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Valencia is a city whose visit to the sights of the city should be allocated at least 2-3 days. During this time, you can slowly visit the most popular places, and just enjoy a walk around the city. If you are as desperate as we are and are ready to walk more than 20 km in a day, then it is possible to explore the city in 1 day.

But it is necessary to come to Valencia for a longer period.

This article will be a little unusual, rather, it will be a photo review of the sights of Valencia. I will show those places that we were able to see in 1 day, and give a brief (most useful) information about these places.

What to see in Valencia in 1 day or 2 days , you can see on a map of Valencia with the sights :

You can start your day in Valencia with a visit to the Central Market (Mercado Cantral) . It is open daily from 7:00 to 15:00, except Sunday. It’s a very colorful place, it’s nice to just walk around, look at the windows. You can buy vegetables, fruits, meat, cheeses, seafood, olives, prepared food and pastries, as well as souvenirs.

central market of valencia
One of the entrances of Mercado Central
mercado central
I love such classic European markets
jamon in a market in Valencia
Kingdom of jamon
cheeses at mercado central
Cheese Assortment
fruit at mercado central
Early April – Strawberry Season
oranges at mercado central in valencia
Oranges for less than 1 euro
fruits in the central market
There are also very interesting varieties of fruits
vegetables in the central market of valencia
Vegetable shop with a very beautiful design
seafood in the central market of valencia
Seafood abundance

Then you can go to the center of Valencia – to the square of Ayuntiento (Plaça de l’Ajuntament) . It is here that the City Hall (a building with a clock) is located, on the contrary – the building of the Central Post Office . Perhaps the most recognizable place in the city.

central square of Valencia
View of the City Hall and the central square
post office building in valencia
Post Office (Correos) and flowering trees

From the square you can move south and see the Bullring Arena and the North Station, but we will go the other way – to the Cathedral. First, go to Queen’s Square (Plaza de la Reina) 

queen valencia square
I really like to look at such signs
Plaza de la Reina Valencia
Plaza de la reina
Queen's Square
You can have coffee in a cafe in the square

Here is the entrance to the Cathedral . This is the central Cathedral of Valencia, it is here that the Holy Grail (or rather, one of the many existing ones) is stored, but it was this thicket that the church recognized as a true shrine. Entrance to the Cathedral is 8 euros (September 2018). you can take an audio guide since it is included in the price). The Cathedral is also famous for its paintings by Goya and its museum, and you can still climb the bell tower. We left visiting the Cathedral next time 🙂

UPD 10/2018: Lay at least 2 hours to visit the Cathedral. Entrance to the Cathedral (as of September 2018) costs 8 euros, for seniors 5.50 euros. At what exact age I can’t say, they showed me to my parents, and grown up “senior?” and gave preferential tickets. Here at the box office they give an audio guide, set up in Russian, the guide is included in the price, but you need to leave a document as a deposit, Russian rights or passport will do. One document for all devices (we had 4). There were queues at the cash register, but not critical.

cathedral of valencia
Entrance to the Cathedral is paid. Allocate at least 1 hour to visit.
Valencia Cathedral of Might hand
One of the relics of the Cathedral is the imperishable hand of St. Vincent of Zaragoza
valencia cathedral
Main Altar of the Cathedral
Valencia Cathedral Museum
In the Museum of the Cathedral
holy grail valencia
A copy of the Holy Grail is in the museum at the Cathedral
holy grail valencia cathedral
And this is the Grail in the Holy Grail Chapel

The climb to the tower is 2 euros, the steps are very high, and the passage is very narrow, it seemed to me that it is even more difficult to climb than to the Dome of St. Peter ‘s Basilica or Černá Věž in Ceske Budejovice . Therefore, evaluate your strength. There is no roof on the tower, the observation deck is in the open, keep in mind if you go up in rainy weather!

Valencia Cathedral tower observation deck
View from the observation deck of the tower

By the way, not far from the Cathedral is one of the historical horchaterias  – Horchateria Santa Catalina (Plaça de Santa Caterina, 6), you can go after or before visiting the Cathedral.

