The Audi Museum in Ingolstadt was another must-see location for our trip . And I laid the route taking into account visits to this museum. In this article I will tell you how best to get to the museum, show a photo of the exhibition and give additional information.

For fans of German cars, a visit to the Audi Museum should be a must. Especially for men. And it will be interesting for girls to look at historical exhibits. We have already visited the BMW Museum in Munich and the Automobile Museum in Turin , so the Audi Museum has become our third auto museum. Many on the Internet write that the Audi Museum is much inferior in scope to the BMW Museum, but, frankly, it seemed to me that there were quite a few exhibits that it would take at least an hour to inspect them.

Audi Ingolstadt Museum

The Audi Museum is part of the whole complex, where the Audi plant, an exhibition hall, a museum, restaurants, cafes are located.


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Museum exposition

The museum itself is located on three floors. You need to start from the third. Here are cars from 1899-1945. The interesting part starts with the elevator, when it turns into a time machine

Probably the third floor is the most interesting – you can trace the history of the brand.

Audi MuseumAudi Museum Ingolstat

On the second floor are presented cars 1946-2000

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The first floor is occupied by a mobile exhibition.

Audi show

Another interesting “unit” in the museum is a moving overpass with cars. It moves vertically and covers all tiers of the museum.

Ingolstadt Auto Museum

And the museum itself is quite interactive, for example, you can see how the engine works by twisting its handle, etc.

Here are a few more reviews from Tripadvisor so you can decide for yourself if you are interested in a museum. For me, definitely yes.

museum audi reviews

Helpful information

Official website:

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 18:00 daily

There is parking: when buying a ticket you just need to ask to reset the parking ticket and parking will be free for you

museum audi parking

Ticket price: only 2 € (adult, without tour), 4 € (adult with tour)

The complex also has various cafes and restaurants, in one of which, according to reviews, you can drink coffee with the Audi logo.

But for reference, prices in one of the cafes (pictures are clickable)

coffee prices audiforumprices in cafe audi forum

How to get to the Audi Museum in Ingolstadt

Audi Museum how to get there
Autobahn between Munich and Ingolstadt

The museum is located in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, 84 km from Munich. Cars can be reached in less than 1 hour.

The location of the museum and the road from Munich are shown on a map

Getting on public transport is also not difficult. The easiest way is by train. The cost of a regular ticket is from 18.80 € one way. It’s more profitable to buy a Bavarian ticket, which starts at 9:00 on weekdays (on weekends from 00:00). It costs 26 € per person and 5 € for each subsequent (31 € for two for the whole day). I wrote more about the Bavarian ticket in the article about Munich Transportation . See the schedule, ticket price and the possibility of applying the Bavarian ticket on the route, see the official website of the German railway

Once you have arrived in Ingolstadt, you can get to the museum by bus line 11, or by taxi. Well, or go on foot, a distance of 5 km.

The result was a small, but hopefully useful article. It’s better to watch the exposition and learn the story already in place, so I paid very little attention to the exposition.

Have an interesting visit to the museum!

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