Benidorm is a popular resort on the Costa Blanca (Spain), thousands of people annually choose this resort city as their vacation destination. I visited Benidorm twice and now I’m going to tell you about how to get to Benidorm, where to live and what to do while your holiday.

How to get to Benidorm 

The nearest airport to Benidorm is Alicante (Elche) Airport, which is 10 km from Alicante and about 60 km from Benidorm.

benidorm travel guide
Flying over benidorm

It is easy to get to Alicante from Europe or Spain: you can choose direct flights from  Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Zurich, London, Bucharest, Paris, as well as Barcelona and ​​Madrid

How much is the ticket from your city:

You can travel to Benidorm by bus or by train as well. For example, from Madrid to Alicante, you can travel by train in less than 3 hours (you can find the schedule, prices, and buy a ticket on the official website of the Spanish Railways ) Buses by Alsa will help you to travel around the country (official website Tickets can be bought on the website, or at the office at the bus station. When you buy online, fees are charged (if I’m not mistaken, about 2-3 euros), but I didn’t manage to pay for the ticket through the site – they asked for card information several times, there were still some system errorss, so we decided not to risk it and buy a ticket at the ticket office.

How to get to Benidorm from Alicante and the airport

bus station benidorm
Benidorm bus station Estacion de autobusesYou can

The distance from Alicante to Benidorm is about 50 km. You can get from Alicante to Benidorm in the following ways:

  1. The most convenient way to get to Benidorm is a taxi. The cost will be about 70 euros. You can order taxi-transfer in advance, for example here
  2. You can rent a car. In Spain, there are both international car rental companies and many local ones. You can choose the perfect option on – it may be even cheaper than on the dealer official website. You can read more about car rental here , and my review about rentalcars here).
  3. You can get from Alicante to Benidorm by bus. In that case you’ll pay only 4 euros. Drive from Alicante to Benidorm in about 1 hour. Buses depart from the Alicante bus station (Estación de Autobuses de Alicante) almost every hour and arrive at the Benidorm bus station (Estación de Autobuses de Benidorm) or at the station in the center (Benidorm Avd.Europa). You can specify the timetable and price on the same website of the ALSA bus company, and buy tickets at the ticket office (in high season it is better to do that in advance).
  4. A tram (or commuter train) is a popular way to get to Benidorm from Alicante. You need to catch a tram at the Alicante-Luceros stop and in 70 minutes you will be in Benidorm. The ticket costs 4.85 euros. All information on the tram you can find on the official website Tickets can be bought at the station in the machine or in the machine in the tram.

If you arrived at Alicante airport in the evening, or want to explore the city for several days, before leaving for Benidorm, do not forget to book a hotel, here are some good suggestions from Booking:

It is also not difficult to get from Alicante airport to Benidorm. By public transport: by Alsa bus (express bus), which takes you to Benidorm in less than an hour and for 9.80 euros. Buses depart from the airport every hour, from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. To find the bus stop, follow the signs. Tickets can be bought from the driver.

To get from Benidorm to the airport , you need to buy tickets in advance – at the bus station, or at the Benidorm Avd.Europa station (note that this station does not work on weekends!) Here is the schedule (for 2017):

bus station benidorm

And here is the bus schedule from Benidorm to the airport

bus benidorm airport schedule

station avd.evropa
Bus Stop Avd. Evropa

Shuttle bus from Alicante Airport to Benidorm

You can book a group transfer (shuttle bus) to the hotel in Benidorm (from 11 euros). You can do this on this site (you can also book the private transfer there)

Benidorm best attractions: what to see in Benidorm and in the surrounding area

sights of benidorm

Benidorm is a resort town, but you still can find here entertainment for the whole family, as well as sights which you can visit between relaxing on the beach and party in the bars:)

You can see the map of Benidorm with the main attractions below (click the icon in the upper left corner to see the list):

Here is another map (to see larger – the right mouse button and “open the picture in a new tab”)

map of benidorm

benidorm old town
Old city
balcony mediterranean benidorm
Balcony of the Mediterranean (Balcon de Meditterraneo)
what to see in benidorm
Church of St. Jaime with unusual blue domes

