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What to do in Munich? What sights to see in one day? What to see in the vicinity of Munich? If you are going to the capital of Bavaria, these questions arise before you. The article tells about 35 attractions of Munich and the surrounding area. See for yourself that the capital of Bavaria is a great place for cultural and educational relaxation.


Article contents:
Sights of Munich on the map
TOP 10 attractions in 1 day
What to see in Munich in 2-3 days: museums and unusual places
4 or more days in Munich
What to see in the vicinity of Munich

Munich sights on the map

Compiled an interactive map of the attractions of Munich: it marked all the objects discussed in this article. At the end of the article you will find a bonus: a set of tourist maps of Munich for printing, as well as labels for the navigator with marked attractions.

TOP 10 sights of Munich: what to see in Munich in 1 day.

By tradition, at first I talk about the most famous places of the city, its visiting cards. To see them in 1 day is quite realistic.

No. 1. Munich Marienplatz 

The first thing to see in Munich is the central square. There are always many tourists here, just walking or relaxing in one of the restaurants. The Old and New Town Halls, shops, beer restaurants are located on the square. Even more, the square is transformed before Christmas, when a Christmas tree is installed at the Town Hall, and a Christmas market unfolds around .

What to do in Munich
In winter, the Marienplatz stands the Christmas tree and the traditional Christmas market is located (photo from the personal archive)

Marienplatz is also a convenient transportation hub, right in the center of the square there is a descent to metro and city trains.

No. 2. New Town Hall

The New Town Hall is the most striking building in the square; it is a monument of architecture in the Neo-Gothic style, the place of work of the city authorities. There are 400 rooms in the building. A tower with a height of 85 m is attracting attention. There are chimes on it, which every day at 11:00 and 12:00 (and in the summer at 17:00) give a 15-minute view. 43 bells begin to beat at the same time. The windows open, and from there 32 figures appear almost in human height. They act out scenes from the life of Munich. It looks like a representation of an astronomical clock in Prague and, in principle, it’s quite interesting to see once.

You can take a walk along the corridors of the Town Hall on weekdays for free: see the corridors and look into the famous Munich library.


munich attractions
The new town hall on the Marienplatz is Munich’s most famous landmark.

No. 3. Observation Deck of the New Town Hall

There is an observation deck at the top of the New Town Hall, accessed by elevator. Let me remind you that the height is 85 m. The cost of visiting is € 3. It overlooks the center of Munich! You can get to the tower at the weekend (when the Town Hall is closed) by elevator in the courtyard (go into the courtyard through the central arch).


what to see in munich
This view opens from the tower of the Town Hall (photo from pixabay)

No. 4. Old Town Hall

To the right of the New Town Hall (if you look directly at it) is the Old Town Hall – a building in the Romanesque architectural style. Date of construction – the first half of the XIV century. The attraction was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. Today it houses a toy museum and a theme store. The building itself has two floors. The basement used to be used as a city prison.


munich attractions photo


On the tower of the Town Hall there is a clock with figures of the zodiac signs, by which you can determine the time and current phase of the moon.


munich attractions description
Clock on the tower of the Old Town Hall (photo from pixabay)

No. 5. St. Peter’s Church (Peterskirche)

What can you see in Munich on your own besides the square and the Town Hall? Of course, the main Catholic church of the city is St. Peter’s Church. The people – “Alter Peter” (“Old Peter”). The construction, 91 meters high, was built at the end of the 13th century. It is characterized by elements of the Gothic style. Inside, an altar with Corinthian columns on the sides is noteworthy. In the center stands a huge sculpture of St. Peter, who sits on the throne. A little further on – the figures of other saints, no less magnificent. The church has many rare icons, paintings, relief epitaph.


sights of Munich photo with description
View of the tower of St. Peter’s Cathedral (pixabay photo)


You can climb the bell tower (it is from it that you can see a postcard view of the center of Munich and the Marienplatz square), but you will have to walk 300 steps on foot. Entrance to the church is free, and you must pay € 1.5 for going up to the observation deck. Children under 6 years old have free admission.


