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In this article I will tell you where to get out of Prague for 1-2 days, which cities of the Czech Republic and Europe you can visit on your own or with a guided tour, and where you can go from Prague by car.

Prague (and the whole Czech Republic) is conveniently located – in the center of Europe. Therefore, a visit to the capital of the Czech Republic can be combined with a visit to other Czech cities, or even European countries, because even one day is enough to visit some, and therefore, you do not have to “bother” with booking additional hotels – in the evening you will return to your hotel in Prague.


If you have not yet decided on a hotel, I recommend you my selection of hotels in Prague


Where to go from Prague by car

If you plan to rent a car (read my rental review ), then, in fact, you can go at least wherever – all roads are open to you. Distances in Europe are small, roads are good even in the Czech Republic. You do not need to look for suitable public transport, just choose a place in the navigator (I use online maps) and go on the road. Below, in the list of cities to visit, I will indicate how long it takes the road by car.

Where to go in the Czech Republic except Prague

The most popular sights of the Czech Republic are located to the west, south and east of Prague. For each direction it is better to allocate a separate day.

Cities and tourist attractions are located south of Prague.

  • The town of Pisek is a small cozy city, the main attraction of which is the oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic. Gold brought glory to the city, which is still found today. (112 km from Prague, by car 1.5 hours one way). You can get on the buses to Cesky Krumlov.
where to go in the Czech Republic for 1 day
The town of Pisek was founded in the 13th century and is famous for the oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic
  • Hluboká nad Vltavou is a city famous for the castle of the same name. The castle was founded in the 13th century on a cliff and over the course of 400 years has undergone many changes and reconstructions. Today the castle is a national museum (150 km and 2 hours by car from Prague / 46 km and 40 minutes from Pisek)
  • Ceske Budejovice is a city called “Bohemian Florence”. Well, of course, he is far from Florence, but the city center, in fact, is very nice, and beautiful views open from the bell tower of the Cerna Vež tower. It seems as if you are looking not at the city, but at the layout, and all the toy houses. By the way, since 16th century Budvar beer has been brewed here. 160 km from Prague and 2 hours 10 minutes, from Hluboka nad Vltavou – 12 km, 17 minutes. You can get from Prague by bus: Regiojet, Flixbus, LeoExpress.
where to go from Prague by car
Central square Ceske Budejovice
  • Český Krumlov is a traditional South Bohemian town with medieval narrow streets, paved sidewalks and even a wooden bridge. Also famous for its 13th-century castle, the bell tower of which offers impressive views of the city and the river. In December, Christmas markets open in the center of Cesky Krumlov . From Prague – 180 km and 2.5 hours by car / 30 km and 27 minutes from Ceske Budejovice. From Prague you can also get on the same buses – Regiojet, Flixbus, LeoExpress
to Czech Krumlov from Prague
Český Krumlov – a traditional Czech town with tiled roofs


Well-known Czech resorts are located west of Prague: Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, Frantiskovy Lazne.

  • Karlovy Vary is perhaps the most famous Czech resort. Thanks to its thermal springs, it has been popular for over a hundred years. The city itself is beautiful, clean, flowering, but very touristy! 130 km from Prague and 1 hour 40 minutes by car. There is also a good bus service between the cities – Regiojet and Student Agency buses (from Prague Airport). Individual excursion to Karlovy Vary, 260 euros >>>
from Prague to Karlovy Vary
Karlovy Vary – the most famous Czech spa

  • The second city of the “spa triangle” is Marianske Lazne. In the city center you can watch the performance of the Singing Fountain, as well as admire the Baroque colonnade. I was not in this town, so, unfortunately, I can’t leave my review.
  • The third spa town is Frantiskovi Lazne . And if Karlovy Vary for me is a real European international Spa (with a capital letter), then Frantiskovy Lazne is a German hospital. Yes, the prices here are lower than in Karlovy Vary, and probably the same healing mineral water, but the town is so boring, and the main languages ​​here are German and Czech that you feel uncomfortable. True, there is a large aqua complex with thermal pools, perhaps it can save the situation. 180 km from Prague, 2 hours 20 minutes by car.


from Prague for 1 day alone
Marianske Lazne – a boring German hospital

East of Prague, the most famous sights are:

  • Kutna Hora is a city with the medieval Cathedral of St. Barbara and
  • Ossuary in Siedlec – Chapel of All Saints with a church vault. The sight is not for the faint of heart: the inside of the church is completely “decorated” with human skulls: a total of 40,000 skulls! The chapel itself was built around 1400 near the cemetery (which was considered at that time one of the most prestigious in Europe!), And was supposed to serve as a place for storing bones – there was not enough space in the cemetery. Today, anyone interested can visit this attraction.  

