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It’s time for a traditional gastronomic article. Here I will not make a huge list of cafes and restaurants, I will not rewrite the Internet, but I will write only about those places where I managed to visit and try food. Bonus – a couple of places where I really wanted to go, but due to lack of time, it was not possible. I will show the photo and write the prices and the average check of the institution.

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Cafes and restaurants of Tallinn on the map

cafes and restaurants Tallinn map

Where to eat in Tallinn tasty and inexpensive

No. 1. Korchma III Draakon (Three Dragons, or Third Dragon) is a raked tourist spot in the very center of Tallinn. Nevertheless, the place is unique, authentic, and most importantly – refreshment here can be really tasty and inexpensive.

where to eat in tallinn
Entrance to Tavern III Draakon – next to the tower entrance.

What the restaurant is like is a tavern, in which the atmosphere of the Middle Ages reigns – there is no electric light, the dishes served are prepared from products that were known in the Middle Ages, and you will have to drink  soup directly from the pot – no cutlery.

where to eat in Tallinn is tasty and inexpensive

They say that there are long lines here, perhaps in the summer, or on New Year’s holidays – at the peak of the tourist season. In mid-December, there were no lines.

3 dragons tallinn
Full immersion in the Middle Ages
Tavern 3 Dragon
Pickles can be pulled out of the barrel! All I got is free!

Approximate prices: Patties (moose / wild boar, pig, carrot, apple) – 1.5 €, broth / moose pot soup – 3.5 €, beer / mulled wine – 3-5 €, pickles from a tub – free of charge.

The average check for two is 17 €.


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No. 2. Pancake Kompressor is another legendary place that was even talked about in Oryol and Reshka.

pancake compressor Tallinn
Behind such a nondescript entrance hides a very popular pancake

You can dine on huge delicious pancakes with different fillings. For all pancakes, the prices are approximately the same – 4.5-5.5 €. Order only one pancake for one person, do not be greedy)) We tried pancakes with salmon, chicken, shrimp and cherry and halva. The last two are just “fire.” Tea – 1.5 €, beer – 3.2 €.

pancakes tallin
Pancakes are just huge!
where to eat cheaply in Tallinn to a tourist
Very tasty pancake with halva and cherry!

The average check for two is 15 €.


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No. 3. Christmas Market (Since the end of November till beginning of January).

If you come to Tallinn during advent time or just after Christmas, you can eat directly on the Christmas market. Everything is very tasty, a bit fat, but in the fresh air – it is it. What you can try at the market: Christmas salmon / duck (10 €), sausages (2-5 €), pancakes / waffles (1-2 €), glgg, aka mulled wine (3-4 €).

eat at the christmas market

what to eat in tallinn
Sausages and mulled wine – the best lunch in December!

Average check for two – 15 €

Where to have breakfast in Tallinn or drink coffee

If breakfast is not included in the price of the room, or you stayed in an apartment rather than a hotel, then for breakfast the choice is either a cafe / coffee shop or McDuck.

Number 4. Lime buffet (address: Narva maantee 11d) – we found this buffet next to the apartment where we lived – a lot of locals go there before work, just went after them. The advantages of this place: it opens early (we have breakfast at about 8 am), a convenient payment system (there are fixed prices, for example, for croissants, granola, coffee, and there is a bar – by weight: choose at least a salad, at least sausages, even eggs, for all one price). Yes, Russian-speaking girls still work, if something is not clear you can ask them. The main disadvantage is that it does not work on the weekend.

where to have breakfast in tallinn

The average check for two for breakfast is 12 €

No. 5. McDonald’s. Its only plus is it works from early morning to late evening, located right at the entrance to the Old Town (Viru Gate). Prices are standard, dishes too. It can be ordered through the terminal – introverts rejoice.

The average bill is 7-10 € for two.

No. 6. Reval Café (Vene 1) – a coffee shop in the center. Most coffee houses open late at 10 a.m. This coffee shop, Google says, is open from 7:30 (Sunday from 8:30). There you can drink coffee during the day. You can take just a cake, or order a more serious dish (during the day, many ordered salads, perhaps in the morning they also serve some scrambled eggs).

reval cafe tallinn review

Cappuccino + cake = 6.5 €

Beer = 4,20 € (for 0,5l)

Salads from 7 €


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Where to drink beer in Tallinn

By and large, you can drink beer in any institution. But it’s best to go to a restaurant – the only restaurant with its own brewery in Estonia.

Number 7. Beer House – a beer-restaurant at the brewery. Beer is tasty enough. Prices 4-5 € per 0.5l.

beer house tallin
Beer House – The only restaurant in Estonia with its own brewery

You can sit in the brewery itself, also, as the administrator explained to us, there is a restaurant on the second floor – there is more food choice and less beer (only 1-2 grades).

beer Tallinn
We try the Christmas offer – ginger beer.

where to drink beer in Tallinnbeer house beer prices

Yes, by the way, pork ears cost 9.50 euros. On the palate – well, really for an amateur. Although it was interesting to try!

pork ears tallin
Pork ears – it’s interesting to try, but I don’t want to 🙂

The average check for two is 25-30 €, which is higher than the average for Tallinn, but comparable to the prices in Munich pubs .


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Interesting and unusual places to eat in Tallinn

At this point there will be two restaurants that I noted when preparing for the trip, but we did not manage to go where due to lack of time.

Number 8. Olde Hansa is a popular medieval restaurant with interesting dishes.

The menu can be viewed on the official website https://www.oldehansa.ee/our-menus/

olde hansa tallinn

It is better to reserve in advance.

Average check for two 40-60 €

No. 9. The Balthasar Garlic Restaurant is an unusual restaurant where most of the dishes served include garlic – even dessert and beer. Located right at the Town Hall Square (entrance through the arch opposite the Town Hall).

garlic restaurant tallinn

The menu can be viewed on the website: http://balthasar.ee/

The restaurant is not Estonian, but rather gourmet. Reviews are different – from delight to complete disappointment.

garlic restaurant
The garlic restaurant even has garlic ice cream and garlic beer

The average check for two is 50-80 €

That concludes my story. If I manage to visit Tallinn again and visit other places, then I will definitely supplement the article. If you have any favorite places in Tallinn, write about them in the comments. Or maybe there are places that you visited and were not satisfied?

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