Munich attractions what to see
The postcard view opens from the tower of the Cathedral (photo flyupmike with Pixabay)

No. 6. Cathedral of Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche)

The Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Frauenkirche) is Munich’s tallest temple. Its height is 109 m. The construction of the building in the Gothic style lasted from the end of the XIV to the first half of the XV century. It can simultaneously accommodate 20 thousand believers. The roof is supported by 22 columns, so the inside of the cathedral does not seem so spacious.


munich attractions in one day
View of the Frauenkirche (Image of Michael Siebert from Pixabay)

There is one legend associated with the attraction, which, by the way, the locals believe in. According to legend, the chief architect concluded a contract with the devil so that he would not interfere with the construction. In return, the devil demanded that there should not be more than one window in the building. Indeed, the columns hide the window openings in such a bizarre manner that from the outside it seems that there are no windows in the cathedral. In addition, the building has an imprint of a man’s boot on the stove – “the devil’s footprint”.

No.7. Victualienmarkt

Without departing far from the square, you can get to the Central Market of Munich – Viktualienmarkt. For me, this market is the embodiment of ideal European markets, markets with postcards, where you can find anything you want, but around it is clean and tidy. What to do at Viktualienmarkt in Munich? You can just wander around Viktualienmarkt looking at counters or outlandish souvenirs, or you can have a bite to eat in one of the many cafes: delicious (perhaps tastier than Italian) pastries, seafood (which, despite being remotely from the sea, are always fresh, and the prices are not sky-high), and, of course, sausages and beer. And in good weather, the market turns into another birtart!


Munich Germany Attractions
Ideal vegetable shops on Viktualienmarkt
Munich attractions in 1 day
Seafood at Viktualienmarkt galore
Munich attractions what to see in 1 day
Souvenir shop on Viktualienmarkt.
Munich attractions in one day itinerary
Pastries on Viktualienmarkt are a special treat. Perhaps German pastries are tastier than Italian!

The market is open every day, except Sunday and public holidays, from early morning until late evening. Locals believe that this is the main market not only in Munich, but throughout Bavaria.

No.8. Maximilienstrasse

One of the central streets of Munich is named after the King of Bavaria, Maximillian II, thanks to which he owes his existence. There are fashionable boutiques, five-star hotels, shopping centers, restaurants. Maximilienstrasse is the most expensive street in Munich, but even if you do not plan to buy a watch for hundreds of thousands of euros, it’s just interesting to walk around it, looking at the windows.

No. 9. English garden

Personally, I love the Munich English Garden. Every time I come to the city, I go for a walk in the park. This magnificent park complex, one of the largest in the world: covers an area of ​​3.75 km², stretches 5.5 km from the central region to the northern outskirts of the city. It has everything: green lawns for sunbathing, ponds, waterfalls, areas for sports and walking with pets, playgrounds, beer gardens, attractions (the Chinese tower, the Greek-style rotunda called Monopter).

There is even a designated area for nudists.


Munich attractions in one day walking route Munich center attractions sights of Munich photo with names


Entrance to the park is free.

Read more about Munich parks here .

No. 10. The famous Hofbräuhaus beer house

Another attraction of the center of Munich is the famous three-story Hofbräuhaus beer restaurant. Opened in the early 17th century as a court brewery. To come to Munich and not to glance at Hofbroy is a real crime, even if you are not a fan of beer. Many famous figures sat in Hofbroe, including Lenin and Krupskaya (which, incidentally, contains the words “fine beer erases all class differences”), and it was here that Hitler officially announced the program of the Nazi party.


Munich main attractions
Hofbroy Royal Brewery

Three halls and a beer garden simultaneously accommodate 4 thousand visitors. It’s most difficult to get into the main Shvemme hall – all the tables are occupied by the honored guests of the restaurant.


bavaria munich attractions
The main hall is the noisiest, most cheerful and most multinational


An orchestra plays here, the atmosphere of an eternal holiday reigns.


top 10 munich
Beer mugs closed in cells belong to regular customers of the beer house


The second room is called Broystuberl. The interior is made in retro style. In the center of the room is a portrait of Mozart, who often came here. In the third hall, it is customary to have parties. It is popular with older people.


