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The city of Bari in Italy has a rich historical past, and despite the fact that there are not many sights at first glance, each of them is significant for the city. The map shows that the architectural monuments are located quite compactly to each other. Among Russian tourists, the city is not very popular so far. In the article I will tell you about the most striking objects, you might also want to visit this city.

I did not know anything about Bari before the trip and chose him as a place to spend the night in our travel route . In fact, it turned out that Bari is a real “southern” Italian city with cobbled streets of the Old Town, with linen, balconies decorated with flowers and sooo colorful local people! I just could not help myself not taking pictures of them! At the end of the article I will show my photo story, but for now I will return to the sights.

Attractions Bari (Italy) on the map

Interactive map of Bari:

What to see in Bari (Italy) in 1-2 days

1. The Basilica of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in Bari (Italy) with the relics of the Saint – a visiting card of the capital of Puglia. It stands in the center of the Old Town (Address: Largo Abate Eliya, 13). The architectural style is Romanesque. The relics of the miracle worker were transferred to Bari in the middle of the XI century from the ancient Lycian city Mira .

bari italy relics of nicholas the wonderworker

Inside the temple has the shape of a Latin cross, divided into three naves (total length – 39 m). The ceilings are high, decorated with carvings with gilding, beautiful frescoes of the XVII century. There is a museum at the temple (ticket – 3 euros), a church shop. Entrance to the temple is free. Open daily from 7:00 to 20:30 (Sunday to 22:00).

Bari city italy nikolai the miracle worker

Due to the relics of Nicholas the Wonderworker, Bari became a place of pilgrimage, and most of the excursions in Bari are associated with Saint Nicholas.

2. The old city in the eastern part of the capital is another attraction of Bari (Italy). It is built mainly of white and yellow stone. It covers an area of ​​about 1 km². Here are the central city religious buildings. In addition to the Basilica of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, you can see the Cathedral of St. Sabine, the Church of St. George, the Holy Trinity and several other small churches. In the maze of narrow streets with authentic arches it is easy to get lost, be careful! Although, if you are not in a hurry on a plane, then allow yourself to do it! Getting lost, you can see the real city!

what you can see in bari

what to see in bari italy


3. The Cathedral (Address: Piazza dell ‘Odegitria, 1) – what you should see in Bari in 1 day, the cathedral is required to study. Built at the turn of the XII-XIII centuries. It is an important example of Apulian architecture.

bari italy sights photo

The facade is divided into three portals. Under the window in the form of a socket depicts mythical characters. The design of the dome can be traced to Arabic motifs. Inside the temple is divided into 3 galleries, there are 16 columns. The walls are painted with frescoes, a lot of beautiful stone carvings. In the crypt, in a glass sarcophagus, the relics of St. Sabinus are stored. Above them is the Constantinople icon of Divine mother of Guidebook (original).


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4. The ruins of the church of Santa Maria you will find between residential buildings in the Historic Quarter. The religious building was built between the X and XII centuries. Today, six columns and part of the mosaic floor are left of it. You can inspect them yourself.

5. What else to see in Bari? On the central square of the Old Town is a pink building – the Margarita Theater on spile. Its foundation is set on the seabed. For the monument of architecture, the architectural style of modernity was chosen. Date of construction – 1914. The reconstruction was carried out in 2009. The building is rectangular in shape, on the sides there are towers with a wide painted arch built in the middle. Today, organizational work is underway to open a museum of modern art in the Margarita Theater.

Italy bari sights photo and description

6. The Swabian castle is a medieval complex in the Romanesque style, erected by order of the King of Sicily Roger II. Another name is Castello Svevo. It is surrounded by a moat on three sides, the northern part of the castle faces the sea. You can get inside the bridge on the south side. Tourists can visit the courtyard and several rooms.

italy city bari photo attractions

Here is a good collection of gypsum castings, coins, ceramic and stone products, jewelry of Byzantine times. Opening hours: daily, except Wednesday, from 8:30 to 19:30. Prepare 9 euros for the admission ticket.

7. Long beautiful white Lungomare promenade – must-see in Bari. The total length is about 40 km (within the city stretches for 15 km). It originates from the Old Town and reaches the fishing village of Torre A Mare. It has the shape of a semicircle. Favorite vacation spot of locals. Along are shops, bars, shops. After sunset, they turn on numerous lights, it turns out very beautifully.

Bari city what to see

8. The port of Bari is important for the full functioning of the city. It serves up to 2 million people annually. It is divided into two parts – Old and New. The old port is the next attraction of the capital of Puglia, which you need to see with your own eyes. If you look at the map, it is located to the right of the city center. Today, fishing boats and yachts are located in it, and seafood is being traded. Beautiful view of the sea!

9. The art gallery in Bari opened in 1928. Here is a large collection of Puglia’s art, ranging from the 11th to the 20th century. The building is divided into 16 halls, which exhibited sculptures, paintings, ceramics. You can see all this from Tuesday to Saturday from 09:00 to 19:00, on Sunday until 13:00. Monday is a day off. Entrance fee is 3 euros. Additionally, you can take an audio guide in English – 2 euros. If you do not know what to see in Bari in 2 days, you can safely include the museum in your itinerary on the second day.

10. Theater Petrucelli. You will find the main city theater at the intersection of Corso Camillo Benso Cavour and Via Salvatore Cognetti. It was built at the beginning of the 20th century. In 1991, the building was completely destroyed by fire. It was restored after 18 years. The modern building occupies 6 floors. At the same time 1,500 people are accommodated here. It hosts concerts, ballet, opera. At various times in the theater were Lisa Minelli, Luciano Pavorotti and other famous artists. The box office of the theater is open from Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 19:00. Tickets for ballet, for example, start from 11 euros, for opera – from 12 euros, a concert – from 8 euros.


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These are the main attractions of Bari, which can be seen in 1-2 days in the city. What else to do in Bari? Walk along the streets, watch local women make orecchiette (orecchiette – local pasta) on the street, watch the local life.

bari what to see where to go

As promised, here is my photo essay from Bari.

what to do in bari

bari italy

bari residents

rest in bari

life in bari

life of Italians

That’s all. Great trip to Bari!

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