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Today I want to tell you about cafes and restaurants in Paris. This article will be useful both to those who are looking for inexpensive restaurants in Paris, as well as those wishing to dine at the best restaurants in Paris with a Michelin star.

In the article you will find the following sections:

My recommendations (7 restaurants) | Tips from other tourists (13 restaurants) | Best restaurants in Paris (5 restaurants) | Paris restaurants overlooking the Eiffel Tower (5 restaurants) .

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Map of Paris Restaurants

Good restaurants and cafes in Paris (my reviews and recommendations)

This section is devoted to those cafes and restaurants that I managed to visit. I will share my impressions, write prices and show photos.

No. 1. Café de Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint-Germain

The iconic Parisian cafe in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés quarter, opened in 1887. It is especially popular among the intellectual, creative, bohemian public, and the interior of the establishment has not changed since the 40s (sometimes it seems that the waiters too :)). It is located literally opposite another bohemian cafe “Two Magos” (see 8) and is always secretly competing with it.


Cafe de Flore Paris


At different times, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernest Hemingway, Albert Carew, Pablo Picasso liked to sit in the cafe. If you are lucky, today you can meet one of the celebrities.

The cafe is also the place of delivery to the talented French actors of the “Flora Prize”, established by Frederic Begbeder.

In the cafe you can sit on the open veranda, on the covered heated terrace, or choose a table on the ground or first floor of the cafe.


Paris restaurants Paris cafe


Prices are above average: a Millefeuille cake will cost 12 €, a cappuccino 7.40 €, hot chocolate (if you want enough for 2 cups) – 7.80 €.

Cake and drinks 27.80 €:

literary cafes of paris


You can try the Café de Flore specialties: onion soup (14 €); cream soup “Saint-Germain”, salad “Colette”, scrambled eggs (from 11 €). Egg dishes have been considered a signature dish since the Second World War: even during the shortage there were always fresh eggs and dishes from them.

Average bill: 40-60 €. Is the tip included.


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No. 2. Le Bistro Marbeuf (21 Rue Marbeuf).

French restaurant, 300 meters from Champs Elysees and Léon De Bruxelles – Champs Elysees (see # 6). We went into it from our hotel Le 123 Elysees Astotel (10 minutes on foot). I booked a table for a couple of hours, but around 19:00 the restaurant was still empty. Here, very nice staff, cheerful waiters, the manager constantly comes up and asks if everything is fine.

Prices are average (democratic by the standards of Paris). The price of our dinner for two (with two glasses of wine) is 54.50 €.


what to try in paris

  • Glass of wine 7.50 €
  • Duck confit with potato gratin 22 €
  • Chevre Salad € 17.50

No 3. Pancake Framboise, 7 Rue de Ponthieu

Probably, in any guide in Paris to the question “what to try in Paris with food” you will find the answer “pancakes” or crepes. Indeed, in Paris, crepes are a dish of national cuisine. They are served with different fillings, both sweet and hearty, salty. You can try pancakes in one of the many stalls on the street, including the popular La Droguerie du Marais kiosk in the Mare district (see No. 13) or in a specialized cafe. In this pancake, we got on Saturday evening, when many institutions were closed.

To eat well in Paris, pancakes are an ideal dish. Hearty, tasty and inexpensive. Two pancakes (one galette with ham, cheese and egg and one sweet with caramel), as well as an apple cider decanter cost 22 €.


pancakes paris

No. 4. Le Président, 59 Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt

where to dine in Paris


Another restaurant near the Le 123 Elysees Astotel – Le Président, you can say the closest. Google’s rating is not very high, to be honest, I don’t understand why. We had dinner at the restaurant twice. Everything was very tasty, positive service, pleasant male waiters, adequate prices. Decorated in a classic style, on the wall – photographs of the presidents of France.

What you can try in this restaurant in Paris:

  • Onion Soup (Soupe à l’oignon) 11.50 €
  • Perigord salad with duck and foie gras (Salade Périgourdine) 17.90 €
  • Shallot steak (Bavette à l’échalote) 16.80 €
  • Duck confit (Confit) 16,80 €
  • Glass of wine 4,70 €
  • Creme brulee 7 €

where to eat in Paris is tasty and inexpensivewhat to eat in Paris from food where to try a duck in paris creme brulee paris

 Average dinner check: 38-50 € for two (with a glass of wine per person).