Munich city germany attractions


As for beer, in this beer house you can try 3 varieties of original beer brewed according to traditional recipes: “Hofbräu Dunkel” (dark), “Hofbräu Original” (light), “Münchner Weiße” (wheat), choose your own volume – 0, 5 liters or a large mug (“masses”) with a capacity of 1 liter, which is customary to keep in a special way and “clink” only bottoms.


10 sights of Munich
Be sure to try different beers!


The price of beer is from 5 euros for 0.5 euros. From food, try sausages (including white Munich), potato dumplings, pork shank, bretzel (local pretzel). Read more about Hofbräuhaus here .

For a classic appetizer (two Bavarian sausages with mustard and pickles, pickled pretzel) pay from € 12.


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What to see in Munich in 2-3 days. Parks and museums

If you come to the capital of Bavaria for a few days, the list of places to visit is greatly expanded. I tell you what to see in Munich in 2 days.

No. 11. Oktoberfest Beer Festival

The grand beer festival, which is held every year from the second half of September and lasts two weeks. The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810. Since then it has been canceled only a few times due to a plague epidemic or military action. In 2019, the 186th Oktoberfest took place; I wrote a separate photo-review article about the visit .


oktoberfest munich


The venue is always the same – Theresa meadow. More than 6 million people visit the festival annually, tourists come from all over the world. The festival sells only local beer, which is specially brewed for this date. The cost of a liter glass in 2019 was about 12 euros .. As an appetizer, skewered chicken, pork ham, salted pretzels and, of course, Bavarian sausages are popular.

During the festival, unusual rituals take place: the opening of a beer barrel, a costumed procession and a procession of the owners of beer tents. A fragrant foamy drink is sold only in tents. They are divided into large and small. Inside some can fit up to 10 thousand people at a time. The number of staff during the festival reaches 12 thousand people.


top sights of munich
Augustiner is the only brewery where beer is poured from barrels. Barrels are taken out like this.


In addition to beer tents, a variety of attractions are set up on the Teresa meadow. At Oktoberfest, you can ride a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster and a few dozen more entertainment. The price of rides is from 4 to 9 euros per person. A large number of souvenir shops and tents with fast food.


Munich center what to see
Fair on Theresa Meadow


You will be in Munich in mid-September or early October, you know where to go.

No. 12. Munich residence

The list of Munich’s main attractions includes the historic residence of the Dukes and Kings of Bavaria, located in the city center at the address: Residenzstraße 1. The opening of the complex and architecturally complex complex took place in 1385. Visitors have the opportunity to explore 3 luxurious buildings and 10 courtyards. All buildings are built in different styles – Baroque, Renaissance, Classicism, Rococo. Here is a large collection of marble sculptures, paintings, jewelry.

Official website: https://www.residenz-muenchen.de/

Entrance to the residence from April to October is possible from 9:00 to 17:00, from October to March – until 16:00. Single ticket (museum + treasury) – € 11. Offer a free audio guide in Russian.

Entrance to the park and fountains is free.

No. 13. Bavarian opera

Do not know where to go and what to see in Munich in the evening? Go to the opera! 350 performances are held here throughout the year. Within the walls of the building, many world-famous premieres took place: Wagner’s Fairies, Strauss’ Peace Day, and others. Prices for performances – from € 50 on average.

No. 14. Nymphenburg Palace (Schloss Nymphenburg)

What else can you see in Munich? The Nymphenburg Palace complex, included in the list of major Bavarian attractions. It is a large museum where you can see rare frescoes, portraits of 36 of the most beautiful women in Europe (works by German artist Josef Stieler), a magnificent park. Schedule: daily, from April to October – from 9:00 to 18:00, from October to March – from 10:00 to 16:00.