The main attractions in Benidorm, in addition to the beaches and the promenade that runs through the whole of Benidorm, are the Old Town, amazingly beautiful Mediterranean balcony (Balcon de Meditterano), the church of St. Jaime, built in the 18th century, the remains of the tower of the 16th century Torre Morales o Escaleta, as well as the hotel Gran Bali (it is a skyscraper built in 2002 and had been the tallest building in Spain for the long time). By the way, there is an observation deck on the 45th floor of the hotel, it is available for everyone, not only for hotel guests. You can pay for the entrance at the hotel reception. And you can choose this hotel and a place to stay in Benidorm. You can book a hotel here .

What else can you see in Benidorm ? In fact, there is plenty of entertainment in Benidorm. Firstly, the Terra Mitica amusement park, built like Disneyland, Port Aventura and other theme parks. Five thematic zones, huge areas and dizzying modern rides.

where to go in benidorm
Festilandia Park in Benidorm

Terra Natura Zoo and Waterpark are two more amusement parks. In the zoo, you can see animals closely, and in the water park there are many areas for children and adults.

Aqualandia Water Park is one of the largest water parks in Spain. In total, the park has 10 water slides of varying degrees of extremeness.

Mundomar Park – a pirate-style theme park, includes a park of marine life, exotic birds and a dolphinarium.

You can buy tickets to parks without waiting in a queue on this site

Festilandia – a park with attractions, slot machines and other children’s joys in the center of Benidorm.

benidorm island
Benidorm is visible from anywhere in the coast.

The most popular attractions in the vicinity of Benidorm are the island of L’Illa de Benidorm (an uninhabited rocky island that can be seen from anywhere in Benidorm), the town of Guadalest, famous for its many museums, viewing platforms, as well as the royal castle built in 11th century. Algar Waterfalls in Fuentes del Algar Nature Park is another attraction in the vicinity of Benidorm that attracts hundreds of tourists.

You can visit these and other attractions on your own, or you can book an guided tour. Here are examples of excursions in Benidorm:


How to visit Valencia from Benidorm (on your own or with a guided tour).

from benidorm to valencia
Valencia is a city of incredible beauty

If you are resting in Benidorm, you can visit Valencia for one day: on your own, or with a guide. Of course, you will face the question of how to get to Valencia from Benidorm. If you chose the option of independent travel, you can take a taxi (the price will be quite high, since the distance between Benidorm and Valencia is more than 100 km), or rent a car (I will write about this below), or go by bus.

Alsa buses depart from Benidorm station (about 3 km and 30 minutes walk from the center) and arrive at Valencia bus station (also about 25 minutes walk from the Central Market of Valencia). You can get from Benidorm to Valencia in about 2 hours, the cost of a ticket when buying at the bus station ticket office is 16.90 euros per person. You can pay in cash or by card (at least in Valencia for sure). When buying online, the fee 3 euros is added.

There is an article about the 15 brst Valencia attractions.

If you are not a fan of learning what to see or how to get, it is better to book a tour

Car rental in Benidorm

I don’t know why, but in many Spanish cities it’s not just cheap to rent a car, but veryyyyy cheap. Renting a car in Benidorm is also inexpensive. Therefore, if you are a driver and ready to rent a car abroad, this is one of the most convenient and budget options to see the region.

International Europcar and Avis offices are represented in Benidorm. Europcar is one of the leading companies with international support services, therefore, you can rent a car in this company. Their office is located at Avd Mediterraneo, 39, Bajos Hotel Don Pancho. By the way, reviews on Google are very good (4.2 points out of 5). You can also book a car in that companies via Just compare the prices. Often it is cheaper. The prices start from 30 euros per day when booking for several days. If you look at Avis or the local Centauro company, the price there is even cheaper – when booking for 6 days, the price starts at only … .10 euros per day! Avis Address: 8, Avenida Ametlla Mar Edificio Coblanca, Rincon De Loix. This price is relevant when booking also through rentals. If you have not read the article about car rental on a trip , it’s time to do it 🙂

Where to stay in Benidorm

In this article I will not describe in detail about the hotels and apartments of Benidorm, since there is an article about that . I can only say that the choice of accommodation for vacation in Benidorm is simply huge – these are hotels, apartments, villas, and campsites. All this can be found at the booking, there are examples of housing:

To find a villa, or a campsite, simply check these housing types in the search box.

