Cape Greco (Cavo Greco) – one of the most popular attractions of Ayia Napa and Protaras. Earlier, I saw Cape Greco only from the sea, but we left visiting it by land “for sweet”


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Cape Greco: how to get there

how to get to cape greco
Cape Greco: view from the sea

Cape Greco can be reached as part of one of the excursions on the island – group or individual, or independently – from Ayia Napa or Protaras. The ideal option, of course, would be to go to the cape on a quadric or buggy, well, or on a rented car (you can drive up as close to the sights as possible), but since the rental was not part of our plans, we decided to go by bus.


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To get to Cape Greco , you can use bus number 101 (from Ayia Napa) or 102 (from Protaras) and get to the stop Cavo Greco (ticket price is 1.5 euros in the afternoon and 2.5 euros after 21.00). Buses run every 20 minutes, there is a schedule at each stop (but the bus can be late for 5-10 minutes, because there are no conductors in the buses and the driver himself accepts payment, thereby delaying the departure a bit). If in doubt where to get off, ask the driver to stop at the bus entrance. Cypriots are very friendly and, believe me, will not refuse.

Cape Greco, Cyprus

So, some official information. Cape Greco (Cavo Greco) – the easternmost part of Cyprus, or rather, the part that belongs to the Republic of Cyprus. It is located between Ayia Napa (about 8 km from Ayia Napa) and Protaras, so it is not difficult to get to the cape from both cities. The Cavo Greco National Forest Park is located on the cape, in which, according to Wikipedia, you can meet rare species of plants: orchids, crocuses, irises … … The eastern part of Capo Greco is occupied by the British military base, therefore tourists are not allowed to enter there.

cape greco ayia napa

You will definitely not be able to see the real “forest” at Cape Greco

What is Cape Greco really like? Do not expect that there will be a “forest park”, rather a “shrubbery”, we did not see any rare plant species, just like the rare species of birds that live there. Knowing what are the attractions in Cyprus, we focused on finding beautiful natural views. It was not so easy to find the places that we wanted, so I prepared an approximate scheme for you .

By number 1 on the map I marked the place where the buses stop, next to the bus stop you will see the Sandwich Bar, which is a small van. As you can see, to get to the sights, you will still need to go if you arrived by bus.

cape greco map

There is a small chapel on Cape Greco (number 2 on the diagram), unfortunately, we did not get there, but judging by the photo on the Internet, the views there are pretty. We, getting off the bus, went along the road towards the Blue Lagoon (number 3). It will take about 1.5-2 km.

Cape Greco Chapel
View of the Blue Lagoon and (far) the chapel
Cape Greco in Cyprus
Such species come off Cape Greco

Further you can reach the British base, there is also parking for quadrics, buggies, and you can drive there by car. Nearby (number 5 on the map) you can climb the rocks, there is also a descent to the water, so everyone can swim (Also read the article about the beaches of Ayia Napa ).

cavo greco

capo greco cyprus
You can swim at Cape Greco
cavo greco cyprus
Water near the cape of unreal flowers!

Honestly, these places did not really impress us, and we set off on our way back. On the way we saw a sign to the “Aphrodite’s path” and decided to go there. The path went uphill.

Aphrodite trail in Cavo Greco
Turn on the Aphrodite Trail
Aphrodite Trail Cavo Greco
View of Cape Greco from the Aphrodite Trail
Cape Greco Aphrodite Trail
What is this place and what is it for – we still don’t understand
Cape Greco Sunset
At Cape Greco you can see the “Peace Monument”

Along the way, we saw a panorama of the cape, a small “garden” with plants, such as olive trees, a strange place (we called it the place of the devil’s call) with a table on which coins lie, mainly rubles (who knows what this is, please share information!) and in the end we went to another (as we would say, “country” road) and again went towards the sea. There is also parking and, by sunset, a lot of cars are going. From the parking lot, you need to go uphill for about 5 minutes (absolutely not difficult) and it is there that offers a gorgeous view of the sea and Ayia Napa (on map number 6). You can take a place on the rocks or in the gazebo and meet the sunset, which we did.

Cape Greco Sunset
A place where you can watch a very beautiful sunset

cavo greco sunset

sunset capo greco

In general, this is all I can tell about Cape Greco . Perhaps I can recommend from myself not to expect something special from Cape Greco, but to enjoy the simplest but most beautiful things in the world – the blue sea and stunning sunset!


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And I wish you more romantic sunsets in your life and a great holiday in Cyprus!


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