Combined ticket (Palace + Stable Museum, Nymphenburg Porcelain Museum, park palaces):

  • 11.50 euros from April 1 to October 15
  • 8.50 euros from October 16 to March 31
  • EUR 3.50 – audio guide 

Official website: https://schloss-nymphenburg.de/


No. 15. German Museum

It is the largest technology museum in the world. Established in 1903 In it you can see the first computers, hair dryers, glasses, medicines, spacecraft. The collection is simply huge, and covers all sectors of human life. This is really what you need to see in Munich for 3 or more days! The doors of the museum are open every day, from 9:00 to 17:00. Admission for adults – € 14, for students – € 4.5.

Official website: http://www.deutsches-museum.de/

No. 16. Bavarian National Museum

What is interesting to see in Munich for museum lovers? The Bavarian National Museum, located at: Prinzregentenstraße 3. It contains a collection that has important cultural and historical value for the whole of Germany. This is a variety of weapons, household items, jewelry, religious objects, ranging from II to the XIX century. The exhibits are sorted into sections, the largest – the “Middle Ages”. I advise you to allocate at least 2 hours to visit the museum. Schedule: from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., on Thursday – until 8 p.m., Monday – a day off. Entrance ticket – € 7, Sunday 1 euro.

No. 17. BMW Museum

As you understand, Munich is a city of museums. The next attraction on my list is an unusual museum dedicated to BMW cars. Address: Am Olympiapark 2. The museum building is an intricate three-story spiral structure, inside which the brightest models of cars, as well as motorcycles, aircraft parts are located. Come every day, except Mondays, from 10:00 to 18:00. Admission is € 10. Read more about visiting the BMW Museum in my article here .

What to see in Munich
Be sure to visit the BMW Museum

No. 18. Old Pinakothek

This is one of the most famous art galleries in the world. It presents an impressive collection of German, Dutch, French and Italian painters from the Middle Ages to the second half of the 18th century. The total number of paintings is 700. They are located in 19 rooms and 49 small rooms. Opening hours: Monday – day off. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays – from 10:00 to 20:30, on other days until 18:00. Entrance ticket will cost € 7, on Sunday – € 1!

No. 19. New Pinakothek

Another picture gallery is a peculiar continuation of the Old Pinakothek. It consists of 22 rooms and 10 rooms. They present samples of paintings of the XIX-XX centuries – a total of 3000 paintings and 300 sculptures. Most of the collection is reserved for impressionism. In the new Pinakothek you can admire the works of Gauguin, Monet, Cezanne, F. Goya, Renoir, Van Gogh, Roden. The gallery is open daily, except Tuesday, from 10:00 to 18:00. On Wednesdays, the working hours are extended until 20:00. Entrance fees are the same as for visiting the Old Pinakothek. My review of visiting the New Pinakothek.

Munich attractions in 2 days
German schoolchildren discuss the work of Van Gogh “Sunflowers”

No. 20. Beer and Oktoberfest Museum

The museum was opened in 2005. Head to Sterneckerstrasse 2. The building occupies several floors. Here you can learn about the history of brewing and the Oktoberfest festival. The collection of exhibits is presented by glasses, mugs, postcards, posters – in a word, any paraphernalia associated with a foamy aromatic drink. There is a brasserie at the museum where you can drink great beer at the most, perhaps, the lowest prices in Munich (in 2016 it was only 3.30 euros per liter). Schedule: from Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00 to 18:00. Entrance ticket – € 4, family – 6 euros. My review.


Munich attractions what to see in 2 days
Exposition Oktoberfest

No. 21. Toy Museum (Spielzeugmuseum)

I already mentioned in the review about the toy museum, which is located in the building of the Old Town Hall. The oldest toy, which is presented in the museum, was made in 1580. The collection consists of Teddy bears from all over the globe, dolls from various materials, cars, carousels and rattles. Ticket prices: children – € 1, adult – € 4, family ticket – € 8. Schedule: daily from 10:00 to 17:30.

