Before going to Sicily, many people have a question where to go to Sicily, and also where are the best hotels, best beaches and cities in Sicily and where to go with children. A clear answer to all these questions does not exist, since the place of rest in Sicily is determined, first of all, by your goals.


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Where to relax in Sicily

If your main goal is an active vacation and you want to go sightseeing in Sicily , get to know the country, it is better to settle as close as possible to those attractions that are most interesting to you, especially if you do not plan to rent a car, but move around by public transport. So, for example, if you are interested in the culture, history, mafia past of the island, it is better to live in Sicily in the Palermo region, from where you can go to cities such as Carleone, Montreal, Bagheria.

Where to stay in Sicily in Palermo

If you have chosen Palermo as your vacation destination, here the choice of hotels is huge. Palermo is the main city of the island, with all its advantages (good transport links, a large selection of hotels, restaurants, shops) and cons (migrants, dirt on some streets).

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There is also a direct train from Palermo to Agrigento (for details, see You can combine the excursion program with a beach holiday – Mondello beach in the vicinity of Palermo is one of the most popular on the island.


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Beach holidays in Sicily: where to stay

If your goal is a beach holiday, then you can opt for the beaches of Mondello (near Palermo) or Cefalu (a very popular resort about 70 km from Palermo, but the price is a bit higher there).


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There are many beach hotels in the vicinity of Catania, and the province of Messina will appreciate the resorts of Taormina – Giardini Naxos and Isola Bella.

I can note that rest in Taormina is not cheap, hotel prices are quite high, as well as prices in restaurants. If you live in Taormina itself (and it is located on a mountain), then you will have to go down to the beach by cable car, the fare on which is 3 euros (subscriptions are cheaper).

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Where to go in Sicily with children

If you relax with children, these resorts (Mondello, Cefalu, Taormina) are suitable, because the beaches are sandy and the sea is clear. You can also choose to relax and pebble beaches in the province of Trapani (for example, the city of Marsala , which is famous for the wine of the same name, or San Vito Lo Capo ). Many people recommend diving to the beach in the village of Scorello, but this beach is not suitable for children.


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If you are interested in a beach holiday and a visit to the most important attraction of the island – Mount Etna, then I recommend staying in the vicinity of Catania or Taormina . It will be easier to get to Etna (article on the topic “Volcano Etna, Sicily. How to get there on your own and with a guided tour” )


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If you belong to the category of travelers who want to enjoy agritourism and see the life of the island from the inside, then settle in the center of the island, or in the south. These areas are not yet so popular among tourists and you can find privacy, comfort and proximity to nature there. You can find accommodation on agricultural farms, or traditional Sicilian villas overlooking the vineyards on the Booking website , there are plenty of options, and the prices are quite budget!


Where to stay in Sicily without a car

If you do not plan to rent a car, and travel around Sicily with public transport, it is definitely worth choosing the city-major transport hubs: Palermo, Catania or Taormina. From them you can always get to the airport and see some of the sights of the island.


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Sicily hotels by the sea

Sicily is an island, and accordingly, there are a lot of hotels on the sea. I suggest you use the hotel map. The map is interactive, you can zoom in the area you are interested in, see the beaches, hotels on these beaches, as well as click on the hotel icon to go to the site and read its description.


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All Inclusive Hotels in Sicily

As for recreation on the all-inclusive basis, in Sicily it is possible, but not widespread. There are literally several all-inclusive hotels.

Hotel Sul Mare Al Gabbiano  – 4 star hotel with private beach 16 km from Comiso Airport.

Pensione S. Antonio Ristorante Silvia is a guest house in the province of Messina, 45 minutes from Catania Airport.

Hotel President Sea Palace  – located right on the beach 7 km from the cities of Noto and Avola (the latter is known for its Nero d’Avola wine)

These hotels are available for booking on the

Apartments in Sicily

Staying in apartments has become very popular among independent travelers. There are many advantages: private housing, the presence of a kitchen where you can cook your own meals, and more often it is even cheaper than staying at hotels. I recommend booking apartments in Sicily through, for example, Casa Camelia  in Giardini Naxos – right on the seafront. You can see the options on airbnb (more in this article )

apartments in sicily
Casa Camelia – apartments in Giardini Naxos by the sea

An unequivocal answer, where it is impossible to give better in Sicily, everyone decides for himself. For example, I did not like Palermo and Catania at all, but the cozy town of Santa Flavia left very fond memories. The road to Etna from Palermo is very difficult if you use public transport, but the spectacular views of the volcano were worth it. The wonderful city of Taormina, just a dream resort! If you have the financial opportunity, be sure to spend a few days there, or your entire vacation, but you won’t be able to see the real Sicily in Taormina, for this you need to go to small cities such as Santa Flavia or Bagheria. Most of the island has remained unknown to me, and therefore I need to plan the next trip to Sicily. Where will you go?

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