The sea and the beaches of Ayia Napa – this is one of the main reasons to choose Cyprus as your vacation destination. Nowhere else have I seen such a different and amazing sea in all shades of blue: the turquoise waters of Nissi and Macronissos Beach, the blue lagoon at Cape Capo Greco, the blue waves in the center of Ayia Napa ….

During our vacation, we tried to inspect the maximum number of Ayia Napa beaches to tell you. I will also show the location of Ayia Napa beaches on a map and photos of Ayia Napa beaches .

How much is using the beaches in Cyprus.


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All beaches of Cyprus are municipal, the entrance to the beaches is free, but for beach equipment you need to pay 2.5 euros per item (sunbed or umbrella); for a set for two, respectively, 7.5 euros. You can lie on a towel and use your umbrella for free, no one will kick you out. On municipal beaches there is wi-fi. 3 hours a day for free, then you can buy access for the price of 2 euros per day. When paying for sunbeds, a check is issued, which indicates the code for wi-fi, theoretically, after 3 hours you can enter this code and use the Internet indefinitely, but in fact the Internet is constantly turned off and loads only text. Well, okay, they didn’t come to sit on the Internet. By the way, almost all the beaches of Cyprus are marked with the “Blue Flag”, and this is more important than the broken Internet.

The beaches of Ayia Napa Cyprus.

Ayia Napa Macronissos Beach

Makronissos Beach Ayia Napa
Makronissos Beach – one of the best beaches in Ayia Napa

Perhaps I will start from the end, or rather, from the most remote beaches from the center, and I will move towards the center. The most remote from the center of the beach of Ayia Napa – Makronissos scourge ( Macronissos beach) , it is located about 5 km from the city center. The beach is sandy, its length is about 500 meters, it is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas, there is a beach cafe, the prices of which are high, like all beach cafes and bars (for example, the price of ice cream is 2-4 euros), there are toilets, changing cabins, and Of course, lifeguards. The entrance to the sea is very pleasant – a soft little white sand. It is not deep near the shore, but to get to the depth you do not need to go kilometers, just a little sail. The sea is clean and very clear.

Makronissos Beach
Makronissos Beach is equipped with everything you need

A visit to Makronissos beach can be combined with a cultural program and see one of the attractions of Cyprus, namely the archaeological site of 19 tombs of the Hellenistic and Romanesque period. Entrance to the archaeological zone itself and to any of the tombs 🙂 is free. On the cape, near the beach, you can also see quite interesting rock formations.


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Macronissos beach
These interesting rock formations can be observed on a cape near the beach of Makronissos
Archaeological Zone of Macronissos
Archaeological Zone of Macronissos

To get from the center of Ayia Napa on foot will be problematic, but on a rented buggy, ATV, or even a bicycle – that’s it! A bike ride from the center of Ayia Napa took us about 20 minutes. The beach has both cars and bike parking. Price: free. You can get there by bus for 1.5 euros (102 from the center of Ayia Napa, 101 from the water park), but you still have to walk about 10 minutes from the stop.

Ayia Napa Golden Beach

Then follows the Ayia Napa Golden Beach (or Landa beach) , also a very large sandy beach, its length is about 400 m. It is located between the beaches of Nissi and Makronissos. Like all beaches – sunbeds, toilets, changing cabins, lifeguards. A distinctive feature of this beach is a very gentle entry into the water, to go through shallow water, you need to go far enough. Therefore, the beach is the best suited for families with children.

Golden Beach, Ayia Napa
Golden, or Landa beach – a beach with white sand and clear water
Golden Beach Cyprus Sea
Sea on the beach Golden beach

Ayia Napa, Nissi Beach

Nissi beach Ayia Napa ( Nissi beach) – the most popular, booming Ayia Napa beach. A huge beach, as if divided into 2 parts. This beach is famous for its constant parties, discos and DJ performances. Once on this beach, we saw only a huge number of people, and crowds of people aspiring here. Very crowded, and it was about 10 in the morning. We did not stay on the beach. Near the beach there is parking, several taverns, taxi drivers are always on duty at the exit. Sun loungers, umbrellas, toilets, lifeguards and water sports are all available. The distance to the center is about 2 km. If you relax in the center, it is better to come by bus for 1.5 euros, or rent a bike.