No. 5. Le Souffle, 36 Rue du Mont Thabor

souffle restaurant in paris


A French restaurant next to the Tuileries Gardens, featuring French souffles. For me it was a new interesting experience, because I didn’t even know about such a dish before. The menu includes both hearty soufflé (for example, we tried with salmon, ricotta and basil), as well as sweet desserts (specialty – Grand Marnier soufflé with the same liquor).


souffle grand marnier paris what's unusual to try in francethe best restaurants in paris


The liquor itself is also served to the Grand Marnier soufflé; it is interesting that the liquor is left on the table, therefore, you can add as much liquor as needed.

Souffle is served in individual “pots”, for two I would recommend ordering 3 souffles. My mom and I ordered two, this was basically enough, but the men will definitely remain hungry.

The staff is very nice, our waiter even tried to say a few words in Russian 🙂


  • Souffle with salmon, ricotta and basil 17 €
  • Souffle Grand Marnier 12 €
  • Glass of wine 6 €.
  • Light lunch bill: 41 €. Is the tip included.

No. 6. Léon De Bruxelles – Champs-Elysees, 63 Av. des Champs-Élysées

restaurant leon paris


Belgian cuisine restaurant on the Champs Elysees in Paris, where you can eat mussels, traditional french fries and, of course, enjoy Belgian beer. In Paris there are several branches of this institution, in addition to the Champs Elysees, you can visit the Leon restaurant in Paris at the addresses:

  • Restaurant in Montparnasse district: 82, bis bd du Montparnasse
  • Restaurant in Saint-Germain: 131, bd St.Germain
  • Restaurant on Place de la Bastille: 3, bd Beaumarchais
  • Restaurant in Le Al Quarter: 120, rue Rambuteau
  • Restaurant near the hotel Republique: 8, place de la Republique
  • Restaurant near Paris Opera: 30, bd des Italiens
  • Restaurant on Clichy Boulevard: 8, place de Clichy
  • Restaurant in Porta Mayo Area: 95, bd Gouvion

The history of this Brasseries brasserie began in 1893 in Brussels. Then the famous restaurateur Leo Vanlancker (in honor of him the restaurant is named) opened his first pub.

The design of the restaurants is classic, but it’s quite interesting to consider posters with beer and graffiti.

restaurant leon paris leon paris Leon Paris


They serve quickly, the staff is friendly (however, it is almost everywhere in Paris).

The main dish is, of course, mussels. They are served not just in a plate, but in pots (casserole). The price of a standard saucepan (it seems that it would be enough for two girls for two) is 18.90 €, with an extra charge of 3 € they will bring a large saucepan of size XXL.


mussels leon de bruxellesleon de bruxelles

 Belgian beer – 5.80 € per glass of 0.33l.

beer leon de brussels


French fries, as well as bread, if necessary, will be served free of charge.

We ordered a XXL serving of Marinere mussels and two beers. The price of dinner is 33.50 €. It was one of the cheapest dinners in Paris.


No 7. Patisserie Ladurée Paris, 75 Av. des Champs-Élysées

Laduri Paris
laduree paris


The famous chain of French pastry shops where you can try the most famous French desserts, including Macaroon and eclairs. Beautiful interiors, incredible desserts and an elegant Parisian atmosphere. Ladurée Patisserie is even called the “Chanel of the Sweet World”.

confectionery laduree on the Champs Elysees


The first Ladurée cafe (or rather, it was just a bakery) was opened in 1862 by Louis-Ernest Laduree, the miller, at 16, rue Royale. It is the local patisserie that is considered the very first open in Paris. Famous architect Jules Sheret, who worked on the Sistine Chapel and the Opera Garnier, had a hand in modern style and the signature pistachio color.

