In general, we never planned to fly to Turin, but since it was necessary to “open” an Italian visa , we started looking for where it would be cheaper to fly to Italy. As a result, we ended up in the capital of Piedmont. In this article I will tell you what you can see in Turin in a short period of time (1-2 days), how to diversify a longer visit to Turin, I will also show a map of the sights of Turin.

Turin is the administrative center of the Piedmont region, it is a city with an interesting history and a considerable number of attractions (many of which are connected with the “royal” past, when Turin was the capital of the state and the residence of the Savoy Dynasty). And therefore, the city has many royal palaces, castles, art galleries – in general, everything related to royal history.

We spent just 2 days in Turin ( hotel review ). It would be ideal for me to spend 3-4 days in the city in order to leisurely explore the sights, wander through the streets, try the cuisine of Piedmont, and go shopping. However, even if you only have one day, you will have the opportunity to explore the main attractions.

Turin Attractions on the map

To make it easier to navigate, I put the main attractions on the map of Turin. In pink I marked the most significant places that you can visit in 1-2 days. Blue “drops” marked those attractions that you can see by simply walking around the city, or by giving them extra time.

What to visit in one day

If you arrived in Turin for just one day, then I recommend that you visit and visit the following attractions:

  • Piazza Castello is the city center. This square is surrounded by such great buildings as the Madama Palace, Royal Square, the Royal Theater (Teatro Regio), the Church of St. Lorenzo (court church).
royal square in turin
View of the Royal Square and the Church of San Lorenzo
  • Palazzo Madama is a rather interesting building in architectural terms. Its facade overlooking the square makes the Palace look like a castle or, in fact, the Palace, on the other sides it is a fortress (however, it was a fortress, a fort, this building was originally from the 17th century).
Madame Turin Palace
Palazzo Madama – with the facade of the palace and the character of the fortress

Four streets start from the square, one of which is Via Garibaldi . Firstly, it is one of the longest streets in Italy, and secondly, it is a pedestrian street with many shops, cafes, eateries, and simply interesting buildings.

what to see in turin
Historic facade of a pharmacy on Garibaldi street

The Royal Palace is the residence of the Savoy Royal Dynasty. You can see the palace not only from the outside, but also inside

  • Royal Palace of Savoy Dynasty (Palazzo Reale)

The Palazzo Reale is perhaps the most popular attraction of Turin. Anyone can get into the former royal “chambers” – just buy a ticket. You can see the Throne Room with a throne, striking in its small size, the royal kitchen, the Armory (its visit is included in the ticket price), as well as other rooms of the Royal Residence. The cost of the ticket to the Royal Palace is 12 euros; admission is free every first Sunday of the month. More about the Palace I have an article .

  • Turin Cathedral and the Shroud of Turin
Turin Cathedral
Turin Cathedral and the attached Shroud Chapel

Turin Cathedral (Cathedral of St. John the Baptist) is the Royal Cathedral, located next to the Royal Palace and even connected to it by an underground passage. In this Cathedral, and specifically, in the later chapel of the Holy Shroud, the Christian relic is stored: a linen cloth, in which, according to legend, the body of Jesus was wrapped after its crucifixion and death. By the way, this relic is recognized by the Catholic Church, and the last representative of the Savoy Dynasty (they belonged to the Shroud for several centuries) bequeathed it to the Vatican. The original shroud is kept in the chapel and you can see it only once a quarter of a century (the last time it was exhibited in 2010). All the rest of the time you can see only a copy. She is in the Cathedral, the entrance there is free.

Shroud of Turin
Now you can see only a copy of the shroud (the original canvas is large, four-meter)

By the way, not far from the Duomo are the gates of the Medieval City (Porta Palatina). This is the only surviving medieval gate in Turin. Their history goes back to the era of the Roman Empire.

port of palatine
View of the medieval gate with ladders at the Turin Cathedral
  • Mole Antonelliana

Mole Antonelliana is a symbol of Turin. It can be seen on postcards, in pastry shops (chocolate towers, liquors, etc.), and also everyone could see it on a coin of 2 euro cents. This tower is Turin’s first high-rise. Its construction began in 1863! Interesting fact: in 1953 a strong wind knocked down the tower! But already after 8 years, Mole Antonelliana was brought to its former appearance.

mole Antonelliana
Spring view of the Mole Antonelliana
  • Today , the Cinema Museum is located in the tower of Antonelliana , and there is also a panoramic glass elevator , which you can ride for 7 euros. The cost of visiting the museum is 10 euros, and there is also a comprehensive ticket (14 euros) for visiting the museum and the elevator.
Turin symbol
Italian cheeses and the symbol of Turin – Mole Antonelliana tower
  • Castello del Valentino (Castle of Valentin)
valentine's palace
Palazzo Valentino

Castello is located on the banks of the Po River. Initially, it was a castle that served as a defense against enemy attacks (its history dates back to the 13th century). Later, the building was reconstructed and acquired a modern “French” look. You can visit the castle only on Saturdays, and even then only agreed in advance about the visit. But anyone can visit Valentine’s Park – this is a great green corner on the banks of the river.

