As many have already guessed, the sights of Ayia Napa, and Cyprus as a whole, I am pretty skeptical. Perhaps the experience of traveling to countries such as Italy, Greece, Spain with a huge number of attractions, with amazing history and incredible architecture (especially in Rome or Barcelona) is having an effect. Personally, my opinion is that there’s nothing special to watch in Cyprus, and it’s worth going there exclusively for a beach holiday.


Start planning your Cyprus vacation from this article.


I was in Cyprus for the second time. The first time we traveled, perhaps, all the main attractions of the island – the birthplace of Aphrodite (Petra tou Romiou), the Curium amphitheater in Limassol, and the village of Lefkara (famous for its lace and, personally for me, by inhaling Chinese fakes instead of handicrafts work), and the capital Nicosia with cozy streets and the border with Northern Cyprus. The Church of St. Lazarus in Larnaca, the palace of the Archbishop in Nicosia, a boat trip, during which we “saw” the ghost town of Famagusta – I already saw all this.


Cyprus Attractions
Ancient Curium Amphitheater in Limassol
Archbishop's Palace in Nicosia
Archbishop’s Palace in Nicosia (photo from the personal archive)
Mountain Village Lefkara
The mountain village of Lefkara, which is famous for its lace
Nicosia streets
Streets of Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus (photo from the personal archive)
Panorama of Northern Cyprus, Nicosia
Panorama of Northern Cyprus, Nicosia (photo from the personal archive)


Here I’ll tell you about the sights of Ayia Napa , about what you can visit in and around the city, organically combining all this with a beach holiday.


Ayia Napa Monastery
Ayia Napa Monastery during the annual festival held in September


Ayia Napa Monastery . One of the central attractions of the town. It was founded in the 16th century, after there was a dense forest on this place (and earlier, according to legend, there was a dense forest on the site of Ayia Napa, and Ayia Napa) was found a miraculous icon. Attracts tourists and the chapel located on the territory of this monastery. It is curious that during the festival the Monastery becomes a platform for the exhibition of paintings and the sale of handicrafts, as well as performances by musicians.


Ayia Napa Attractions: Monastery
In Ayia Napa Monastery


Luna Park is the main attraction of the evening Ayia Napa. It will be fun for both adults and especially children. Among adults, a slingshot and a ferris wheel are popular. For kids – a lot of attractions, trampolines and slot machines.


Ayia Napa Attractions: Amusement Park


Bar Street is Ayia Napa’s premier nightly attraction. Bars, clubs, discos – life here begins to boil for hours from 11-12 pm and the fun continues until the morning.


Ayia Napa Attractions: Bar Street
On the street of bars – a lot of clubs and discos for every taste and color))
Ayia Napa Attractions: Makronissos
One of the crypts of ancient Maronissos

Archaeological Zone of Makronissos – located next to the beach of the same name, about 5 km from the center of Ayia Napa. This area is an excavation of 19 tombs of the Hellenistic and Romanesque period, as well as a sanctuary and a quarry. The tombs are made right in the rock formations, stone steps lead to each of them. Inside, each tomb has 3 or 4 benches – a kind of family crypts. Entrance to the zone is free, in addition to the tombs you can see a lot of tourists in swimsuits and children running into each crypt. Personally, I looked only in one, and somehow I felt uneasy about going into the “grave”, so I limited myself only to an external examination.

Another “fascinating” attraction of Ayia Napa is located on the opposite side of the city. This is a sculpture park. The only thing that pleases is that the entrance to the park is free. The park has several dozens of contemporary sculptures, as I understand it, exhibited at some modern exhibitions. Since I am not a fan of contemporary art, I did not always succeed in understanding what the author wanted to say. It is better to visit the park during the day (morning or late afternoon): there is nowhere to hide from the sun, and at night the figures are not highlighted.


Ayia Napa Attractions: Sculpture Park
Sculpture Park at sunset


Near the sculpture park is located Cactus Park. It’s about the same as a sculpture park, only with cacti. Honestly, we didn’t even reach him. And you can get to both parks on foot, on a bicycle (there is no organized bicycle parking, you can tie a bike to a bench), on a quadric, or on a car. Also opposite the Sculpture Park there is a bus stop 101/102 (for 1.5 euros a bus will take you to the park from Ayia Napa or Protaras)

Ayia Napa Attractions: Kakutsov Park
Behind the sculpture park begins a cactus park

We move further in the direction from the city center. Cape Greco (Cavo Greco) is a cape between Ayia Napa and Protaras. Nice views and the opportunity to romanticly see the sunset, if you find a place from where this same sunset will be visible 🙂 Read more in the article “Cape Greco. Ayia Napa”

Protaras is another resort town near Ayia Napa. It is connected with the bus route: bus 101 from Ayia Napa to Protaras and Bus 102 from Protaras to Ayia Napa (when you arrive in Protaras – get out in the center, next to McDonald’s. As the guide told us in most cities in Cyprus in the center – McDuck). In principle, there is nothing special in the city – a walking area, shops, taverns, beaches. You can go to a show of singing fountains. The price of entrance tickets is about 20 euros without dinner, about 35 euros with dinner (children’s ticket 15 and 25 euros, respectively), when buying from a tour operator, it seems like a couple of euros cheaper. If you’ve never seen a fountain show, you might be interested. I, after the fountains of Barcelona and Dubai, was not particularly delighted (although these fountains have a couple of rooms that surprised me).

Ayia Napa Attractions: Protaras


Now the fun part. We are leaving the tourist zone.

The first stop is the village of Paralimni. A traditional Cypriot church in the city center, Cypriots drinking coffee in a cafe, wild pomegranates, a minimum of tourists and cheap prices for fast food 🙂 Stop by for half an hour or an hour – why not, see what towns the locals live in.

Ayia Napa Attractions: Paralimni
In the center of Paralimni is a traditional Cypriot church
Ayia Napa Attractions: Paralimni
And so the days pass in the Cypriot villages 🙂
Ayia Napa Attractions: Paralimni
Local fast food is a budget traveler’s dream. A huge portion for 2.5 euros!

Next we go to the village of Deryneia. This village is located on the Green Line, that is, on the border with Northern (Turkish) Cyprus. Driving there, it seems that I’ve got to another country – unlike Greek women, girls of “Turkish” beauty, poverty, Lukoil refueling (surprisingly, it is there!). There are also 2 viewing platforms in the territory of Northern Cyprus. One is next to the Famagusta Cultural Center (if you haven’t downloaded the application, then it’s time to do it), and the second is simply marked on the same maps as a “viewing platform”. You need to get to the border (checkpoint with a barrier) and turn right. The observation deck seems to be there. Once upon a time. The pointer is standing, supposedly you need to ring the door with the inscription Famagusta Point view, like on some floor there is binoculars and some kind of cafe. But actually – silence, emptiness, broken call,

I don’t know how Famagusta is there, but it is definitely a “ghost town”. If you are daredevils and crave impressions, you can drive a little further (past this house with supposedly an observation deck) – there, on the very very border, there are several houses in which people live. But with us, the only person we met there loaded his pickup and just dumped from there.

Ayia Napa Attractions: Deryneia
Here the Kirriots live right on the border with Northern Cyprus

In general, these are all the main attractions that you can visit in Ayia Napa. Perhaps I’ll add only the Water Park (I can’t say anything about it, because I haven’t), and numerous beaches (Read about beaches here ). Who has something to add, welcome in the comments! If I missed something, be sure to add it to my article.

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