In this article I will talk about the sights of Karlovy Vary, which you can explore both independently and as part of a sightseeing tour. Most of the sights are concentrated in the center of Karlovy Vary, right on the promenade, therefore, you can visit more than half of these places even in a few hours.


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Sights of Karlovy Vary on the map
Mineral springs of Karlovy Vary
Colonnades of Karlovy Vary
Monuments of architecture
Museums of Karlovy Vary
in the vicinity of Karlovy Vary

Karlovy Vary sights on the map

What to see in Karlovy Vary

On all sites, the main attraction of Karlovy Vary is called thermal springs. No matter how I wanted to bring originality to my article, I didn’t succeed) Thermal springs are the main attraction of Karlovy Vary! I will not go into details of the mineral composition and temperature of each source, as well as medical indications and contraindications (it is better to read specialized resources), I will only publish the list of sources (taken from Wikipedia) and write better about the colonnades in which these sources are located. Indeed, for the tourist, especially the “one-day”, the visual component is more important.

Mineral springs of Karlovy Vary (clickable):

mineral springs of Karlovy Vary


Colonnades of Karlovy Vary

Entrance to all colonnades is free, as well as the use of mineral water, so visiting this place of interest is available to everyone!

№1. The geyser colonnade (Vřídlo) is the largest and hottest (72 ° C) spring in Karlovy Vary. The geyser fountain located in this colonnade is a symbol of the resort.


geyser colonnade of Karlovy Vary
Geyser colonnade – tourists drink some water
What to see in Karlovy Vary
Beating geyser – one of the symbols of Karlovy Vary

№2. Mill (Mlynska / Mlýnská kolonáda) colonnade – was built 200 years ago already for 5 sources. The colonnade is indoor, long, created not only for treatment, but also for walks in any weather.


Karlovy Vary mill colonnade
The mill colonnade was created for walking


№3. Market colonnade (Tržní kolonáda) – this openwork colonnade is considered the most beautiful in the city. Initially (in the 19th century), it was built entirely of wood, but since this material is not durable, it was later rebuilt completely identically, already from modern non-combustible materials.

Karlovy Vary market colonnade
The market colonnade is the most beautiful. And on the left is a plague column!

№4. The castle colonnade is located on a hill. It was built in the early 20th century for two sources – the Upper and the Lower.

№5. The garden colonnade is another beautiful colonnade that can often be seen on Karlovy Vary souvenirs. It is located at the very beginning of the promenade and serves as a “home” for one – the Serpentine Spring. This is the coldest source of Karlovy Vary, its temperature is only about 30 ° C.

garden colonnade Karlovy Vary
Performance of artists in the Garden Colonnade
Karlovy Vary snake spring
The snake spring is the coldest. Located in the Garden Colonnade.

Buildings along the Tepla River and architectural monuments

The houses and buildings of Karlovy Vary are a landmark in themselves. It’s nice to just go and see all these beautiful houses.

№6. House of Peter I. Look at the photo below, you see, behind me there is one house that stands out from the others – it is smaller in size, bright in color and looks very unusual. There are legends that Peter the Great took part in the construction of this house, who came to Karlovy Vary in 1712.


house of Peter the Great Karlovy Vary
House of Peter I behind me


№7. Castle tower. If you look above the Market Colonnade, you can see the oldest building in the city – the Castle Tower. This is the only part of the castle of Charles IV that survived the fire. By the way, the tower has an observation deck, you can go there by elevator. There is also an upscale restaurant.

№8. The city theater is another building that stands out from the rest in a neo-bar style. In the 19th century, there was already a theater in Karlovy Vary, but it was built of wood and once it collapsed – right during the performance. Therefore, literally in 2 years the theater was completely reconstructed and took on a modern look.

Karlovy Vary City Theater
City Theater Building


№9. The plague column. Surely, walking alongside the Market Colonnade, you notice this monument. Unlike other cities where plague columns were placed in honor of the victory over the plague, in Karlovy Vary it was placed in honor of the fact that the plague was never here!

№10. Peter and Paul Church – an example of Orthodox architecture of the 17th century.

№11. Church of St. Mary Magdalene. It is made in the Baroque style, but it is not worth it to be limited only by an external examination, look inside: there are presented masterpieces of architecture, sculpture and painting.

Church of Mary Magdalene Karlovy Vary
Church of St. Mary Magdalene – one of the architectural sights


№12. Grand Hotel Pupp. Walking along the boardwalk, you will definitely go to the Pupp Hotel. One glance is enough to understand that this building is not just a hotel, but an architectural masterpiece. By the way, such famous personalities as Peter the Great, Leo Tolstoy, Franz Kafka, Goethe, Bach and Wagner stayed at this hotel …

Grand Hotel Pupp Karlovy Vary
The Grand Hotel Pupp is itself a landmark in Karlovy Vary


№13. Park Hotel Richmond is another hotel on the list of attractions. The hotel is an example of classical architecture (built in 1927) and resembles a palace surrounded by an English park. The hotel also boasts a Japanese rock garden. By the way, anyone can walk in it, and not just hotel guests.


hotel richmond karlovy vary
Park Hotel Richmond looks like a castle (photo from booking)


№14. Observation tower Diana. A popular observation deck with a beautiful panorama of the city. Entrance to the tower itself is free. You can get on foot or by the funicular “Diana” (which, incidentally, is already 100 years old!). The fare is 90 CZK adult and 45 CZK for children.

Museums in Karlovy Vary

№15. Becherovka Museum or Jan Becher Museum. Who has not heard of the national Karlovy Vary Becherovka drink? I think everyone has heard. But few are familiar with the history of its production. Jan Becher is a Czech pharmacist. At the beginning of the 19th century, he invented a unique drink – herbal tincture, which everyone liked so much that it became a national drink, and it was named after the inventor – Becherovka. You can learn more about the history of the drink and its modern production at the Becherovka Museum. The museum is open from 9:00 to 17:00, the entrance costs 100 crowns. Official website:

museums in Karlovy Vary
Becherovka national Karlovy Vary drink from the 19th century


№16. Museum of Bohemian Glass Moser. For more than 150 years, Moser Ude factory has traditionally blown glassware, vases, and various figures. Entrance to the museum costs 80 kroons, and 180 kroons to the museum and glass factory. Official website:

№17. The Museum of Local Lore of Karlovy Vary is a quite traditional museum for any city. The exposition presents archival photos, antiques, archaeological sites. Entrance to the museum – 60 crowns. Official website:

№18. Karlovy Vary Art Gallery is an art museum where the works of masters of the second half of the 20th century are represented. Entrance 40 crowns. Official website:


In the vicinity of Karlovy Vary

№19. Loket Castle is the most visited attraction in the vicinity of Karlovy Vary. Located 15 km from the city. This fortress was built around the 10th century, and the first mention of it dates back to 1234. In summer, the castle is open from 9:00 to 17:00, in winter – until 16:00. Entrance 110-130 CZK (adult). You can get from Karlovy Vary by bus number 6. Official website:

№20. Becov nad Teploj is another defensive castle located 25 km from Karlovy Vary. Tickets from 120 CZK. Official website:

№21. Angel Mountain is the ruins of a Gothic castle 10 km from Karovy Vary. You can get on the bus number 8.

№22. Svatoshsky rocks – a natural attraction, which consists of rocks of a rather unusual shape. You can get on the bus number 6


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