  • Cesky Sternberg Castle is an ancient 13th-century fortress built on a cliff above the Sazava River. The interiors of the castle are made in a luxurious baroque style.

Distance from Prague – 85 km, travel time 1 hour. You can also get on bus number 381 from the Háje stop (the red subway line leads there).

From Czech Republic to Germany

At the Chinese tower in the English Garden is the most famous Biergarten

The closest “neighbor” of the Czech Republic is Germany, therefore, trips there are very popular among holidaymakers in Prague. You can also go there on your own – by car (roads in Germany are free!), Public transport or with a guided tour (which can sometimes be cheaper).

  • Munich is a city that many tourists seek. It is located 400 km from Prague, but thanks to the highways of the Czech Republic and especially Germany, you can get there by car in 4 hours! That is, having left early, at 7 in the morning, by 11 you will already be in Munich and having walked until 5-6 in the evening, you can return back to Prague.


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The bus ride will take about 6 hours, therefore, one day I would not advise you to go by public transport. If car rental is not included in your plans, then it is better to consider the possibility of booking an excursion to Munich – you will be brought, taken away and given a tour of the city center.

  • Bavarian castles are an amazing Bavarian attraction. Neuschwanstein Castle is a fairytale castle that served as a prototype of the Disney Castle, and Linderhof Castle will amaze you with its rich (unnecessary?) Decoration! 500 km from Prague, more than 5 hours by car. You can spend the night in Munich, and in the morning go to inspect the castle and after that – go on the return trip to Prague.

Munich alone


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The most popular way to explore Munich and the castles of Bavaria in 2 days is an excursion. A group tour will cost from 115 euros per person, this price includes a night at the hotel. 

  • Dresden is probably the closest German city to Prague. The distance is only 150 km, and if you are with a car, you can get there in just 1 hour 40 minutes. Everyone knows that Dresden is famous, first of all, for its art gallery, but besides it there is also something to see in the city: the baroque church Frauenkirche, the architectural complex Zwinger, built in the image of Versailles, the Castle-residence of the Electors. You can get to Dresden on the green buses of Flixbas (travel time about 2 hours). 

From Czech Republic to Austria

from Prague to Vienna
Hofburg Palace in Vienna

Austria is the second “neighbor” of the Czech Republic. And excursions to this country are also popular.

  • Vienna is the capital of Austria. Vienna is known for its magnificent palaces, parks, museums, coffee houses and sweets (the national sweet is the Sacher cake), and of course, who has not heard about Vienna schnitzel and Vienna strudel? 🙂 The distance from Prague to Vienna is about 300 km, it’s 3 by car, 5-4 hours. But, keep in mind that a vignette is needed to travel along the Austrian autobahns (it costs about 8 euros). The Flixbus bus can be reached in approximately 4.5 hours.

  • Salzburg is another Austrian city worth visiting. The distance from Prague is almost 400 km, a car can be reached in 4.5-5 hours. Salzburg’s main attractions are the Cathedral, Mozart House and Museum, Mirabell Palace and the park at the palace. It will not be very easy to drive a car one day, therefore, I recommend staying in Salzburg for the night.


Where to go from Prague to Europe

In addition to these directions, you can choose absolutely any, the only one, evaluate your strength and calculate the time correctly. With a great desire, you can even visit Italy – Verona or Venice, France – Paris, Switzerland – Zurich and Lucerne , Slovenia, Hungary, Poland (Wroclaw, Katowice, Krakow, Warsaw), etc.


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And where do you plan to go from Prague? Or maybe you’ve already been somewhere?

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