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Before each trip, I wonder what to buy as souvenirs in the country of my travel. I am sure that I am not alone. Lately, the almost all my luggage is occupied by edible souvenirs, but I also buy classic ones. I will tell you about what to bring from Tallinn.

What to bring from Tallinn (foods and alcohol)

The most popular are chocolate and local liquors.


liquor vana tallin estonia

  • Liquor “Vana Tallin” (Old Tallinn) is a traditional Estonian liquor, a symbol of Tallinn. It tastes sweet and strong, but quite pleasant. It has been produced in Estonia since the 1960s, therefore, for sure, its taste is familiar to the older generation. Prices: 0.2 L – 5.79 €; 0,5l – 12,49 €; small “sampler” – 1.45 €.

There is also Vana Tallinn chocolate liquor. It is cheaper, less strong, but tastes like Baileys, so it’s better to buy a classic one.

  • Kännu Kukk liquor (or “Rooster on a Stump”) is an elite liquor prepared according to old recipes. For the price – more expensive than Vana Tallinn. With the taste of caraway seeds. I do not like this, therefore, have not tried. Who tried, write in the comments your impression. Price: 20-25 € for 1 liter.
  • Kiiu Torn (Kiyu Tower) is another Estonian liquor. Cream egg with a strength of 16%. It is made since 1990’s . Price 5 € per 0.5l.

If you want to bring liquor as a souvenir, but don’t know which one, you can visit a tasting tour, try everything, and then decide (you can find out more about the tour on this site ).

  • Local beer: Saku, A.Le. Coq, Saarema ölu, Viru ölu. Also  there is a very large selection of craft beer in stores, but it is, of course, taste for an amateur (for example, mango-flavored beer).

What to bring from Tallinn from products

You can buy alcohol in specialized stores, in supermarkets or alcohol stores. The choice of beer is more precisely in supermarkets (we went to Rimi), but the prices for liquors seemed cheaper to me in alcohol markets. One of these is near the entrance to the Old Town (Viru Gate)


In fact, Estonia has very tasty chocolate. Look for chocolate and marzipan bars in the Estonian factory Kalev.

It is better to buy either in Kalev branded stores (for example, in the Rottermani quarter there is a good store) or in supermarkets. I do not recommend buying in souvenir shops, since prices for the same products are 2-3 times higher.

what souvenirs to bring from estonia

Chocolate Prices:

  • Chocolate bar – 1 €
  • Tallin sweets (delicious wafer sweets) – from 1 € per pack (in a souvenir one can see them for 2.5-3 €).
  • Marzipan bars – 0.55 €. For that price, we bought at Rimi. At marzipan museums cost 1-2 euros. Especially delicious classic and coconut.


Read also about other prices in Estonia.


Other food from Estonia

Also, before the trip, I read that in Tallinn you can buy:

  • Cheeses Saarema – local cheese without preservatives, etc. (5-8 € per 1 kg)
  • “Kata” is something for fans of healthy food: sweep dry peas, wheat, rye and barley. To whom is relevant – google additionally.
cheese from estonia
Cheese can be bought both in the supermarket and in the Christmas market.

Best souvenirs from Tallinn

  • Magnetics. Recently, I often hear that many have stopped buying magnets. Frankly speaking, I’m not one of them. From each trip I bring magnets. Another thing is that I try to choose something original, traditional, preferably handmade. Yes, they cost not 1, but 3-5 €, but this is not Chinese stamping. In Tallinn, a huge selection of magnets in the form of Tallinn houses. Prices for magnets 1-5 €.
  • “Houses with a rope”: for a long time I thought how it is called correctly, probably, “suspensions”. The same Tallinn house, but larger than magnets, only with a rope. I don’t know where to hang them, but I hung it on a Christmas tree as a Christmas decoration. Price 9 €.
  • Candlestick houses and bell houses. Continuation of the theme of Tallinn houses. 5-12 €.
  • A beer mug is a fairly standard souvenir, but beer lovers will appreciate it. From 9 €.
  • Chocolate tool – I saw such souvenirs at the Christmas market . Prices – in the photo

Tallinn souvenirs

  • Stained glass products – can be bought at the Glassblower House, or Katarina Lane, as well as in the Telliskivi quarter.
  • Handmade jewelry (made of wood, glass, ceramics). A large selection in a store in the center of Tallinn in a store in this bright house (perhaps Telliskivi also has something similar, they say it’s cheaper there)


What can I bring from Estonia as a gift?

What else to buy in Tallinn

  • Wool products with a national ornament (sold in stores and at the Christmas market), 15-90 €

what to buy in tallinn

  • Estonian cosmetics – from 2 €
  • Handmade soap – from 3 €
  • Wooden handmade decor and utensils – purchases from the category of more expensive.
  • Designer ceramics, leather jewelry, glass and porcelain figurines. You can buy in Katarina Lane or Telliskivi.
  • Antiques and vintage (recommended to buy in the Kalamai quarter)

But they do not recommend buying amber in Estonia, as all amber is either Kaliningrad / Lithuanian / Latvian, or not amber at all, but an ordinary fake.

This is where I end the article. I hope that after reading it, you have decided which souvenirs and gifts you will buy in Tallinn. Have a nice shopping!

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