In this guide, I talk about how to independently go on a trip to Bergamo: how to get there, where to stay, what to see and what to try from national dishes.

How to get to Bergamo from Italy and Europe

how to get to bergamo

Many ignore the city of Bergamo, using only the airport to budget get to Milan. For me, Bergamo is a more emotional city than Milan, therefore, I recommend devoting at least a few hours to exploring this town.

You can get to Bergamo by direct flight. Getting to Bergamo is easy, even if you arrive at Milan Malpensa Airport.

From Europe you can fly to Bergamo from 10 €. For example, Nuremberg – Bergamo:

Nuremberg Bergamo Flights


barcelona bergamo flights


warsaw bergamo flights

Tickets for low-cost airlines well looked for at skyscanner , I took these screenshots on this site.


See also “How to buy cheap flights to Italy. Free tickets to Italy »


From other cities in Italy, you can get both by plane (if long distances) or by land transport – look for , this service shows bus and train connections between cities.


How to get from Bergamo Airport to the center

The blog has a article about Bergamo Airport , but if you have no time to read the detailed article, then in short – you can get to:

  • ATV bus number 1 (every 20 minutes) for € 2.30. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes on all types of public transport, incl. on the funicular.
  • By taxi or transfer from 30 € (you can order a transfer in advance on this website )
  • Walk for free in about 50 minutes

Bergamo hotels: where to stay

The choice of hotels in Bergamo is quite large. I usually book through

The main attractions of Bergamo are concentrated in the Upper Town (Citta Alta), I would recommend booking a hotel there.

Hotel prices in the Old Town start at 53 €. The budget option is located near the central square and the Duomo, in the immediate vicinity of the funicular station – La luna blu in Old Town (rating 8.9.). Price 59 € with breakfast, BUT with shared bathroom.

La Torta Di Mele (rating 9.7) – from 95 € – in the very center of the old town.

A higher-level hotel in the center – Gombithotel 4 * (rating 9.2) – from 189 € with breakfast

If you have a goal to save on housing, I recommend considering the option of booking apartments. Prices start at 30 € per day for an entire apartment with all amenities! There are many options on, with this  22 € coupon for your first booking, you get a little cheaper.

apartments in bergamo

Sights of Bergamo: what to see in a couple of hours or in 1 day.

Bergamo is divided into 2 parts – Upper Town (Citta Alta) – the old city, it is there that the main attractions and the Lower Town (Citta Bassa) are concentrated. They are connected by funicular. I show the location of the funicular on a map with the sights:

Funicular in Bergamo

bergamo funicular

The cable car in Bergamo is included in the public transport system, which means that it has a single ticket. You can buy tickets at kiosks, bars, self-service machines, as well as at the box office. Here’s the box office next to the funicular in the lower part of the city:

funicular citta alta bergamo

By the way, there is a bus stop nearby from the airport. Ticket price for 1 zone 1.30 €. For two there will be a ticket back for 5.20 €:

bergamo how to get
Funicular queue

So, on your own in Bergamo you can explore the following attractions:

  • Main square – Piazza Vecchia (the square has existed since the 2nd half of the 15th century)
new town hall bergamo
New Town Hall building in the center of Bergamo
  • Old Town Hall on the main square
  • New Town Hall – opposite the Old. Today it houses one of Italy’s largest libraries.
  • Civic Tower (La Torre Civica, or La Torre Campanone). This tower is the highest in the city. Initially, during construction it was 37 meters high, and today it is 52 meters. After reconstruction in the 60s of the 20th century, an elevator appeared in the tower. You can climb to the tower. Ticket price 5 €, this price also includes a visit to Museo Cinquecento. See the schedule on the official website
bergamo civil tower
52 meter high civil tower
  • Fountain in the center of the square – Fontana Contarini
fountain contarini
The Contarini Fountain adorns the central square of Bergamo
  • Cathedral Square (Piazza del Duomo) with the Cathedral (Cattedrale di San Alessandro) and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, the chapel of Colleone and the baptistery.
baptistery of bergamo
Baptistery and the Duomo
santa maria maggiore bergamo
Church of Santa Maria Maggiore
  • Entrance to the Cathedral is paid (3 €), but according to reviews, the price is justified!
duomo bergamo
Bergamo Cathedral (Duomo)
what to see in bergamo
Facade of the Duomo
  • Rocca Castle (fort) – located near the funicular
  • Citadel on the hill of St. John and the tower of Adalberto
sights of bergamo
On the hill is the citadel and the tower of Adalberto
  • The Venetian Walls of Bergamo
  • San Vigilio Castle – it needs to be climbed by another funicular (it was marked on the map with attractions), here is a photo:
san vigilio bergamo
Funicular to the castle of San Vigilio
  • Museums of Bergamo: archaeological (in the Visconti palace), city museum of natural sciences (near the archaeological museum, admission is free), Pinacoteca, gallery of modern art, Diocesan Museum of A. Bernareggi.
  • Teatro Donizetti (in the Lower City)
citta bassa bergamo
Lower City Center (Citta Bassa)
bergamo what to see in 1 day
Sights of the Lower Bergamo

In one day in Bergamo you will have time to explore the Old Town, rise to the castle and even visit a museum. If you have only two hours, then go up to the Upper Town, inspect the central square, take a walk to the observation deck (marked on the map), walk past the Citadel, go around the local market, buy the Polenta e Ortisei from Bergamo and go back.

bergamo viewing platform
Exit to the observation deck at Citta Alta
bergamo in 1 day
View from the observation deck
bergamo alone
Another beautiful view from the lookout

Guided tours in Bergamo

If you want to visit all the most interesting sights and find out unknown facts about this city in the shortest possible time, I recommend making an appointment for a sightseeing tour.

