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Alberobello is a small fairytale town on the Italian “heel”, famous for its funny trullo houses. The first time I saw a photo of Alberobello, I began to look for opportunities to be there and, finally, included this town in my itinerary of travel in Italy .

Alberobello is located in the region of Puglia, in southern Italy. The population of the town is only 11 thousand people, and it is famous for its unusual houses with cone roofs. The settlement arose in the 16th century, but, since construction was prohibited on this territory, residents came up with a trick: in the case of the arrival of officials, the roofs of houses were dismantled in just 1 minute. It was necessary to pull out only one brick and the roof was “self-dismantling.” These houses are fabulous trullo.

trulli in alberobello in italy
The roof of one of the trullo

Today, Alberobello trulli are UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the city has trulli houses, trulli hotels, restaurants and shops, a trullo museum and even a trullo church.

Alberobello (Italy): how to get

Now I’ll tell you how to get to Alberobello from Russia and Italy. If I miss something, supplement it!

How to get to Alberobello 

The nearest airports to Alberobello are Bari Airport and Brindisi Airport. 

Bari Airport is located about 70 km from Alberobello. 

Find best flights to Bari:

Getting to your hotel in Alberobello from Bari Airport is the easiest way by private transfer . Taxi Bari Alberobello will cost from 111 euros per car.

You will have to get on public transport with transfers. It will be longer, less comfortable, but much cheaper. The route is as follows:

  1. Bari Airport – Bari Centrale: terravision transfer, 4 euro or train for 5 euro, timetables and tickets for
  2. Bus Bari – Alberobello (see below), from 4.30 euros. Total within 10 euros per person.


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Alberobello: how to get from the italian cities

Here are a few options for getting to the city of Alberobello Trulli while traveling in Italy.

  1. Rent a Car. A great option when traveling around the country. For our trip, we rented a car in Florence and drove through Tuscany and Umbria to the south, to Puglia. View car rental prices >>>
  2. How to get to Alberobello by public transport. The easiest way to get to Alberobello is through Bari . For example, getting from Rome to Alberobello is easiest with a stop in the capital of Puglia. The regional (not high-speed) train trenitalia Rome-Bari will cost from 16 euros for a purchase of at least a month (on the way 6.5 hours), high-speed trenitalia frecciargenta – from 36 euros (on the way 3.45). The official website of the purchase is quite complicated (you need to enter the data of the Italian documents), it is easier to buy an electronic ticket via . There you can also find a bus in this direction: the price is from 19 euros, the journey takes 5.5-6.5 hours.
  3. Bari Alberobello Bus . There is no train connection between the cities, the trenitalia website, among the direct options, shows only the bus by (a single network with training), it leaves from BARI LARGO SORRENTINO, it takes about an hour to travel, the price is from 4.30 euros. Many sites have written about the Bari Alberobello train for 5 euros, but, again, even the training site does not show the train, but the bus in options.
  4. The second option on how to get from Bari to Alberobello on your own is the Marozzi bus, departing from the bus station on Via Capruzzi (territorially it is the same bus station near the central station of Bari), the price is from 8 euros, the journey also takes about 1 hour.
  5. The third option is an English-speaking excursion from Bari to Alberobello , 129 euros per person. The price includes transport. The distance from Bari to Alberobello is 55 km.
  6. From Monopoli to Alberobello. The distance between cities is about 20 km, therefore, while relaxing in Monopoli, you can go for a walk in the city of Trulli. Twice a day (9:30 and 17:45) you can get without a change for 1.80 euros, the rest of the time – a trip is possible only with a change:
  • Option 1. Via Castellana Grotte (you can combine a trip with a visit to the caves): bus No. 707 from Monopoli (from Piazza Sant’Antonio) to Castellana Grotte (20 minutes and 3 euros), then a bus in the direction of Alberobello No. 160 (2 euros and 30 minutes).
  • Option 2. Via Locorotondo: bus number 290 from Monopoli (30 minutes, from € 1.80), in Locorotondo transfer to bus number 320 in the direction of Alberobello (15 minutes, from € 1.10).

Even I sometimes get confused in Italian transport, especially when the schedule goes wrong. Therefore, for convenience and peace, I recommend to use 4g Internet. 


Alberobello Attractions

What to see in Alberobello? First, see the sights of Alberobello on the map, and then go to the list of attractions.

Alberobello map with landmarks

In fact, trulli in Alberobello are its main attraction. In addition to them, we can only highlight:

  • The Basilica of Cosmas and Damian, named after the patrons of the city, and in which their relics are stored.

Alberobello Italy Attractions

  • Trullo Sovrano – a museum of cultural heritage, built in the 18th century, the old interiors here are preserved in their original form. Admission is 1.5 euros.

alberobello italy landmarks photo

  • Corso Vittorio Emmanuele, along which there are many shops, will bring you to the central square of Piazza del Poppolo, which overlooks the trulli zone.

alberobello italytrulli houses in alberobello

  • Rione Monte is the central area of ​​the trulli zone, it is here that the largest number of these interesting houses are concentrated, and in them are shops, grocery and souvenir shops, restaurants, hotels. Walking in Alberobello is most pleasant here.