Orcheria Valencia
Santa Catalina Orchesteria – one of the oldest in Valencia
where to try orchat in valencia
Beautiful historic interior
what to try in valencia
You can make beautiful photos

Horchata – 2.95 euros, churros – 2.20 euros for 4 pieces, fartons (typical Valencian sweetness, for me it tastes better than churros) – 0.95 euros per piece.

valencia orchesteria santa catalina
You can try traditional Valencian sweets and horchata


Plaça de la verge
Behind the Cathedral is Plaça de la Verge with a fountain
orange garden valencia
Plaça de la Verge has such a cozy orange garden

Next, head to the Serranos Towers (Torres de Serranos) . This is one of the city gates, built back in the late 14th century! True, starting from the 16th and for four centuries, they were used as a prison. Entrance to the towers is paid, but it costs a symbolic 2 euros. You can climb the towers daily from 9:30 to 19:00. From them, by the way, a good panoramic view opens.

serranos towers
On one of the towers
towers of serranos valencia
View from the medieval walls of the tower
torre serranos valencia
View from the towers of Turia Gardens

The gardens of Turia have become, for me, probably my favorite place in Valencia. Perhaps this is due to the fact that in our city, I need to go to the other end of the city to take a walk in a small park, and here – gardens stretch across the city, people relax, play sports, read books …

This is easy to guess when you see the numerous bridges over the gardens, however, I will clarify. Today the gardens are in the former channel of the Turia River. The channel itself was shifted to the side by 3 km and, by the way, it happened not so long ago – after a severe flood in 1957.


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turia gardens
Blooming oranges and lemons are not uncommon in the Gardens, and indeed throughout Valencia
Turia's flowering gardens
Such flowering trees I saw for the first time. Maybe someone knows what they are called?
exercise machines in turia gardens
In the garden, they not only walk and have fun, but also play sports. Almost all simulators along the route were busy!
korlevsky bridge valencia
The Royal Bridge, once leading to the Royal Palace, however, it was originally wooden, and was repeatedly exposed to fires.
sea ​​bridge valencia
Puente del Mar or Sea Bridge
flower bridge in valencia
Flower Bridge is Valencia’s most beautiful bridge.
gulliver park in valencia
Gulliver – children’s park, admission is free

After the Gulliver Park, we are already approaching the symbol of Valencia – the City of Arts and Sciences. The complex consists of 5 structures. These are: Opera House, Hemisferic (it houses the IMAX cinema, planetarium), Gallery, Museum of Sciences and the Oceanarium. The design of all objects belongs to S. Calatrava.

opera house valencia
Opera House (El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía)
hemisfèric valencia
City of Arts and Sciences Valencia
City of Arts and Sciences – A Popular Place for Recreation and Entertainment
museum of sciences valencia
Museum of Sciences
oceanographic park valencia
Oceanographic park

The Valencia Oceanographic Park is one of the largest in Europe, divided into 10 zones, including the sea zone, dolphinarium, and a garden with tropical plants. Official website – http://www.cac.es/en/oceanografic/descubre-el-oceanografic.html I publish the schedule and cost of tickets, as well as parking information below:

oceanographic schedule
Schedule of the Oceanographic Park (right-click “open the picture in a new tab” to enlarge the picture)
oceanographic Price
Prices for visiting the park and other museums (“open the picture in a new tab” with the right mouse button to enlarge the picture)
parking prices in the city of arts and sciences
Parking prices (“open the picture in a new tab” with the right mouse button to enlarge the picture)

At least half a day or even more should be allocated to the park, so we are moving further towards the port.

sights of valencia
Just weed on the tram tracks
port of valencia
Cruise ship in the port of Valencia
passenger terminal valencia
Passenger Terminal Area
valencia beach
We got to the beach, and you can have a picnic 🙂
Platja del cabanyal
Promenade along Del Cabanyal Beach

Walking along the beach, we return to the city.

Colon Market Valencia
Colon Market is another popular market in Valencia. Very beautiful facade!

In Valencia, bullfighting is not prohibited, so the bullring is used here for its intended purpose. An average bullfight ticket costs between 40 and 100 euros.

bullfighting arena in valencia
Bullfight arena

Near North Station

north station valencia
North Station, or Estació del Nord
what to see in valencia in 1 day
Central street leading from the North Station to the very center of Valencia

We return to our Hostal el Cid , ( my review ) and next to the Central Market you can see several more attractions – the Silk Exchange and the Església dels Sants Joans church


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Església dels Sants Joans Church
Catholic Church Església dels Sants Joans

what to see in the center of valencia

Of course, this is far from all the sights of Valencia, to see all, probably, not even a week will be enough. Anyway, it’s nice to just walk around Valencia, see the city, various details, enjoy the weather, the sun, and finally cleanliness.

I think that I will definitely return to this city, but for now I’m finishing it. Please share the article on social networks, write comments. Have a nice day!


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