No. 22. Hofgarten Park

Munich in one day alone
Hofgarten in Munich – a beautiful park right in the city center

A beautiful Baroque park complex is located in the center of Munich near the Odeonsplatz square. It was laid by order of the King of Bavaria Maximilian II in 1613-1617. The main entrance to the park is crowned with exquisite gates from the architect Leo von Klenze. On the sides are marble arches and galleries. In the very center of the park is its highlight – the temple of Diana. On the dome of the pavilion is a sculpture of the goddess of hunting and fertility – the patroness of Bavaria. The park is always crowded, but at the same time calm, in the summer locals gather here to dance salsa or tango. Admission is free and around the clock.

No. 23. Olympic Park

what to see in Munich on your own
The Olympic Park has a gallery with celebrity handprints.


In the TOP attractions of Munich, I would add the Olympic Park. Nice place to take a walk in fine weather. A walk in the Olympic Park can be combined with a visit to the BMW Museum, since they are geographically close to each other. The Olympic Park was laid in honor of the 1972 Olympic Games. There are many venues for practicing various sports, a lake with ducks, alleys and walking paths. The locals themselves like to relax in the park.


See also “TOP 10 museums in Munich”


What to see in Munich for 4 days or more + unusual places

This section will help tourists who come to Munich for a long time and love non-standard attractions to plan their trip.

No. 24. Blutenburg Castle

A medieval hunting castle, washed from the west by the Wurm River, from the east by small ponds. It seems to be on an island. Construction was carried out from 1431 to 1440. The name of the castle literally means “Flower Mountain”. Legend has it that in the spring you need to find a rose on Flower Mountain, and then the most secret desire will come true. The castle is located about 10 km from the central square, so it’s worth a few hours to visit it.

You can get from the center by S-bahn (S2, S6, S4, S3) followed by a bus transfer (No. 143, 160, 56, 143 respectively), the castle is located in the “white” zone, read more about transport tickets here .

Inside the building is the International Youth Library with a collection of 400 thousand books. It is open Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 16:00. There is a chapel on the territory of the castle, you can go into it at the same time. The cost of visiting the museum is € 2, children of preschool age – free of charge.

No. 25. Alliance Arena

Football stadium in the northern part of the Bavarian capital with a capacity of 75 thousand spectators. The shape of the structure resembles an inflatable boat. It can be seen at a distance of 75 km. Football matches are held at the stadium, and you can also visit this stadium as part of an excursion: the stadium has a museum and souvenir shops.

You can get on the U6 metro from the center, the Fröttmaning station falls into the white zone, therefore, enough ticket for Innerarum.

No. 26. Zoo

Hellabrunn Munich Zoo covers an area of ​​39 hectares. It is considered one of the largest in Europe (although according to other reviews, even the Prague Zoo is at least 2 times larger). Opening date – 1911. Divided into thematic zones. At the entrance, at the checkout, I advise you to take a card. The zoo is home to 650 species of animals, birds and fish, a total of 14,500 individuals. On the territory there is a playground, cafe, shop.

The zoo is located at: Tierparkstrabe 30. Schedule: from April 1 to October 27: from 9:00 to 18:00. From October 28: from 9:00 to 17:00. A full-day ticket for an adult costs € 15, for a child (from 4 to 14 years) – € 6. Family ticket – € 19.

No. 27. Crazy Ice Cream Shop (Der verrückte Eismacher – im Wunderland)

munich what to see in 3 days
Munich in 3 days on its own


In fact, this is not a tourist attraction, but a cafe decorated in the style of Alice in Wonderland. But it’s interesting to try ice cream with unusual flavors here. For the first time I wrote about this attraction in 2016 and then, indeed, there were a lot of unusual tastes and new ones constantly appeared. Munich’s hallmark, of course, is beer-flavored ice cream. Previously, there was ice cream with the taste of champagne, sausages and even herring. Having visited this store in 2019, I was even a little disappointed: there are literally 15 varieties of ice cream in the window and almost all the usual ones (apart from the classic beer). Over the past year I have tried ice cream and tastier and more interesting, for example, gelato Sergio Dondoli in San Gimignano which is considered the most delicious ice cream in the world. And the ice cream shop in Nice offers ice cream with the flavors of mojito, violet, lavender and even tomato with basil.