Do not forget about the sites of rental housing with local residents. More than 300 apartment options in Benidorm and the surrounding area can be found on the . 

We stayed at the Brisa Resort on Levante Beach (my review about Hotel Brisa)

Guided tours in Benidorm (and tours starting from Benidorm)

rest in benidorm

You can book the guided tours via your tour operator, or buy in traditional travel agencies in the city, or book online.

Benidorm map with hotels, shops and bus stops

I also have such a map, it can be downloaded and printed, hotels are marked on it (although it is better to study hotels on the map above), parking places (relevant for those who are by car), a tram stop from Alicante, as well as information points and the place of taxi stops (taxis in Benidorm stop only at places designated for this)

Benidorm map with stops and hotels

Here in more detail the center of Benidorm ( download ):

map of the old city of benidorm

Benidorm beaches (description, photos and prices), beaches on the map

benidorm spain travel guide
Panorama of the Levante area

As for the beaches in Benidorm, they are simply gorgeous – delicate fine sand, transparent blue water, convenient access to the sea. There are 3 main beaches in Benidorm. Two huge and main beaches are Levante Beach and Poniente Beach. Levante Beach stretches for 2 km. The beach is well equipped – there are sunbeds, umbrellas, lifeguards, water activities, etc. Along the beach is a promenade, and then a huge number of bars, cafes, restaurants, shops where you can eat and have a meal))) (which makes a huge number of tourists in the evenings). The atmosphere of the evening (around 6 pm) Benidorm (in early April !!!) look at the video:

The price of using sunbeds and umbrellas is 4.5 euros per item (for 2017). On some sites it is written that sunbeds put on the beach towards the end of April. In 2017, April 7 was already the height of the beach season.

how much is a sunbed in benidorm

You just lie on a towel, the beaches in Spain are public and free.

Levante Benidorm beach
Sunbeds on the Levante Beach

Poniente Beach (Playa de Poniente)  is the second beach of Benidorm, its length is about 3 km! It is also always crowded, and along the beach there is a promenade. The price of sunbeds and umbrellas, I think, is the same as on the Levante beach.

Poniente Benidorm beach
In the distance – Poniente beach and the area of ​​the same name with skyscrapers

Near the port and the balcony of the Mediterranean is a small bay called Mal Pas (Playa del Mal Pas). The beach and the bottom are sandy, rather small, there are no stones and rocks at the entrance to the sea.

Mal Pas Benidorm beach
Small beach Mal Pas at the port

There are other small cozy coves in Benidorm: Almadrava (Cala La Almadrava), Cala del Tio Ximo

Prices in Benidorm

benidorm in april
Early April in Benidorm

I will also write a few words about prices in Benidorm. I would not say that rest in Benidorm will be very expensive. Here again, it all depends on how you are used to relax. If you are ready to show off and spend big money – Benidorm has everything for this: expensive hotels (for example, the five-star Barceló Asia Gardens Hotel & Thai Spa or Hotel Boutique Villa Venecia , about 300 euros per day), restaurants, bars and clubs. If you are used to relax modestly – inexpensive hotels and apartments at a price of 35-40 euros per day at your service. Prices in stores is shown on the pics:

prices in benidorm for vegetables

prices in a benidorm store


Read also my article Prices in Benidorm (hotels, products, restaurants)


For 3 days in Benidorm (in April 2017) we spent about 360 euros, including about 330 euros for a hotel on a full board basis, as well as drinks, wine, ice cream and other amenities. Paid sights we did not visit, and we didn’t book the guided tours as well (since our trip was one big tour:) ).

This is it! Have a great vacation!

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