Cape Roca (or Cabo da Roca) is a cape in Portugal, the westernmost point of Europe. Traveling around Portugal and not visiting Cape Roca is a little silly, so I included a visit to this attraction in our itinerary . In the article I will show a photo of the cape and tell you how to get there by car and public transport.

Where is Cape Roca

Cape Roca is located in the west of Portugal, in a national park, 40 km from Lisbon, 18 km from Sintra and about 17 km from Cascais.

Cape Roca on the map

Why go to Cape Roca, what you can see

There are two reasons to go to Cape Roca:

  1. Marvel at the incredible views of the Atlantic Ocean
  2. “Check” the visit to the extreme point of Europe. By the way, you can tick off both mentally and quite realistically: in the tourist office for 11 euros you can buy a certificate of visit to this wonderful place.

The main attraction of the cape is, of course, the Atlantic Ocean. What views open up here!

cape de roca Cape Cabo de Roca cape de robo portugal cape of rock

It is interesting to take a look at the lighthouse as a sight, it was built in 1772 and today is the second oldest lighthouse in Portugal.

cape of rock photo cape of rock extreme point

The stella with the cross once again reminds tourists (who suddenly forgot) that they are at the very extreme point of Europe.

cape of rock how to get cape of rock coordinates

They say that from the cape you can go down to the beach, but the descent is very steep and quite dangerous. During our visit, I did not see anyone who was going down to the ocean or on the beach.

The cape has a large parking lot (free), a cafe, a souvenir shop, a tourist office.

Dress warmer, even if you go in the summer, there is a very strong and cold wind on the cape. For example, in the city I wore a light dress, and on the cape, as you can see from the photo, I had to wrap myself as much as possible.

lisbon sintra cape of rock

How to get to Cape Roca

You can get to Cabo da Roca on your own or with a guided tour.

Excursion to Cape Roca

In order not to bother with public transport and not to rent a car, you can visit Cape Roca during an excursion (individual or group).

Here are some options for excursions from Lisbon to Cape Roca

From Lisbon to Cape Roca on your own

You can get to Cabo da Roca yourself by car, or by public transport.

By car

Since we traveled around Portugal by car ( rented in Spain ), we did not have any questions, we drove along the navigator. During the day, we managed to visit the Pena Palace in Sintra , Cape Roca and get to Bussaco at the Palace do Palace Hotel Bussaco .

The road to Cape Roca is quite normal, there is a little serpentine, but this is not critical. Mostly the road goes through the villages


from syntra to cape of rockhow to get to the cape of rock from syntrasintra cape of rock how to get there


Almost the entire road from Lisbon to Cape Roca is free, somewhere in one place they only paid 0.55 euros.


See also “Toll roads of Portugal: how to pay .


Parking at the cape is, parking is quite large. Free.

cape of rock parking

To Cape Roca by public transport

The bus to Cape Roca runs from Sintra and Cascais. This is the same bus from scotturb No. 403 (route Cascais-Cape Roca Sintra). It takes about 1 hour to get there. The current bus schedule for Cape Roca can be found at

Bus route number 403:

bus schedule cape rock

A bus ticket can be bought from the driver. Cascais-Cabo Roca about 4 euros, Sintra – Cape Roca about 5 euros.

To get from Lisbon to Cape Roca, you can go either via Cascais or via Sintra:

  1. The train from Lisbon to Cascais leaves from the Cais do Sodré station, approximately 1 hour on the way. Bus stop number 403 under a canopy of the shopping center.
  2. The train from Lisbon to Sintra leaves from Rossio station (ticket is about 3 euros), it takes 30-40 minutes to get there. The final stop is Sintra. Bus stop number 403, 50 meters to the right of the exit from the railway station.

As I understand it, it will not be difficult to get to Cape Roca either by public transport or by car, and there will be no problems with a guided tour (there is a large selection and they are all conducted in Russian). Therefore, choose your option and go to Cape Roca – the westernmost point of Europe. This place is really worth seeing!


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Have a good travel!

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