I really love some historical places that are significant for the city: cafes, restaurants, hotels. Each centimeter is special in them, each detail has its own story. Turin also has such a place. Cafe Al Bicerin.

Cafe Al Bicerin is located on Piazza Della Consolata, 5. Its location on the map is shown below.

It is here, on this place, that the cafe has existed since 1763! In the cafe you can try different types of coffee, traditional sweets, cookies. The calling card of the institution, and indeed of Turin, is the drink of the same name. Bicherin. It was invented here in Turin, and for the first time in this small cafe.

In the cafe Al Bicerin A. Dumas liked to spend time, and J. Puccini, F. Nietzsche, Ernest Hemingway and many others visited here to enjoy a traditional drink.

coffee beecherin


What is this drink like? Hot chocolate, espresso and cream. The recipe can be found on the Internet without any problems, but it will not be the drink that is served here – the original recipe is kept secret and inherited. Drink it correctly – without mixing the layers between each other and in no case add sugar. The drink tastes sweet, coffee with chocolate is coffee with chocolate, but I especially remember the taste of this airy foam, which I do not even know what to compare. They are not like anything. Thick, creamy, cool (the drink itself is hot). Combined with traditional cookies, it’s delicious and very unusual. This drink is served in a glass (from the Turin dialect bicerin this is exactly what is translated).


cafe al bicerin
Like many years ago, Al Bicerin Cafe is small and cozy.

The cafe itself is very small, with only 6 tables, so there is always a queue at its door.

In principle, the queue moves fast enough, because they serve fast enough, and come here mainly to try the legendary drink. We waited about 25-30 minutes. Perhaps in the summer the queue may be longer.

caffe al bicerin torino
There are always many who want to get to the cafe

Now about the urgent. About the prices. The price for a glass of Bicherin is 6 euros, for 8.25 euros a traditional cookie will also serve you. Also included in the bill are the service (a little, less than 1 euro).

Cafe website: www.bicerin.it


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