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Today I talk about the most popular attractions in Tokyo. I will show all the attractions on the map and tell you what you can do in one day, a couple of days and 3 days in Tokyo.

I would not say that  there are many attractions in Tokyo. The main attractions are different areas of Tokyo, Japanese culture, parks. And the temples. Here, of course, you need to be an expert to distinguish one temple from another. Yes, and not everyone can distinguish a Buddhist temple from a Shinto temple either 🙂 But, in any case, read about TOP-10 sights of Tokyo in this article.

Map of Tokyo with landmarks

I publish google map, where I marked all the attractions mentioned in the article.

Sights of Tokyo: with a description and photo

Imperial palace

imperial palace in tokyo

Today, the emperor in Japan has more nominal power than real, but at the same time is very revered by all Japanese.

If you look at the map, the Imperial Palace is located right in the city center, in the vicinity of Tokyo Station. However, as I said in one of the articles, you should not focus on this attraction when choosing a place to live.

A bit of history: In the 15th century, a castle appeared on the site of the Imperial Palace. And it became the Imperial Palace only from the end of the 19th century. At the same time, it was originally built of wood, therefore, fires destroyed part of the original buildings and today we see buildings made of modern materials.

Now the Imperial Palace is closed to the public. Except two days a year: February 23 (the emperor’s birthday) and January 2 (in honor of the New Year festivities).

Only East Park is open for visiting, and that is not daily. We came on Monday and were able to take pictures only at the closed gates.

sights of Tokyo

People wishing to enjoy flowering come here during sakura blossom, so if you are planning a trip to Japan in late March or early April, plan a visit to the park on a working day.

Park hours: from 10:00 to 15:00, except Mondays and Fridays.

Entrance to the park is free.

To visit the courtyard, you must register in advance on the website


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Tsukiji Fish Market

Tsukiji fish market

UPD 07 March 2019. Important: in October 2018, due to the 2020 Olympics, the Tsukiji market moved to a new place! Now the fish market is located in the Toesu area near Tokyo Bay and is called Toyosu Fish Market. Since January 2019, tourists have again begun to be allowed to auction. The new market is almost 2 times larger than Tsukiji and is located in the new modern premises under the roof.

UPD 15 November 2019. Important clarification about the market from tourists:

“That’s right, the Tsukiji market as a wholesale market really moved and became the Toyosu Market. But this applies only to wholesalers. Ordinary people have nothing to do there, it’s just an exhibition where you can look at wholesalers from above. You can buy all kinds of pickles and knives, but no you don’t buy fish and seafood there, but you can buy them (tuna, salmon, caviar and much more) as before in the same Tsukiji market in the same old place. It may become smaller compared to what it was in 2018, but he still is and there is enough of everything: fish, sweets and cafes a. A market Toyosu only heard about the indignant cries of tourists about wasted time. “

This is one of the most attractive tourist attractions. Of course, we also could not pass him by.

The fish market is divided into 2 parts.

“Domestic Market” is a place for wholesalers. Bids are held here and deals are made. The tuna auction on the Tsukiji market is world famous and now and then appears in the news.

For tourists to get to the auction is a special entertainment. An auction takes place early in the morning, but in order to get there it is necessary to take a queue from 2-3 am, since only the first 120 people are allowed.

Here’s a cool video on how the auction goes.

The “external” market is open to all comers. Here you can see, buy or try various marine reptiles. Or just eat the freshest tuna and salmon and finally find out that tuna is not canned cat food in a can.

Tokyo fish market
Different seafood and dishes from them
tsukiji market
Crab tentacles
what to see in Tokyo in 1 day
Still different seafood

There are a lot of cafes on the market, I read that there are especially popular ones and there’s a queue there … for 4.5 hours! In my opinion, all the cafes are identical. At prices, too – somewhere more expensive, somewhere a little cheaper. We chose a cheaper cafe. We ordered a cup of rice with tuna, salmon and caviar (generously laid) and a plate of sushi  with shrimp. Tea, water for free. For me and my husband, this was more than enough. We wanted to try more scallops in a nearby shop, but they no longer mastered it. The price of such a meal is 1800 ¥ (about 17$).


Tsukiji Tokyo
Such a lunch on the Tokyo market will cost about 17$
what to see in Tokyo in 2 days
I took a picture of the menu in the cafe. Here the prices are slightly lower than in other cafes in the market.

Odaiba Island

Odaiba Tokyo
Shopping center on the island of Odaiba. Photos from the Internet.

Odaiba Island has two names – “Island of the Future” or “Garbage Island”. The fact is that until 1990 there was a city dump on this site. And in the 90th year he was given for the construction of a residential complex, but because of the unprofitability of the project, all the places were given to tenants. So, in a short time, the garbage island has become a super-modern place.

The main attractions of the island are:

  • Fuji Television Residence Building with observation deck and observatory.
  • Diver City Tokyo Plaza shopping center with a huge robot at the entrance
  • Tokyo Big Sight – Tokyo Exhibition Center 
  • Toyota Exhibition Center
  • Tokyo Joypolis – 3 floors of entertainment
  • The Statue of Liberty is a 4 times reduced copy of the American Lady.

You can get to Odaiba island by water bus, Yurikamome train (without a driver!), Rinkai Line subway or on foot along the Rainbow Bridge.


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Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo

rainbow bridge tokyo
Rainbow bridge. Photo from the Internet.