In 1930, the grandson of the founder of the “bakery” made a revolution in the confectionery world by inventing macarons cookies, then Ladurée gained real fame.


macaroon ladari


The Ladurée Patisserie and Restaurant on the Champs Elysees was opened in 1997. Today it is the most popular confectionery, there are often queues both in a cafe and in a store for a box of branded macaroons.

what to try in Paris from desserts
sweets in the pastry shop laduree


Here are the addresses of all the Ladouri pastry shops in Paris:

  • Ladurée on the Champs Elysees: 75 Av. des Champs-Élysées
  • First Ladurée Royale Patisserie: 16-18, rue Royale
  • Ladurée Paris Thé & Beauté: 232 rue de Rivoli
  • Ladurée Paris Le Macaron: 14, rue de Castiglione
  • Ladurée Paris Bonaparte: 21 Rue Bonaparte
  • Ladurée Beaugrenelle: Paris Beaugrenelle – B Magnetic, 16 rue Linois
  • Ladurée Paris Printemps: 62 Boulevard Haussmann
  • Ladurée Rue de Bretagne: 14, rue de Bretagne
  • Ladurée Rue Cler: 47 Rue Cler
  • Ladurée Paris Le Bar: 13 Rue Lincoln
  • Ladurée Carrousel du Louvre: 99 Rue de Rivoli

Prices at Ladurée Patisserie:

  • Signature macaroon cake with pink cream, raspberries and lychee – 12.5 € (in a store on the 1st floor the cost of a cake is about 8 €)
  • Chocolate eclair 7,20 € (in store 5 €)
  • Macaroons – 2.80 € apiece (in store 2.50 €)
  • Branded tea 7.40 € (designed for one but for two a teapot is enough).

Our check: € 27.10 (two cakes and one tea)

laduree paris laduree paris macarons

Lunch will cost about 40 € per person (appetizer, main course and dessert).

What other tourists recommend

No 8. Les Deux Magots (Two Magos), 6 Place Saint-Germain des Prés

cafe doux magots paris


The famous literary cafe, located next to the Café de Flore, was opened in 1891 and almost immediately became popular among the creative intelligentsia, especially writers, philosophers and artists. Picasso, Hemingway, Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, Saint Exupery – this is an incomplete list of famous personalities who like to spend time in the cafe Les Deux Magots.

In 1933, the literary prize “Two Magos” was established, thanks to which the popularity of the cafe has further increased.

By the way, “mago” are Chinese figurines of a sitting fat and picturesque character. These figurines are today a symbol of the cafe and are present in the decoration of the premises.

Curiously, in 1989, Les Deux Magots cafe opened in Tokyo , in the Shibuya area, and became the first French-style cafe in Japan.

In the cafe you can have lunch, dinner, or just sit with a cup of coffee.

Average bill: 30-40 € per person.

No. 9. Le Moulin de la Galette, 83 Rue Lepic

Le moulin de la galette paris


Moulin de la Gallet is a 17th-century windmill located in Montmartre. One of the symbols of Paris, which was depicted on their canvases by such famous artists as Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Santiago Rusignolles, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso. Today it houses the eponymous restaurant of French cuisine. Decorated in the French style, on the walls – retro posters and paintings.

Complete menu 39 € (starter, main course and dessert), for 31 € you can order a comprehensive two-course menu. For 3 € you can add a snack.

“Great service, nice waiters.” Really delicious. ”


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No. 10. Le Relais de la Butte, 12 Rue Ravignan

good paris restaurants


Good French restaurant in Montmartre. The average package meal bill is about € 35 per person.

“The view from the cafe is magnificent, the place is very famous, it’s nice to just relax and dream here”

No. 11. Café des Deux Moulins ( Two Mills ), 15 Rue Lepic

A popular tourist destination in Montmartre, known to all fans of the movie “Amelie.” It was in the cafe “Two Mills” that the main action of the film took place. Since the filming of the film, the interior has not changed much, but numerous posters depicting Amelie remind of the “celebrity” of the place. Even the toilet of the establishment is interesting, where you can meet the garden gnome from the film.

Snacks from 10 €, salads from 17 €, burgers 17-22 €, main dishes 16-35 €. Signature dessert LA CRÈME BRÛLÉE D’AMÉLIE – 9.90 €.

“A highly advertised place! Therefore, it is very popular, and nevertheless interesting! ”

No. 12. Bouillon pigalle, 22 Boulevard de Clichy

buillon pigale paris


Perhaps the most budgetary institution of French cuisine in Paris, the entrance is always in line. There is a Russian menu.