Alberobello Italy

alberobello italy trulli

trulli houses in alberobello

trulli in alberobello photo

alberobello reviews

  • The church – trullo (Chiesa di Sant’Antonio) was built in the 12th century in the form of trullo. Free admission.

alberobello italy photo

Alberobello Tours


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Alberobello Restaurants: Where to Eat

the best restaurants in alberobello

You can eat in Alberobello at one of the restaurants, grab a bite to eat at the bar, or buy takeaway pizza. I usually look at reviews on google maps and choose an institution for them. But in Alberobello there are not so many of them, besides, as in all of Italy, restaurants are closed during the day, there are only bars and snack bars. I’ll tell you about several places where we managed to visit.

L’Altro Caffè, Via Trevisani, numero 12.

The rating is below 4, but it seemed to me tasty, comfortable, and even with a view of the trulli zone. It works during the day, you can take sandwiches, pizza or bruschettas. Mix of bruschetta – 10 euros, drinks (beer, aperol) at 6 euros, coperto (included service and snacks for drinks) – 2.5 euros per person.

where to eat in alberobello

Casa Nova Via Monte S. Marco, 13

alberobello restaurants

A colorful restaurant in trullo with traditional cuisine of southern Italy. The owners of our house recommended it. The rating on Google is high, you need to book a table in advance. We arrived without reservation, had to wait 1.5 or 2 hours. Very long service, and the dishes do not say that they are delicious. Local orichetta pasta with some ordinary tomato sauce (8 euros), meat (I don’t remember what was called) very sour with vigorous vinegar sauce (10 euros), vegetables on the side dish (4 euros) – not enough to swear by. Here the appetizer was delicious (9 euros): prosciutto and buffalo cheese.

Wine, beer for 4 euros, copy for 3 euros.

Bill for two 46 euros. But for me, we waited in vain.

Appetizer compliment from the restaurant and prosciutto with burrata cheese
Grilled vegetables and meat
Orichiette pasta

Bar Agora, Via Brigata Regina, 44

A place where you can have a bite to eat for lunch is quite tasty. Panini 3,5 euros, prosciutto melone (ham with melon) – 6.50 euros, drinks 5.50 euros.

Pizza Mania, Via Cesare Battisti, 26

Good pizza from 5 euros. Great choice, you can take with you. Very fast, very pleasant waiters.

Favola in Tavola ristorante, Via Brigata Regina, 37

I was not here, but this restaurant was also recommended to us by the owners of our trullo. Google rating is good.


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Michelin Restaurants in Alberobello.

Surprisingly, in such a small town there are as many as 3 restaurants marked by Michelin stars:

  • Ristorante Trullo D’Oro, Via F. Cavallotti, numero 27 – There is always a crowd at the entrance, so book in advance. Rating is good.
the best restaurants in alberobello italy
Dishes of the Trullo d’oro restaurant (photo from the official site)
  • L’Aratro, Via Monte S. Michele, 27 – in the heart of Alberobello, has a history dating back to 1987. Rating is good.
  • Osteria del Poeta, Via Indipendenza, numero 23. The restaurant has existed since 1977. Excellent wine list, traditional dishes. Rating 3.8.

Hotels in Alberobello

If to stay in Alberobello for the night, then in the trullo house. You can choose a private house, like us, or you can stay at the hotel. I already talked about our trullo , here I won’t repeat myself, I will only say that it was an incredible experience and meeting amazing people. And then – a small selection of good hotels in Alberobello with booking.

hotels alberobello italy
The interior of our trullo house

Map of Alberobello hotels

Le Alcove-Luxury Hotel nei Trulli 5 * – the only five-star luxury hotel in Alberobello, occupying several houses in the central part of the city. You can rent a separate trullo at a price of 8000 euros per night.

Now more budget options:

Hotel Ramapendula 4 * – a traditional hotel, only some areas are decorated in the style of trullo. But there is a pool, to the center about 10 minutes on foot. Price per night from 90 euros with breakfast.

Trulli Aria di Casa is already a traditional, authentic accommodation not far from the trullo church. Rating 9.8, price from 99 euros per night, breakfast – 10 euros.

Guest house Dimore Sovrane is the most affordable accommodation option in Alberobello, from just 54 euros per night for a double room in a trullo house, breakfast – 5 euros.

Terrazza Sui Trulli – and this hotel has a small terrace overlooking the trulli zone. The rating is high (9.7), the price is adequate, from 85 euros per night, breakfast is included.

Most trulli hotels in Alberobello have a high rating (more than 9 points), therefore, you can even choose the first trullo that comes across. See the pictures where you like more, and book there!

View all hotels in Alberobello >>>

This is the basic information about Alberobello that I wanted to tell you. I hope your trip to the city of trulli will be perfect and leave only positive memories!

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