It is a suspension bridge connecting Tokyo to Odaiba Island. It was built in 1993. In the evening, the bridge lights up with colorful lights, hence the name. Curiously, the colors change depending on the season. As you understand, it is better to admire the bridge in the dark 🙂

Ueno Park, Tokyo

Ueno Park is located in the area of ​​the railway station of the same name. This is one of the most popular parks in the city (in the city of skyscrapers, parks are generally popular), where Tokyo people rush to relax from their frantic pace of life on their day off.

Initially, the park was created as a personal botanical garden of the emperor (1837), therefore, today there are many trees and shrubs brought from all over the country.

Ueno Park is another place to admire sakura.

But Ueno Park is not only a park for walking, there are 4 museums, 4 temples and a zoo.

Entrance to the park is free, to the zoo – 600 ¥.


Tokyo Tower No. 1 (Tokyo Tower)

tokyo television tower

There are 2 television towers in Tokyo. The first is old, I will call it “red”. Outwardly resembles the Eiffel (well, quite a bit). The height of the tower is about 333 meters and at the time of construction (1958) it was the highest steel structure in the world. In 1967, the record passed to Ostankino. There is an observation deck on the tower and, they say, in sunny weather you can even see the top of Fuji.

The price of lifting to the observation deck is from 600 ¥.

Opening hours: (9:00 – 23:00)

Details on the official website

The antenna on the “red” television tower was used until 2011, until a new modern television tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, was built.

Tokyo TV Tower # 2 (Tokyo Sky Tree)

This is a new, modern tower, opened in 2012 to transfer Tokyo to digital television. The height of the tower is 634 meters, which is 2 times more than the height of tower No. 1! Today it is the tallest television tower in the world and the second construction after the Burj Khalifa in the UAE!

In the evening, the tower is highlighted, there are two colors of illumination – cyan and magenta.

Around the tower there is a whole “town”, it is called the “town of Skytree”, here is the map


what to do in Tokyo

There are 2 viewing platforms on the TV tower. They are located at an altitude of 350 and 450 meters.

  1. Tambo Dack (350 meters), consists of 3 tiers
  2. Tambo Cairo (450 meters)

You can get to the observation deck from the 4th floor of Tokyo Sky Tree. If you arrive by subway, you can just boldly follow the signs, just do not get lost!

Opening hours: 8: 00-22: 00

Price: Platform 350 meters – 2060 ¥, Platform 450 meters 1030 ¥

All details, photos and current prices on the official website

Tokyo Sky Three

Meiji Temple

This temple is the largest Shinto shrine in Tokyo, the tomb of the emperor and empress Shoken.

It is located in Yoyogi Park in the Shinjuku area.

The temple was built on donations after the death of the emperor (1912) and his wife (1914). During World War II, the Temple burned down and in 1958 was rebuilt – again, with donations from the Japanese.

The sanctuary is surrounded by a garden, where various sporting events are often held.

Tokyo Disneyland

Disneyland Tokyo is the first Disneyland built outside the United States. It is not located in Tokyo itself, but in Urayasu.

On the subject – everything is standard for Disneyland 🙂 In the center – Cinderella Castle, 7 thematic zones, restaurants, shops.

A procession of characters takes place every evening. Everything glows with bright lights – beautiful and unusual!

Since I was at Disneyland in Paris and in Orlando, it was decided to go to another park – Universal Studios in Osaka. I will tell about him in another article.

You can get to Disneyland by bus from Tokyo Station to Tokyo Disney Resort Station.

Entrance to the park: 7400 ¥ – adult, 4800 ¥ – children’s, 6400 ¥ – teenage.

See the current opening hours and all the details on the official website:


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Tokyo areas: Ginza, Akihabara, Shibuya, Harajuku

Top Tokyo Attractions
The largest crossroads in the world – Shibuya

At the very beginning of the article, I said that the main attractions of Tokyo are culture and different areas of the city. Main areas:

  • Ginza – a shopping “luxury” area with brand boutiques
  • Akihabara – cool vibrant district, anime district
  • Shibuya – entertainment area with shops and cafes
  • Harajuku – Japanese fast food area
  • Shinjuku is a district of skyscrapers.

I already wrote in details about the districts of Tokyo , so I will not repeat myself. The article has a lot of photos, as well as my advice on choosing housing in a particular area. I recommend reading.

What to see in Tokyo in 1 day

Tokyo is a huge metropolis and all the attractions are scattered around the city. Get ready that you will have a lot of time to go on the road. I would build a route for 1 day, focusing on the following attractions:

Tsukiji Market

Imperial palace

Meiji Temple in Shibuya

Shibuya, Shinjuku, Harajuku areas

What to see in Tokyo in 2 days

what to see in Tokyo

On the second day, you can climb one of the lookouts

Tokyo Tower

Odaiba Island

Ginza and / or Akihabara areas

What to see in Tokyo in 3 days

On the third day, you can walk around Ueno Park, go to the zoo, museums.

Take a look at the Roppongi area, go shopping ( what to buy in Japan ).

Or dedicate an entire day to a trip to Disneyland.

Of course, this is all conditional, but you can take these plans for the day as a basis and add to them your attractions that you want to see. One way or another, during the walk you will find interesting places, go to cafes, take pictures. Or go to the “just watch” slot machine hall, or “just one game”. Keep in mind that “just looking” usually takes 2-3 hours :)))

Have a good time in Tokyo! I hope my tips are helpful!

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