“Inside there is something from the Soviet dining room, tables in a row, long sofas. Very authentic setting. ”

Here is what the menu offers:

  • Grape snails with butter, seasoned with parsley, 6 pieces – 7 €
  • Foie gras, onion jam – € 8.80
  • Onion soup – € 3.80
  • Sea snails and sorrel mayonnaise – 6.40 €
  • Cod Brandad – 9,20 €
  • Lamb stewed for 7 hours, with beans as a side dish – 11.50 €
  • Boeuf burgignon with pasta smoked bacon – 9.80 €
  • Eclair with Chocolate – € 2.90
  • Lemon Meringue Pie – € 3.60.

No. 13. La Droguerie du Marais, 42 Rue Vieille du Temple

Pancake in the Marais


Almost the most delicious pancakes in Paris. A small pancake house is located in the Mare quarter, you will recognize it by its bright blue facade and a long line. Google rating 4.8 out of 5.

“For the sake of this place, we traveled an extra km and did not regret it – you are expecting such impressions from Paris. Delicious pancakes from the pancake chef) a pleasant conversation and an inexpensive bill (9.5 € for 2 satisfying pancakes) “

No. 14. Au Bourguignon du Marais, 52 Rue François Miron

Good burgundy restaurant in the Mare area. Prices are slightly above average in the area.

What to try in Paris at the Au Bourguignon du Marais restaurant:

  • 6 large burgundy snails – 12 €
  • Onion soup with Emmental cheese 12 €
  • De Homard Salad with Lobster, Spinach and Mango Sauce – 27 €
  • Boeuf bourguignon specialty (burgundy beef in a pot) – 24 €
  • Confit Lamb – 24 €
  • Creme brulee 10 €
  • Rum woman 12 €

“Very nice restaurant! Tasty and authentic food. They came to try burgunion beef. Also very tasty Brulee cream and profiteroles. ”

No 15. Cordonnerie (Boot Café), 19 Rue du Pont aux Choux

The smallest coffee shop in Paris (literally with a couple of tables) with good coffee.


“A cute, trendy mini-cafe with 3 tables. “Delicious banana bread, good coffee, but Fragments makes coffee more interesting for my taste.”

No. 16. Le Faubourg Café, 3 Rue d’Anjou

Found this place on tripadvisor as a restaurant with great food and reasonable prices.


“Great place, good food and good service.”

No 17. Midi12, 12 Rue la Fayette

Nice pancake near Lafayette Gallery. Pancakes with filling from 8 to 15 €. The menu also has salads (11 €).

“Great lunch.” Nice staff. Convenient location. And inexpensively

No 18. La Mandigotte, 68 Rue Lepic

Restaurant with good French cuisine and more or less affordable prices. Found on reviews.


“The most delicious cuisine in Paris. They ordered onion soup, Burgundy meat, foie gras, drank a glade and for dessert there was a divine creme brulee. ”

“It was recommended by a guide living in Paris. The establishment is not a tourist, there were a lot of Parisians. ”


Sample prices at this Paris restaurant:

  • Onion soup – 6 €
  • Salmon tartare – 8 €
  • Duck confit (confit de canard) – 13 €
  • Burgundy beef – 16 €
  • Tuna – 15 €.
  • Creme brulee – 6 €
  • Homemade wine – 9 € per 0.5l.

where to try onion soup in Paris

No. 19. Le Bistro des Augustins, 39 Quai des Grands Augustins

Classic French bistro on the Seine promenade next to the island of Cite, specializing in gratin (potato casserole with various sauces). The price of gratin is 10 €, the menu has about 5 types. Half a bottle of wine 15 €.


“The prices were very pleased, given the size of the portion (I didn’t master it all :)) Food is prepared, as they say, with you, everything is fresh and hot.”


No. 20. Le Bouillon Chartier, 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre

Classic bistro with a relatively low price.


“The food is tasty, but simple, similar to our home. Loved the foie gras appetizer and dessert. Large portions of the main course. Inexpensive wine. ”

At prices:

  • Starters from 1 € to 7 €
  • Main courses from 8.50 € to 13.50 €
  • Cheeses 1.90 € -2.60 €
  • Desserts 2.20 € -4.00 €

Michelin Restaurants in Paris

Perhaps, as many Michelin-starred restaurants as in Paris are not found in any other city in the world. In Paris, there are 10 restaurants with 3 * Michelin stars, 17 restaurants with 2 * Michelin stars and 52 restaurants marked with 1 * Michelin star.