Nevertheless, I will leave the attraction on the list as a place where you can try real beer ice cream. Munich is the beer capital of the world!

No. 28. Michael Jackson Memorial Site

In the capital of Bavaria, there is a place where fans of the great musician come to pay tribute. It is located opposite the 5 * Hotel Bayerischer Hof , which once hosted the idol of millions. The monument itself was erected in honor of the composer Orlando di Lasso, but Jackson fans literally “occupied” it. Here you can see hundreds of posters, cards with the image of a musician, flowers and figures of angels are brought here, candles are lit. The city authorities wanted to liquidate the monument back in 2010, but the public did not allow it. It is amazing that they look after the monument, a woman came right in front of us, took a broom from somewhere, swept everything away, threw out the burnt candles …


sights of Munich and the surrounding area
Michael Jackson Memorial Site


Read also my author “Munich Guide”


Surroundings of Munich: what to see and where to go

Munich is a good destination and a developed transportation hub for traveling around Germany. Dozens of tourist destinations start from here. What to see in the vicinity of Munich on my own or with a guided tour I tell further.

No. 29. Schleissheim Palace

If you want to see not only Munich, but also the surroundings, do not ignore the picturesque palace and park ensemble Schlossanlage Schleissheim. It is built in the pompous Baroque architectural style. The unofficial name is “Small Versailles”. The palace’s interior is exquisite: hand-painted ceilings and walls, rare wood furniture, lots of crystal and gold. Inside is an art gallery dedicated to the work of Flemish artists. The palace is surrounded by a magnificent park – a great place for a photo shoot! Complex ticket (old castle + new castle + Lustheim castle) – € 8, persons under 18 years old – free of charge. Schedule: Monday – day off. From April to September, opening hours: from 9:00 to 18:00, from October to March – from 10:00 to 16:00. Check the working hours on the official website https://www.schloesser-schleissheim.de/deutsch/tourist/oeffn.htm

You can get directly to S1 from Marienplatz, the palace is in the green zone, you need a ticket for zone XXL.

No. 30. Dachau Memorial

One of the popular attractions near Munich is the Dachau Memorial. This is a memorial to the victims of fascism and a thematic museum 29 km from Munich. It was opened on the site of a former concentration camp at the initiative of surviving prisoners. People come here to remember the terrible times that influenced the whole history of mankind. The territory of the former concentration camp is divided into two sections. The first is the actual place where the prisoners lived: barracks, crematorium, camp administration. The second section is the zone where the leadership of the concentration camp lived. The luxury villas are in excellent condition today. In the museum you can see photographs and documents telling about the existence of the concentration camp. The atmosphere here is difficult and, honestly, I personally do not dare to go there, although I have been to Munich 4 times already.

Excursion from Munich to Dachau with an English-speaking guide – 26 euros per person.

Opening hours: daily, from 9:00 to 17:00. Free admission.

The memorial is located in the green zone, you need a ticket for zone XXL. You can get on buses 726 and 744 from the Dachau station (you will get direct to the Dachau station on S2).

No. 31. Starnberg lake

30 km from Munich at an altitude of 584 above the ground is a deep lake with fresh water. Its length is 21 km, its width is 5 km. According to history, King Ludwig II drowned in the lake. A chapel was built in memory of him on the east bank, which is open to visitors today. It offers a magnificent view of the Alps. Among vacationers you can see many wealthy Germans spending time surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Most have built villas, there are yachts. On the lake you can fish, engage in water sports, the beach is equipped nearby, children’s playgrounds.