From the park, I recommend moving towards the church of Santa Maria del Monte, on the other side of the river. And therefore, we cross the river along the Umberto I bridge (Umberto I). The bridge itself is also worth attention, and the landscapes there are wonderful.

what to see in turin in one day
The Umberto I bridge in Turin, although not pedestrian, is somewhat reminiscent of the Charles Bridge
Capuchin Hill Church
View of the church of Santa Maria del Monte and blooming sakura
  • Observation deck near the church of Santa Maria del Monte on the Capuchin hill.

Personally, I really love the viewpoints, I don’t know what this is connected with, possibly because the city opens right at a glance. I discovered several view points in Rome , and a gorgeous view opens from Mount Likavitos in Athens . The observation deck in Turin will also take pride of place on my list of favorite places. If you are walking, and not by car or taxi, then prepare for the fact that you have to make a little effort – the road goes up (this is logical, because the church is on a hill). The most difficult thing in the beginning is to climb the stairs. On the map I will show where it is better to do it, in my opinion, this is the shortest way.

one day in turin

In the photo I noted two stairs – the one at the bottom of the picture – we climbed it, here it is on Google’s panorama

The second ladder is also there, judging by the maps.mi, and on Google everything says that there is a rise.

sights of turin photo
Such beauty can be admired on the way to the Capuchin Hill
turin italy sights
And also such fabulous houses

Further, the road already goes uphill under a slight slope, and only in front of the church itself again you need to make a small breakthrough. Here is a panorama you can see when you go up

turin italy sightswhat to do in turin

And this is the church itself.

church santa maria del monte

It is better to return to the center through the Vittorio Emanuel bridge and via Via Po – there are a lot of shops and restaurants located right in the Galleries.

turin sights in one day
We return to the center. It is impossible to admire the cleanliness and order in this city.
bridge vittorio emmanuele
Vittorio Emmanuele Bridge
turin sights
Such galleries stretch across the center of Turin
  • Also on your day in Turin, you can try the local Turin drink Bicherin. You can do this in the cafe of the same name Al Bicerin , which has existed in the same place since 1793. The cafe is located on Consolata Square, here is the church of the same name. If you are interested, you can look here too.
    beecherin in turinGlass of Bicherin in the cafe of the same name

If you have two days in Turin, you can visit the Royal Palace on the second day. Also for visiting the second day I recommend the other two museums.

  • Egyptian Museum and Car Museum

Probably, it will be difficult to visit both museums in one day, however, it all depends on you – on your interests, desire and, of course, financial ability. Museums are large and require several hours of time. Entrance to the Egyptian Museum costs 15 euros, and the Auto Museum – 12 euros. More about the auto museum, I also wrote the article, you can read it here . About the Egyptian Museum and some other museums can be found in the article “Museums of Turin

What to do in Turin for a week

turin markets
If you spend a week in Turin, you will definitely get to the Sunday markets

If this is not your first time reading my blog and you are already familiar with me a little, then you probably know that as part of a trip I like to visit several cities and not wander around one city for a week or two. Someone loves differently, I will not argue.

Carlo Emmanuel Square
Piazza carlo emmanuele

As I already wrote, we spent two days in Turin. This, of course, is not enough, but I think the week for Turin alone will be too much. In any case, if you spend more than 2-3 days in Turin, then I recommend visiting the attractions that I displayed on the map (at the beginning of the article) in blue – they are also interesting, but some of them take time, for example, Basilica di Superga, or Villa della Regina. You can also book guided tours in Turin and explore the city with a guide

You can also go to other cities or to the mountains – with a guided tour (for example, a trip to the Alps ), or on your own – at a distance of about 200 km there are cities such as Milan and Genoa. I have a blog post on how to get from Turin to Genoa . Even by public transport you can take a round trip one day. There are no articles about Milan yet, however, this city is interesting, just in one day you can see the most significant sights.

By the way, as for Milan, if you plan to see the Last Supper fresco , then you need to buy tickets in advance via the Internet. Buy on the spot will not work. When I was in Milan, we bought tickets in a month, or even two. You can do this, for example, on this website .

Last Supper in Milan
In this church of Milan and is the famous fresco of Lenardo da Vinci “The Last Supper”

You can get to Milan by train, timetable and ticket prices, as always on A fast train will take you in just 1 hour, you will have to pay 25-33 euros. On a regional train, the trip will take two hours, but the ticket price will be from 12.45 euros. Green Flixbus will take you to Milan for only 7.90 euros and 1: 50-2: 00 hours.

If you come to Turin in the winter, then you can visit the ski resort for one or two days. I don’t ski, therefore, I can’t particularly recommend it, I will offer you only a map of the ski resorts of Piedmont:

ski resorts of piedmont

If you are traveling with an overnight stay, then book a hotel. Here are some good Bucking offers:


Read also my guide to Turin


Perhaps that’s all. If you have something to add on the topic of the sights of Turin, please write in the comments, this will be useful to other readers.

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