Nissi Beach Cyprus
Ayia Nap’s most popular beach – Nissi Beach

Sandy Bay – the most comfortable beach in Ayia Napa

The next beach is Sandy Bay ( or Vathia Gonia). A very cozy cove, albeit small, but with beautiful turquoise water and soft white sand. On the one hand there are stone formations, but they do not interfere, the entrance to the sea is good. The beach is equipped with everything necessary and even launching for the disabled (I did not notice this on other beaches). There is a cafe on the beach with prices typical of beach cafes (at Café del Mar they took a cocktail for 7 euros, but along with it they gave a package of fruits – pomegranates, plums, pears and oranges). Water sports can be enjoyed. The beach is located near the center of Ayia Napa, I think, walk from 10 to 20 minutes. There is a bike parking right on the beach, but we set the parking lot at the entrance to the Pavlo Napa hotel . There is also parking for cars.

sandy bay ayia napa cyprus
The most comfortable beach Sandy Bay

Pernera Beach

We are moving towards the center, and if you get around a small cape, then immediately after it is beach Pernera Beach then . The beach is sandy, with a length of about 300 meters. The center of Ayia Napa is about 1.5 km away. However, the entrance to the sea is more rocky (but not pebble), while gentle, which is also convenient for families with children.

Pernera beach
Pernera beach

Katsarka beach

Next is a small rocky beach, however, like all the beaches of Ayia Napa, equipped with sunbeds, umbrellas and a rescue booth. It is called Katsarka beach . It was this beach that was the closest to our Euronapa hotel , however we never rested on it. The distance from the center is about 1 km.

Katsarka beach
Katsarka beach at sunset

Limanaki beach

And finally, the last Ayia Napa beach that we visited is the beach located behind the fishing port. This is Limanaki beach (or Pantachou beach ). If you look at the map of the beaches of Ayia Napa, then this beach consists of 3 beaches – Limanaki beach near the port, then Pantachou beach and at the very end of Glyki Nero beach. Limanaki beach is very crowded because located right in the city, that is, to get to it closest. If you drive a little further, you will arrive at Pantachou beach in the Melissi beach area. The beach there is sandy, there are many sunbeds, quite a lot of space, but the entrance to the sea is not very. The entrance is rocky, so slippers are needed, or go along the “piers” – piled bags. Many reviews say that the entrance is sandy and gently sloping, perhaps in some places, or at the other end of the beach (Glyki Nero), but we did not like Pantahou. However, the beach has parking, bike parking, and, of course, sun loungers, umbrellas, rescue booths, toilets and changing cabins, as well as showers.

pantahou beach cyprus
Pantachou beach


Bicycle parking Limanaki
Bicycle parking by the beach of Limanaki

Map of the beaches of Ayia Napa

A small map of the beaches of Ayia Napa, the location of hotels on the beaches you can see below.

Ayia Napa beaches Cyprus
Map of the beaches of Ayia Napa

Hotels on Ayia Napa Beach

On this map you can see all the listed beaches, as well as hotels located next to a particular beach. The map is interactive, you can zoom in and see the location of a beach or hotel. By clicking on the hotel logo, you can go to the site and read its description.


Ayia Napa Hotels with Private Beach

As I already said, the beaches in Cyprus are municipal, that is, you will have to pay for the use of sunbeds and umbrellas. Literally several 4 and 5 star hotels have their own beach. These are the hotels:

Adams Beach 5 * (located on its own Nissi Bay beach, which can be reached in 2 minutes)

Nissi Beach Resort 4 * (2 km from the center of Ayia Napa, on Nissi Bay beach)

Atlantica Sancta Napa Hotel – 3 * hotel, also located on its own beach.

So, summing up, I can say that most of all we liked 2 Ayia Napa beaches – this is Makronissos beach for the lack of crowds, for the gorgeous sea, for the snow-white sand (it was from this beach that I took a handful of sand in my collection) and for parking close to the beach. The only negative is far from the center of Ayia Napa, and it is difficult to get on foot. And the second beach, which in all respects ranks first – Sandy beach . Cozy, picturesque, without crowds of people, with a beautiful sea of ​​azure color, with convenient entry into the sea, and within walking distance from the city.


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If you have any questions about the beaches of Ayia Napa, ask in the comments. Please like the post and repost it on social networks, maybe someone from your friends is going to Cyprus and looking for this information! And I wish you a good holiday in Ayia Napa, bright sun and gentle sea!

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