No. 32. Neuschwanstein and Bavarian castles from Munich

And this attraction already refers to the aforementioned Ludwig II. In the southwestern part of Bavaria, very close to the Austrian border, is Neuschwanstein Castle – the former residence of the king. Munich is 136 km away. The construction of the complex took a record amount for those times – 6 million marks. The most luxurious, of course, the royal chambers: decoration made of precious stones, a lot of crystal, marble floor, walls and ceiling painted with bizarre motifs. In addition to the royal bedroom, the throne room, library, study – just a few hundred rooms – are admirable.

You can get from Munich to Neuschwanstein on your own, or you can take a guided tour. For independent tourists, there are two options: rent a car for a day (you can book a car in advance, for example, here ) or go by public transport (first – to Füssen, and then to the castle). A Bavarian ticket is suitable (25 euros per person + 7 euros for the next), which allows you to travel throughout Bavaria. However, please note that on weekdays the ticket is valid only from 9:00.

There is also a morning flixbus flight (departure at 8:15 or 9:00 on different days), following from Munich central bus station to the castle, price from 12 euros, can be found through omio.com

Entrance ticket – € 13 (booking through the site – 2.5 euros per ticket). In the winter season, the complex is open to visitors from 8:30 to 15:30, in the summer – from 7:30 to 17:00.

A comprehensive ticket to visit the three castles (Neuschwanstein, Linderhof and Herrenchiemsee) – 26 euros, valid for 6 months.

Ludwig II was known for his large-scale construction projects. With his eccentric behavior, he earned the nickname “The Fairy King”. Other castles were erected on his orders: Herrenkimze (more about him later), Linderhof (date of construction – 1874). The last complex was the smallest, but the only one that was completed taking into account all the wishes of the monarch. Ludwig lived in Linderhof for a long time.

No. 33. Eagle’s Nest (Das Kehlsteinhaus)

Popularly, the attraction is called Hitler’s Tea House. This is one of the few buildings that has been preserved in good condition. The construction of a cozy residence for privacy and relaxation was completed in 1939. Munich is 157 km away. Inside the Eagle Nest there is a restaurant with first-class cuisine and a museum that tells about the foundation and fate of the complex. An exhibition of contemporary history of Munich and Berlin is held here. From the “Tea House” offers a beautiful view of the Alps. Opening hours of the attraction: from 8:30 to 16:00 seven days a week. Entrance ticket – € 16 per person.

No. 34. Königssee

123 km from Munich, surrounded by mountains, is a very beautiful lake Köningsee. It stretches along for 8 km. It is geographically located on the lands of the Schönau am Königssee community. In the list of the deepest lakes in Germany, Konigze takes an honorable third place. It was formed as a result of large-scale melting of the glacier during the last Ice Age. They say this is the cleanest lake in all of Germany. It is allowed to travel only on ships with an electric motor. Hiking trails are laid around the lake, in winter you can go skiing here, and in summer you can sunbathe on the beaches.

The easiest way to get from Munich is by renting a car or with a guide:

Group tour with an English-speaking attendant – from 70 euros per person.

No. 35. Herrenkimze

One of the palaces erected by order of King Ludwig II is located on Herren Island, 93 km from the Bavarian capital. This complex is no less pompous than Neuschwanstein. It bears the name “Bavarian Versailles”. It is known that Ludwig II considered his “colleague” Louis IV his French idol. In 1873, he decided to build himself an equally luxurious residence. The similarity of the two castles can be traced in architecture, layout, decoration of rooms. Herrenkimze is a symbol of unprecedented luxury and convenience of those times. The building had water supply, heating, elevators, separately built toilets and bathrooms. In addition to the rich interior, in the palace you can see the museum dedicated to the life of Ludwig II. It presents royal attire, busts, portraits. By the way, the king died before the grand opening of the palace. The attraction is open for visits in the summer season from 9: 00 to 18:00, in the winter – 9:40 to 16:15. The full admission fee is € 9. Visitors under 18 years can enter for free.

That’s all! Choose the best sights and make your route! 

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