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Gastronomic article on Florence. What you should definitely try in Florence, where to eat Florentine steak, where to eat tasty and inexpensive, and where Michelin restaurants are located. Find answers to these questions in the article!

What to taste in Florence: TOP 10 Tuscan dishes

No. 1. Florentine steak (Bistecca alla fiorentina) is not only a Tuscan crown dish, but also one of the symbols of the region.

Florentine steak where to try

Florentine steak can be called a tourist attraction of Tuscany. A piece of meat for a real bistekka alla fiorentina should be weighing at least 600-800 grams! Meat is cooked on fire without the addition of salt and spices! And no degrees of roasting well done or medium well. Only with blood!

If you are a foodie, you can go to the butcher shop Dario Ceccini (butcher in the 8th generation). For steak, he uses meat from the thigh of cows of a special breed of “chyanina”. The meat is always fresh, and his steak is the most real. His shop is located in the town of Panzano, 50 km from Florence, but whether or not to go, you can decide by reading my review about attending dinner .

If you are interested in where to eat a Florentine steak in Florence, pay attention to the following establishments.

Where to try:

  • Trattoria Pandemonio di Casa Brogi, via del Leone, 50 / R
  • I`Tuscani 2, via de Federighi, 37R

No. 2 and No. 3. Tuscan soup – ribollita and pappa al pomodoro .

what to try in florence
Papa al Pomodoro Chowder

Ribollita is a winter peasant soup, which consists of twice-cooked vegetables, beans, pieces of stale bread left over from yesterday. Pappa al pomodoro – this soup can be tasted not only in winter, but also in autumn, spring, and even in summer there will be no problems. In general, the basis of Tuscan cuisine is bread (it is also unusual here – fresh, without the addition of salt) and olive oil. This soup has one and the other: broth and slices of bread are added to stewed tomato, garlic and pepper, and all this is served with basil and olive oil.

Where to try:

  • Trattoria Pandemonio di Casa Brogi, via del Leone, 50 / R
  • Trattoria Marioni via della Spada 27R
  • Sogni e Sapori (small eatery where municipality employees dine), via Dei Cimatori 22r
  • Il Santo Bevitore, via di Santo Spirito, 66r


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Number 4. Bruschetta is a traditional Italian dish spread throughout Italy.

where to eat in florence
Bruschettas – A Popular Appetizer in Italy

Antipasto, or an appetizer, which is small pieces of bread, dried and fried, with various toppings. Classic bruschetta – toasted Tuscan bread with olive oil and grated garlic. Another classic combination is tomato and basil.

Where to try:

  • Johnny Bruscketta, via De ‘Macci 77 / R (on the menu there are about 30 types of bruschettas, measured not in grams, but in length – 30, 50, 90 and 150 cm)

No. 5. Lampredotto (lampredotto) – Florentine fast food, known since the 15th century, is a sandwich with cow giblets. Dressed, as a rule, with sauce – green or spicy.

Where to try:

  • Da Nerbone, Mercato Centrale
  • Street stall near the church of St. Margarita dei Cerci (Chiesa di San Magherita dei Cerchi)
  • I Due Fratellini, via Dei Cimatori 38 / r

No. 6. Fried eggs of Catherine de Medici (Cibreo) – fried eggs with chicken giblets, sprinkled with black pepper. According to legend, a representative of the Medici clan loved this scrambled egg, therefore, the name of Catherine de Medici was assigned to the scrambled eggs with the simple name cibreo.

Number 7. Cod in tomato sauce (Baccala alla fiorentina) . Despite the fact that in the gastronomic plan, Florence is a “meat” city, but for fish lovers there is something special, namely dried cod, cooked in an unusual tomato sauce!

Where to try:

  •  4 Leoni, via dei Vellutini 1 rosso | (Piazza della Passera)

Number 8. Pecorino Cheese . Cheese is the same symbol of Italy as the green-white-red flag!

what to try in tuscany
Pecorino cheese – one of the symbols of Tuscany

Pecorino cheese, traditional for Tuscany, is made from sheep’s milk. Its taste depends on aging and additives: modern cheese makers are constantly experimenting by adding olives, peppers or truffles to the cheese.

Where to try:

  • Mercato centrale

No. 9 and No. 10. Cookies Cantucci and Vin Santo .

restaurants cafes florence
According to one version, for better taste, cookies should be dipped in wine 🙂

One of the Tuscan desserts, cantucci (cantucci), is a biscuit biscuit (the biscuit for which is certainly baked twice) with the addition of almonds or chocolate. Vin Santo – certainly served for dessert along with cookies. Among Italian wines, this drink is quite rare – a sweet wine with a touch of zest, dried apricots, nuts. It is prepared from dried grapes in the vicinity of Florence. Dip a cantucci in a glass with Vin Santo and feel like a real Florentine!

Where to try:

  • in any restaurant in Florence


Michelin-starred Florence Restaurants

If you have a special occasion, or you are a fan of haute cuisine, go to restaurants marked by Michelin stars. There are two restaurants in Florence:

Ora d’Aria, via Accademia dei Georgofili . One of the most famous restaurants in Europe. They serve classic Tuscan dishes, book a table in advance.

Enoteca Pinchinorri , via Ghibellina, 87. Three Michelin stars and one of the best wine lists in the world. Main dishes from 95 euros. Strict dress code.


Where to eat in Florence, tasty and inexpensive


where to eat in Florence is tasty and inexpensive

For those who are not ready to leave a lot of money for dinner at the Michelin-starred restaurant, there are many options from Florentine fast food to full-fledged trattorias where you can eat hearty and tasty at home, and relatively inexpensive to eat.

Casa del Vino , Ariento 16 / r | Dietro i Bancarelli. For Tuscan wines this institution specializes in, you can order snacks, salads, sandwiches. The average price is 10 euros per person.

Trattoria da Mario , via Rosina 2r. Real Tuscan food according to family recipes. Trattoria has been owned by one family for 60 years. The average bill is 10 euros per person. Cash only.

Oibò , Borgo Dei Greci, 1. Breakfast and lunch at reasonable prices. From 19:00 to 22:00 – aperitivo buffet time. Any drink is 8 euros, bonus – access to the buffet.

Trattoria Sabatino , via Pisana 2 / r. Traditional italian food.

Pizza Man (real oven pizza in the area of ​​the Santa Croce Basilica), via dell’Agnolo, 105 / 107R. Opening hours: 12: 00–15: 00 and 18: 00–23: 00. Pizza from 8 euros.

food in florence
Pizza at Pizza Man


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