I have many articles on my site dedicated to traveling to Armenia independently. All articles are written taking into account my personal experience, therefore, the information should be as relevant and useful as possible. If you do not have time to read all the articles, then I recommend you this article.

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Visa, currency and language in Armenia
Tickets to Armenia
How to get from Yerevan airport
Housing in Armenia
Tours and car rental
Tourist map Yerevan Card
Where to go and what to see
Armenian cuisine: what and where to try

Here, I will tell you in a complex how to travel to Armenia on my own , briefly outline the main points of planning a trip and highlight the issues that remained unaffected before. For example, a visa.

Visa to Armenia

Do I need a visa to Armenia? For Russians, a visa to Armenia is not needed, a stamp is placed on the entry and exit from the country to the passport. A passport, respectively, is necessary. The period of visa-free stay in the country is up to 180 days. Also, some sources say that a Russian civil passport is required for entry. Honestly, I read about this only now, during the preparation of this article, and of course we did not take Russian passports with us. In addition to the passport, they did not ask us at the airport of Yerevan, nor did they ask any questions.

UPD 02/23/2017: I wrote an article as of the beginning of January 2017, when we went to Armenia. On February 23, a document came into force according to which citizens of the Russian Federation are allowed to enter Armenia on a general basis, i.e. Russian passports.

Citizens of Georgia, Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries can also enter Armenia without a visa.

Currency of Armenia

The national currency of Armenia is the Armenian dram (AMD). Approximate course: 100 drams = 12 rubles, 1 ruble – 8.6 drams. In January 2017, we changed rubles at the rate of 7.6 drams, that is, for 1000 rubles you can get 7600 drams.

You can also exchange dollars and euros in Armenia, the approximate rate: 1 USD = 486.60 AMD, 1 EUR = 514.30 AMD.

We took rubles and a ruble card, it was even more profitable to pay with a card at the exchange rate + card bonuses (miles, cashbacks, etc.), but the card is not accepted everywhere, especially outside Yerevan. Again, in some restaurants we were ready to accept rubles if local money was not enough. Anyway, they really like rubles 🙂

As you see, you can go to Armenia with any currency (rubles, euros, dollars), therefore, it is up to you to decide which currency to take to Armenia!

how to travel to Armenia yourself

Language in Armenia

The official language in Armenia is Armenian, they speak Russian as well and English a little! 

Flights to Armenia

Read how much rest in Armenia can cost in the article about prices.


How to get from Yerevan airport to the city

If you arrive at the Zvartnots airport of Yerevan city, you will need to get to the city. The distance to the center of Yerevan is about 20 km. The easiest way to overcome this path is by taxi . There is an official taxi at the airport – you need to go to the taxi stand at the exit, you will be told the exact price. Price to the center of Yerevan – up to 7000 drams. Taking into account the fact that we left for the airport for AMD 3000 (probably it could have been cheaper, but we don’t really like to bargain), AMD 7000 is quite expensive. There is an unofficial taxi, but there you need to agree in advance and precisely, in all details, with the driver about the full price of the trip. So that it does not happen that the final price is higher than the originally agreed price, you can order a transfer to your hotel in advance, for example, here .

Public transport is also present. Bus number 201 goes to the Opera and Ballet Theater, the cost is 250 drams, but you can use it only during working hours – from 7.30 to 18.00. You can also take minibuses number 107 (to metro Barekamutyun) and number 108 (to the train station). Travel time is about 15 minutes. Next – by public transport or taxi to your hotel.

And finally, another option – rent a car . We rented a car through this site , but not at the airport, but already in the city. Read more about car rental here.


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Where to live in Armenia

There are several ways to rent housing in Armenia. I recommend booking hotels and guest houses on Booking.com (in general, this is my favorite site, and I try to make all reservations through it). Just in case, you can check the cost of living at hotellook – this is a service for comparing housing prices, you can’t book anything on the site itself, but it will only show where the best price is for the object you have chosen. Often the most profitable is booking.

self-housing in Armenia
Living room in our apartment in Yerevan

Also in Armenia and Yerevan it is very popular to live in one’s own housing – apartments, apartments. We rented an apartment for $ 30 per day in the very center of Yerevan, wrote more about this here . I booked through airbnb, who have not used the service yet, register here , then get a discount of about $ 20, which can be applied to the first reservation.

