Alicante Airport is one of the most important airports on the Costa Blanca. If you are planning a vacation to this region of Spain, with a high probability you will fly to this airport.

Since I made the route for the trip on my own, from this airport we just flew to Russia. Nevertheless, in this article, I will try to tell in detail how to get from this airport to different cities of the Costa Blanca and in general what this airport is like.

Alicante airport: airport map, official website, tax-free


Alicante Airport
Alicante Airport – large and modern


In my opinion, the airport is quite large, modern. There are a lot of shops, cafes and restaurants at the airport (prices, of course, are high, as at all airports. For example, the cost of a burger king is about 8 euros), a good duty free (a good selection of local wine, delicacies, etc.) .ch jamon, various local jams, as well as standard chocolates, alcohol, kinder, m & ms, etc.).

After checking in for a flight, you go through security control, after which you find yourself in the area where shops, deutsche, etc. are located. Passport control later, almost before the departure (the booths are located just before the gates). The gate number is announced approximately one hour to an hour 20 before departure. After that, you can already go to passport control. After passport control, there is nothing – just toilets, seats, and a vending machine with drinks.


Alicante airport how to get
Passport control – before boarding the gate


The airport is quite simple, it is impossible to get lost, just in case you can see the scheme of the Alicante airport : scheme

Official airport website

At Alicante Airport you can apply for tax- free . To do this, you first need to put the stamp on the Global Blue letterhead on the ground floor (VAT Rufund office), then contact the Global Exchange on the second floor (open from 7 a.m. to midnight).

Taxi and transfer from Alicante airport

Of course, you can always use a taxi to get from the airport to your hotel or apartment. There are official taxis Radio Taxi Elche. Airport transfers are also available. It is ordered and paid in advance online. For example, I recommend the Kiwitaxi service . Booking instructions and my review of booking a transfer in Spain can be found here .

By the way, in Benidorm or Calpe on this site you can order an inexpensive group transfer (to Benidorm from 11 euros, to Calpe 21 euros), in this case you will be taken not to the bus station in the city, but to your hotel (if it is in the city center ) About group transfer, read my review here .

How to get to Alicante: from Europe and Spain


Read how to buy tickets on in the article.


Easy to get to Alicante  from Europe . Direct flights are made from cities in Germany, France, Italy, Ireland, etc. Today, Alicante airport is a hub for airlines such as Iberia, Easy Jet, and more recently, Ryanair (which means cheap tickets to Alicante from European cities are provided)

From the cities of Spain to get to Alicante is not difficult. This can be done both on an airplane and on trains and buses. The official website of the Spanish railways is (for example, the Madrid-Alicante train takes about 3 hours on the way), Alsa bus company (its website https : // Buses are quite comfortable, similar to our long-distance ones, but only with Wi-Fi 🙂

From Alicante Airport to the city, to Benidorm, Torrevieja, Calpe

You can download the scheme of public transport from the airport from the official website at the link .

To get from the Alicante airport to the center, you can use a taxi for 19-21 euros, or the  S-6 bus. A bus from the airport in Alicante runs from approximately 7 a.m. to 11 p.m., it will take you to the city in about 30 minutes and 3.85 euros. The bus terminus in the city is near the Melia Hotel.

From Alicante Airport to Elche

This route can be reached by bus 1A (on the plate of the bus should be indicated Elx – in fact, Elche in Valencia). The fare is 1.5 euros. On the way about half an hour. On weekdays, the bus leaves once an hour – from about 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. On weekends and holidays – one flight in two hours.

How to get from Alicante airport to Benidorm

If you need a bus from Alicante airport to Benidorm,  then I recommend you read this article , there I described in detail all the ways to get to Benidorm.


Alicante to Benidorm
View of Benidorm from the Mediterranean Balcony

How to get from Alicante Airport to Torrevieja

You can also get from Alicante to Torrevieja by bus. The express bus “Airport Alicante – Torrevieja” takes you to the city in about 40 minutes. Ticket price 7 euros. You can buy tickets on the bus. Schedule: from 8 am to 10 pm every 2 hours (daily). It is serviced by Costa Azul (website

How to get from Alicante airport to Calpe

Buses also run in Calpe (carrier Alsa). Travel time is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes (buses go through Benidorm). The ticket costs 9.45 euros one way and 17.95 euros round-trip. You can buy a ticket online or directly on the bus. Schedule: from 8 am to 9 pm every hour. There are buses from Calpe to the airport at 10:30, 13:30 and 19:30.

How to get from Alicante airport to Murcia

A direct bus from Alicante airport to Murcia costs 5.22 euros (9.40 euros round-trip) and it takes about 55 minutes to get there. The route is serviced by Alsa, so you can buy a ticket both on the bus itself and online on the official website. You can see the schedule below:



Information on prices and schedules was taken from the official website of the airport and is valid at the time of writing (May 2017), before the trip I recommend that you check the latest information at html

In addition to public transport, you can get to the above cities on a rented car.

Car rental at Alicante airport

Car rental in Spain at a price an order of magnitude lower than in other Schengen and EU countries. At Alicante Airport, both international rental companies and local ones are represented. I usually booking cars through intermediaries – brokers  rentalcars  and autoeurope (In Valencia we booked through last, review here ). It is very convenient that the site can immediately compare prices in different companies, and besides, the price is usually 15-20% cheaper than when booking on the site of a rental company.

Prices for car rental at Alicante airport start at 40 euros per week! But be careful with the conditions, unlimited mileage may not be included in this price! Also, be sure to read the reviews about the company in which you are going to book a car (see reviews not only on rentals, but also, for example, on Google). Pay attention to the security deposit that will be hold on your credit card, as well as the damage excess (the cost, which in case of damage to the car is not covered by insurance, but paid out of your pocket). In any case, I recommend taking out full insurance through the rentals website or directly at the company’s office.  Do not be too lazy to spend a little time studying all the conditions so as not to lose time and nerves if something suddenly goes wrong during the rental.

That’s all, have a nice vacation on the Costa Blanca!

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