No. 21. L’Ambroisie, 9 Place des Vosges

Michelin-Paris Restaurants
Photo of the restaurant from https://www.ambroisie-paris.com/

The restaurant L’Ambroisie, awarded the highest award (3 * Michelin) is one of the best and most prestigious restaurants in Paris. Located in the Marais quarter, on the Place des Vosges, in an old building of the 17th century. Interior decoration is appropriate: antique mirrors and chandeliers, tapestries, marble floor.

Specialties at the restaurant:

  • Puff pastry pies with langoustines, sesame seeds and curry sauce
  • Special “hot” oysters with golden caviar
  • Perch escalopes with artichokes and caviar
  • Lush hot cookies with marmalade and mandarin sorbet
  • Signature tart with ice cream (served for dessert to Barack Obama during his visit to France in 2015)

The average bill is 200-300 € per person, a tasting set is 350 € per person.

No 22. La Tour d’Argent (Silver Tower), 17 Quai de la Tournelle

One of the most famous restaurants in Paris. It was opened in 1582 and, along with the restaurant Le Procope (see No. 24), is considered the oldest restaurant in Paris. It offers views of Notre Dame Cathedral. Today it has 1 * Michelin star.

The recipes in this restaurant have not changed since the 19th century. Since that time, the main tradition has not changed: to issue a special number certificate to everyone who ordered a specialty: a stuffed duck. In 2003, a millionth letter was issued!

Of particular note is the wine cellar of the La Tour d’Argent restaurant: it stores more than 450 thousand (!) Wine bottles accumulated from the 19th century. By the way, the principle of the restaurant is to purchase young wine and withstand it for 20-30 years on its own.

What’s on the menu:

  • Frog legs with nettle sauce, potatoes, goat cheese and wild garlic (88 €)
  • Foie gras pie with fresh salad and truffle (185 €)
  • Salmon fillet with Corsican lemons, almonds and praline mousse (95 €)
  • Lobsters with white wine sauce Sherry with potatoes and leeks (138 €)
  • Signature duck with various sauces and side dishes (290 € per serving for two).

Tasting menu 105-380 € per person

No 23. Ze Kitchen Galerie, 4 Rue des Grands Augustins.

Ze Kitchen Galerie – the cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant in Paris, awarded with a 1 * Michelin star. Located in the popular gastro-district of Paris, two minutes from the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral.

In this “culinary workshop” you can not only taste fusion dishes with Asian motifs, but also catch the connection between artsy paintings on the walls and a plate in a plate. The signature dessert is white chocolate mousse with wasabi.

Lunch price (6-course tasting menu) – 72 € per person.

The cost of dinner (tasting menu of 6-8 dishes) is 85-98 € per person.

The oldest restaurant in Paris

No 24. Le Procope, 13 Rue de l’Ancienne Comédie


Opened in 1686, Le Procope is considered the oldest restaurant in Paris. I don’t understand this a bit, because La Tour d’Argent (see No. 22) was opened almost 100 years earlier – in 1582! By the way, discovered in the 17th century by the Sicilian Francesco Procopio dei Coltelli, at first it was not a restaurant. And an ice cream parlor where coffee and ice cream were served.

Today it is a luxurious French restaurant with Italian notes. The restaurant’s signature dish is, of course, sorbets. And also a rooster in wine. It was Napoleon’s favorite dish, who loved to dine at Prokop. There is even an interesting legend: when Napoleon was still poor, he did not have enough money to pay for lunch, and then as a payment he left his famous cocked hat. His hat is still on display in a restaurant window.

In Prokop restaurant you can order both individual dishes and a set menu (lunch € 21.90 – € 28.90; dinner € 31.50-38.50).