Tours in Armenia

Even if you make an independent trip to Armenia , you can order excursions to visit the most interesting places. Individual excursions are conducted most often by local residents, so you can learn first hand about the history, culture, modern life of the country! Also, to some attractions, for example, to Tatev, or Noravank it will be easier to get with a guided tour than, for example, by public transport, and at about the same price as a taxi. 

Yerevan Card

As in many tourist cities, you can purchase a tourist card in Yerevan. What is a tourist map? This is a “travel package” that allows you to visit the sights and museums of the city for free or at a good discount. Also in this “package” is usually included public transport. If your plans include visiting many museums, as well as the active use of public transport, then this card helps to save – sometimes a considerable amount.

From YerevanCard a tourist receives: free admission to the city’s museums, 5 excursions, incl. to the museum of the Ararat factory, discounts in shops and cafes, a free transfer from the airport, 10 metro rides, a city guide with a map, a SIM card with the Internet.

Buy Yerevan Card online >>>

Card cost from $ 30 depending on the validity period (1,2,3 days or unlimited). All details on the official website https://yerevancard.com/en

How to rent a car in Armenia

If you still prefer a completely independent trip to Armenia,I recommend renting a car. Firstly, it will be much more comfortable for you on a car than on any other type of transport, and secondly, you will be mobile and be able to watch a maximum for a minimum of time. You can arrange a rental on the spot, but this is due to some inconvenience – firstly, you need to spend precious vacation time on visiting several companies, comparing conditions and more. If you don’t worry in advance, then it just might not remain suitable (on a complete set or at the price of a car). Therefore, I recommend booking in advance. Firstly, you can choose from a larger number of cars, and secondly, in most cases it will be cheaper. And thirdly, if the distributors suddenly don’t have a car like you booked, then you must provide a car above the level (above the class, or, like us, on a machine instead of paid mechanics). When renting on the spot for the same “machine” or other “chips” already have to pay. I booked through the service Rentalcars.com . The essence of this site is that it works with many car dealers, therefore, you can choose the company in which it is more profitable to rent. And since a very large number of cars are booked through the site, the price will be lower (according to my calculations, it’s 10-15% for sure). I will not dwell here in detail on the rules of car rental in Armenia, on comparing the cost and other things, since all this has already been described in detail in the article about car rental in Yerevan. If you plan to rent a car, then be sure to study that article to understand all the nuances.

Where to go and what to see in Armenia

to go to Armenia yourself
Gorgeous scenery on Lake Sevan

When traveling to Armenia, the first thing I recommend is to plan your departure from Yerevan! Spend a few days in the capital of Armenia, and then go see the sights of the country. Most of all in Armenia I liked the nature in the mountains, it is really worth seeing, and for me personally it was much more interesting than just sightseeing in Yerevan. I especially liked Lake Sevan , as well as a trip to the monasteries of Khor Virap and Noravank .


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What and where to eat in Armenia

And finally, a little information about nutrition in Armenia. Honestly, we expected better, but nevertheless, in a couple of places we managed to eat very tasty and inexpensive (these places are not in Yerevan). I used to advise focusing on Tripadvisor reviews when looking for restaurants and cafes. Now it seems to me that most of the reviews are written to order (especially about popular establishments), therefore, nothing is better than choosing intuition I can’t advise))) Well, or consult with local residents. There is a small note about the cuisine of Armenia ; I also wrote about cafes and restaurants in Armenia.

guide to armenia where to eat
Khinkali in Yerevan

If you have questions about organizing an independent trip to Armenia, ask in the comments, if I know the answer, I will definitely help. Also share an article on social networks, suddenly your friends are planning a vacation in Armenia – it will come in handy! 

And have a great vacation!

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