This will be a small article-photo report about visiting two interesting places in Austrian Tirol – the most beautiful village of Austria Alpbach and the town of Kitzbühel – a popular ski resort.

I won’t even talk about how to get to these places by public transport, since these places are best visited by car, or if you are arriving at a ski resort, book a transfer at the airport (the closest is Innsbruck Airport , 50 km to Salzburg and Munich airports 150 km). Where are these towns, showing on the map.


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Kitzbuhel – a popular Austrian ski resort

Kitzbühel is a traditional Tyrolean town with well-groomed streets, flower beds and painted facades of houses. The population of the city is 8500 people. The official website of the city –

kitzbuhel austria
In 2017, the city turned 140

kitzbuhel citykitzbuhel kitzbuhel austria

During the lunch break, life in the city freezes. Shops are closed, and tourists scatter around open restaurants.

kitzbuhel what to seekitzbuhel attractions

In winter, Kitzbuhel is a popular, “fashionable” ski resort (December – April). The length of the ski slopes is 170 km, including the famous Streif World Cup track – probably for skiing enthusiasts it says a lot 🙂 More about ski pass routes and resort infrastructure can be found on the website / resort / 16

To get to Kitzbuhel, it is better to book a transfer from Munich Airport or a transfer from Innsbruck , it will be more convenient than going by public transport, especially in winter and especially if you brought ski equipment with you. Recently, I used the Kiwi taxi transfer reservation service , I was satisfied, therefore, I recommend this service to you as well.

And I will show you summer photos.

ski resort kitzbuhelAustria's most beautiful villageskitzbuhel stores

Attractions Kitzbuhel

  • S3 longest aerial tram in the world
  • Museum of Local Lore Kitzbuhel
  • Alpine flower garden located in the mountains
  • Caps Castle, founded in the 17th century
  • Ski circus
  • Museum – Hinterobenau Farm, which introduces the life of local residents
  • Pillersee Lake 834m deep.
  • Church of St. Andreas on the outskirts of the city (construction dates back to the 15th century)
  • Pflegoff Castle (only partially preserved)
  • Gothic Church of St. Mary, which today serves as a war memorial


I’ll show you some more photos of Tyrol that I took along the road

Tyroltyrol austriathe most beautiful places in austriapicturesque places of austria

Hotels in Kitzbuhel

Alpbach – the most beautiful Austrian village

alpbach austria


Even before the trip, I read that this village was recognized as the most beautiful Austrian village (in the 1980s and still retains this status). And she acquired such a status, first of all, because of her tradition. All the houses in this village are in the traditional Austrian style: Tyrolean wooden chalets decorated with flowers. And to build houses here in a different style is strictly prohibited.

Alpbach village Austria
Traditional Austrian Chalets

Official website: (in German)

The village itself is small, with a population of just over 2000. In addition to being recognized as the most beautiful village in Austria, it is also known for the European Forum Alpbach (German: Europäische Forum Alpbach), which has been held annually since 1945. Politicians, scientists, students gather at the forum to discuss the most important world issues. Surprisingly, it was during such a forum that we got to the town 🙂 A forum takes place in the Alpbach Congress Center.

alpbach austriavillage alpbach austriaAustria's most beautiful villagealpbach the most beautiful village

Also Alpbach is a ski resort (ski season: December – April). Included in a single area Ski Juwel Alpbachtal Wildschoenau. Details about ski-pass prices, see the map of the slopes on the website

Among the sights are the Church of St. Oswald (Kirche St. Oswald), which first appeared in the form of a village church in the 14th century. In the 15th century, the church was rebuilt, and acquired a modern look only in 1720. The main altar was built by local craftsmen, and the walls are decorated with works in the Rococo style.

church of the holy oswald alpbachsights alpbach


Hotels in Alpbach

Restaurants, cafes and prices in Alpbach

According to information on the Internet, in the village there are “15 restaurants, 5 bars, discos, night clubs”. There are actually a lot of restaurants there. For a short walk, we probably counted 6 or 7 establishments. Prices are “Austrian” , which are higher than German ,  but not up to Swiss 🙂 I photographed several menus

alpbach restaurant pricesalpbach pricesalpbach austria prices


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This concludes the story about two interesting places in Tyrol, we go to the Swarovski Museums and Innsbruck, and this will be the next article.

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