Transport in Bergamo

Bergamo transport is represented by a network of buses and trams, as well as funiculars enter the city transport system.

transport bergamo
Bus number 1 goes to the airport

As in all of Italy, for all modes of transport – a single ticket, that is, you can make an unlimited number of transfers for a certain time.

  • A standard ticket costs from 1.30 € (for 75 minutes) to 2.70 € depending on the distance (number of zones).
  • 1-day ticket costs 3,50 € / 5,00 € (city / town + suburbs)
  • 3-day ticket – 7 € (all zones)
  • A ticket for getting to Bergamo airport costs 2.30 €.

Taxi in Bergamo about 1 € per 1 km + for landing 8 €. Transfer to the airport is better to book in advance through the website .

Trains from Bergamo leave from the train station. Schedule and ticket prices – at

Car rental in Bergamo

There are no problems with car rental in Bergamo – all the popular international and national distributors are represented there. You can rent either in the city or upon arrival at the airport.


See also “Car rental in Italy”


I book in advance through a broker , it’s 10-15% cheaper, and besides, you can immediately compare prices and rental conditions in different companies. Do not forget to read reviews about the rental agent and rental conditions (mileage, deductible, deposit, etc.) before booking.

Parking in Bergamo

Parking in Bergamo is paid. We left a car in the Lower city in the parking lot at 2 € per hour. Please note that the maximum parking time can be set:

car park bergamo

Parking ticket must be put under the windshield

In the Upper Town, they saw parking at a price of 1.80 € per hour, with the same 2-hour limit:

bergamo parking price

What to try in Bergamo: national cuisine and food prices

national sweets of bergamo
Variety of sweets in the Bergamo patisserie
  • Polenta ( Polenta ) – a typical dish of Bergamo. The traditional polenta is made from 3 ingredients: cornmeal, salt, water. The polenta Taranov ( Taragna ) is also added buckwheat flour and cheese.
  • Ravioli Scarpinck de Par
  • Casoncelli della bergamasca – another type of Bergamo ravioli (stuffed with sausages (salsiccia) and hard cheese)
  • Pesto pasta (a visiting card of the city) and other types of pasta (6-12 €)
  • Polenta and Osei (Polenta e Osei) is Bergamo’s main dessert, which looks at you from every window and beckons you to buy at least a small cake (3 €). Large polentas cost from 8 €
polenta e osei bergamo
Polenta and Ozey – a popular local sweet

Polenta e Osèi – this sweetness is a visiting card of Bergamo. Yellow marzipan sponge cake and chocolate-nut cream – this dessert was first made in 1910! On the palate, of course, it’s all “stick together 🍑”, and is a bit like a Sicilian cassata. But it was still interesting to try!

  • Cakes Donizetti – round cake with pineapple and dried apricots
  • Ice cream Stracciatella with pieces of chocolate – invented by one of the Bergaman confectioners. Gelato in Bergamo – from 2 €.
  • Pizza – like in Italy without pizza – from 3 €, in restaurants – from 7 €
  • Mineral water San Pelegrino is produced near the city – in San Pelegrino Terme. In Russia, it is considered quite an elite “mineral water” and is not cheap. In Italy, we paid 3.29 € for a pack of 6 bottles of mineral water.
  • Local wine Scanzo

Where to go from Bergamo

Find travel companions on blablacar >>>


Of course, the main direction is Milan. How to get to Milan already wrote in an article about the airport .

Lake Como

This is a place worth visiting in Italy! There are several options to get from Bergamo to Lake Como.

  • The most convenient – on a rented car along a scenic road to Como, Lecco, Varenna or Bellagio.
  • Direct train to Lecco. 40 minutes on the way and 3.60 € for travel ( If you want to Varenna – change and another 20 minutes. General ticket Bergamo –Varenna from 5.50 €.
  • Bellagio (and Mennaggio) can be reached by ferry – 15 minutes on the way. 9.20 € round trip.
  • To the city of Como by train with a change of about 1 hour 20 minutes and 6.70 €.
  • Bus to the city of Como – No. C46 (from the Bergamo bus station, 4 times a day). The journey takes 2-3 hours, the ticket price is 5.80 €. Schedule check at the box office.

In general, it is easier to get to Lake Como from Milan 🙂


You can get to Verona:

  • By train from 19.90 €
  • Flixbass from 7.90 €, flights look at
  • SAJ Bus from Bargamo Bus Station


  • Direct flight (with a stop at the airport of Bergamo or Venice) of the flixbass bus – from 17.80 €
  • Train with 1 or 2 transfers from 29.80 €

Lake Iseo (Lago d’Iseo)

Less popular among tourists, but no less beautiful than other Italian lakes, here it is on the map:

When buying a ticket for public transport, focus on the city of Lovere. Approximately 1 hour by bus


The city is also not very popular among tourists, but I’m sure there is something to see there. You can get there in 1 hour by train (train station in the city center), the cost of a ticket for a regional train is from 4.80 €.

This is where I end. If you have questions or additions, do not hesitate to write in the comments! To help the site in development, please repost articles on social networks! 

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