Cyprus is a former English colony, the movement in Cyprus is left-handed. This is what initially confused us. How is it to drive on the “wrong” side of the road, skip the oncoming traffic when turning right, and the roundabout is generally scary to think about!

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Buggy and ATV
Rental Car Rental in Cyprus
Bicycle Rental in Ayia Napa (Cyprus)

When planning a trip to Cyprus, we were not originally going to rent a car, like other modes of transport, except for a bicycle (as if left-hand traffic does not apply to bicycles!). Therefore, having arrived in Cyprus, we rented …. buggies!

Buggy and Quad rental

For those who don’t know, a buggy is a motor vehicle that drives on highways (yes, yes, and also on the “wrong” side!) And looks like a Flintstone car, with only one difference, which is It has pedals and gasoline must be poured into the tank. We took the smallest buggy, 150cc (if possible, take something more decently!). The rental price is 40 euros per day. Plus gasoline. There will be plenty of 4 liters for 70-80 km. The cost of gasoline in Cyprus is approximately 1.2 euros per liter. Apparently, you can’t go on the track on it (well, we did not know, and traveled to nearby villages). When renting, your rights or passport are taken as collateral, in exchange they give out a piece of paper, which, in which case, must be shown to the police instead of rights. Enough of our rights, Russian, international, have not even been asked from me, although my rights are old-style, only name and surname are written in English – this is enough. No security deposit was left. The insurance deductible was $ 2,000.

Buggy rental in Cyprus
It looks like a buggy

It turned out that traveling in Cyprus is not so difficult, the main thing is to take your lane. Local visitors, especially on such tarantasses, are treated with understanding – they will not buzz in the trail or try to “cut” you. By the way, all cars, buggies and ATVs for rent are with red numbers, so they can see “non-local” ones right away, so the locals are careful, they are let in, and the police, as they say, are not very faulty.

The price list for buggies is lower, the prices in all rental offices are almost the same, sometimes they give a discount (for example, to us: the cost of our buggy in the price list was also 60, and we paid 40). This price list was sent to me by representatives of some rental office.

rent a buggy in Cyprus price

I don’t know the detailed conditions for renting an ATV, but I think they are identical to the conditions for renting a buggy. I will also give an approximate price list for renting ATVs.

ATV rental in Cyprus price

By the way, I recently came across a site-aggregator for renting quadrics, bicycles, scooters. You can look there, maybe you will find something interesting –  The only thing until I see the options for Ayia Napa, maybe they will appear by the next season. In Larnaca, Limassol, in principle, there is a choice.

Car rental in Cyprus

Car rental in Cyprus is also easy and simple. From experience, I can say that dealing with traffic is not difficult, therefore, if you want to ride around the island, you can safely rent a car. In Ayia Napa, a mass of rental offices, both local and international: Sixt, Avis, Europcar. It is better to book in advance, especially in high season, otherwise you risk being left without a car, or paying the amount several times higher.

A manual car costs from 55 euros per day. If you look through the Rentalcars search engine , you can find a car for 35 euros per day, manual transmission car – from 25 euros from Europcar or Budget. More information about the service Rentalcars I wrote here .

It is often more profitable to book with local dealers – lower pledges and deductibles (sometimes there are none at all), prices are also often lower. But finding local companies via the Internet does not always work out + you have to write off each one (in English), find out prices, book a car. This is not very convenient. comes to the rescue here , which works exclusively with local distributors. Another feature of the service is that here you are not booking a car class, as in the same rental car, but a specific car. And without your consent, no one can change the car.

Bicycle rental in Cyprus


bike rental in cyprus
Our great parking near the beach

And finally, bike rental in Cyprus. We took 2 city bicycles (almost all of them ride on them, especially European pensioners). Going uphill or long distances on it will be difficult, but within the city, or along the beaches – what you need. The price of such a bike is 5 euros per day in Ayia Napa (relatives found out in Protaras – there the price is 10 euros). For 3 days for 2 bicycles we paid 25 euros (that is, we saved 5 euros :)). In Ayia Napa, excellent bike paths have been laid (which it’s not even very painful to fall on – it’s checked personally!), The main thing is to have time to turn away from onlookers walking along these very paths. Bicycle parking is also ubiquitous, especially on the beaches (Read the article on ” Ayia Napa Beaches “), and where there are none, you can tie the bike to benches or fences.

We were a little scared to leave bicycles on the street (for example, by the beach), but Cyprus seems to be a place where it would never occur to anyone to steal a bicycle (and where will they take it from the island?). Yes, by the way, they didn’t leave anything as a deposit, received a receipt, honestly returned it in due time (nobody even came to check on us “Put it there!”). Therefore, renting a bike in Cyprus is very easy! And where to go on a bicycle, or rented vehicles, read the article ” Sights of Ayia Napa .”

bike rental in ayia napa
A bike path runs through Ayia Napa


I also recommend my article ” Holidays in Cyprus “, which will help plan your vacation on the island.


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