples of capsule hotels in Tokyo

That’s all. I hope you were interested to know what capsule hotels are and how they look 🙂

Cozy Japan for you!

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