What to try in the Prokop restaurant in Paris:

  • Ravioli from Dauphine 11,00 €
  • Avocado, crab, shrimp, grapefruit tartare 15,00 €
  • Duck foie gras escalope 17,00 €
  • Smoked salmon from Scotland 17.50 €
  • Ten big burgundy snails Label Rouge 19,00 €
  • Traditional cock with wine “Drunk Juliénas” 27,00 €
  • Head of veal in a casserole, according to the recipe of 1686 28,00 €
  • Lemon Meringue Pie 10.50 €
  • Flambe pancakes with Gran Marnier 13,00 €
  • Assorted homemade ice cream and sorbets € 9,00

No 25. Fouquet’s, 99 Av. des Champs-Élysées

Restaurant la Fouquet Paris


The famous Paris restaurant La Fouquet is located at the same address as the famous hotel on the Champs Elysees. The restaurant opened in 1899, since then many famous personalities (including Chaplin, Roosevelt, Churchill), actors, singers, politicians dined at this restaurant, often choose it today. At the restaurant you can taste not only French, but also Italian cuisine (for example, saffron risotto).


See also “28 hotels in Paris for a better trip”


Breakfast: Express 16 €, Continental 28 €, Paris 36 €

Lunch: Business menu from 39 € (main course and dessert, without drinks)

Dinner: Pierre Gagner menu 86 € (three-course menu, no drinks)

Branch: Every Sunday 95 € (buffet, hot drinks and fruit cocktails).


Paris restaurants overlooking the Eiffel Tower

Paris Eiffel Tower Restaurants

No. 26. 58 Tour Eiffel, Tour Eiffel, Champ de Mars

The first restaurant is a restaurant not overlooking the Eiffel Tower, but a restaurant ON the Eiffel Tower. Located on the 58th floor. The place is tourist, more romantic than gastronomic. Lunch from 39 €, dinner from 86 € per person. You can book a table through the official website of the restaurant  or through a special tourist service (priority access to the elevator to the tower is included).


Book dinner on the tower >>>


“A romantic place, prices lower than Jules Verne’s floor above, small portions, polite staff.”

No 27. Le Jules Verne, Avenue Gustave Eiffel

Another Paris restaurant located on the Eiffel Tower, at an altitude of 125 meters. Overlooking Paris, you can enjoy fine French cuisine in a romantic setting. The restaurant is awarded a Michelin star. The restaurant’s signature dish is Royal Langoustine with truffle oil in a sauté of green vegetables. A three-course tasting menu (served only on weekdays) costs 105 € per person, dinner (5 or 7 items) will cost 190-230 €. Book a table on the official website  .


“Here you can combine the cultural program with the gastronomic one: enjoy the city view, good music and French cuisine.”


See also “The Eiffel Tower: how to climb the symbol of Paris”


No. 28. Les ombres, 27 Quai Branly

Tower View Restaurant
Photo of the restaurant from https://www.parisianist.com


An exclusive French restaurant with panoramic views of the Eiffel Tower is located on the roof of the Museum of Ancient Civilizations.


“A wonderful restaurant overlooking the Eiffel Tower … A fabulous panoramic evening view! Exquisite menu, good service! ”


A set menu for lunch will cost 71 € per person, for dinner – 98 €.

No. 29. Maison Blanche, 15 Avenue Montaigne

french restaurant overlooking the eiffel tower
Photo of the restaurant from http://www.maison-blanche.fr/ru/

Already a classic, the restaurant overlooks the Eiffel Tower Maison Blanche, located on the roof of the Champs Elysees Theater. The reputation of this restaurant was created over 25 years. The interior of the restaurant is classic – made in bright colors. The restaurant has a terrace with a gorgeous view not only of the symbol of Paris, but also of the nearby city blocks. There are only positive reviews about the kitchen.


 “Nice restaurant with pretty original cuisine”


A tasting menu of 5 dishes will cost 95 €, of 6 dishes – 125 € per person. Three-course Gourmet Menu (foie gras, bouillabaisse and signature cake) – 72 €


See also “TOP-7 hotels in Paris with a view of the Eiffel Tower”


No. 30. L’Oiseau Blanc, 19 Avenue Kléber

beautiful view of the eiffel tower
Photo of the restaurant from https://www.peninsula.com

This unusual restaurant is located on the 6th floor of The Peninsula , in addition to the view of the Eiffel Tower, its design is also interesting in the aviation theme. The average bill is 80-100 € per person, the comprehensive menu is 115 €. The menu includes shrimp, foie gras, lobster, beef confit and other French dishes.

You can also get here on Afternoon tea (from 45 € per person) or on Sunday brunch (from 120 € per person)


“Incredible food, impeccable service, atmosphere and fabulous views”


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