Hello everybody! Today I want to talk about housing rental services around the world. This service (called Airbnb) has long been popular with experienced travelers, but newcomers may not have used it yet, and some probably do not know about it at all. In this article I will tell in detail what Airbnb is and what it is eaten with.

So, what is the Airbnb service that offers us to rent an apartment anywhere in the world? Roughly speaking, this is a service for renting apartments from local residents. What are the benefits of this service?

  • Savings on housing. Renting an apartment is often cheaper than a hotel room. Yes, you won’t have such hotel chips as … Listen, I don’t even know what it would be like in a hotel, that the absence of it would be very annoying. Well, maybe breakfast (although some of the accommodations presented on Airbnb are provided with breakfast). Or maybe a receptionist who will bring your bags to the room. Pool or sauna? Maybe, but sometimes Airbnb comes across such options (with pools and saunas and a gym, etc.!) That many hotels, especially economy ones, simply fade.
  • Personal space. It is always more comfortable to feel at home, having at least some personal space, and not a cramped room with a small shower. This is especially true when traveling as a family or a large company. In this case, you can rent, for example, a three-room apartment, or even a house for the price of one (!) Hotel room.
  • Opportunity to be local. Renting an apartment with a local resident, and not a standard chain hotel, you will live like a local, go to the supermarket that the locals go to, watch the neighbor’s cat, or drink coffee on the balcony overlooking the whole city.
  • Opportunity to book unusual accommodation. A treehouse, a tent in the desert, a house in a windmill or a lighthouse – all this is possible with Airbnb (rental housing around the world)

There are, of course, cons. The main minus is that the prepayment must be paid immediately. Well, the service fee for the site’s services (but the site acts as a guarantor of the lease and you can be sure that even if you have any problems, they will help you to solve, and the person who received your money will not disappear, leaving You and without money, and without housing).

To use the service, you need to register on the site. Go to the main page of Airbnb.com or immediately to the Russian version of the site Airbnb.ru and click “Register” in the upper right corner. You can register using an email address, or using social networks Facebook or Google. Registration is not complicated, you just need to enter a little information about yourself and add a photo. If you have not registered with this service yet, you can register using my link  and receive a bonus of about $ 25 for your first reservation. When registering from the main page, you, unfortunately, will not receive a bonus.

And now I’ll show you an example of how to find and book an apartment through Airbnb, a worldwide rental site . We are going to Yerevan, so we will be looking for an apartment in this city. For other cities and countries, the service works identically.


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So, open the site and enter your account.

booking an apartment on airbnb
In the search bar, enter the specified information. In our case, the city of Yerevan, travel dates from 20.02.2020 to 27.02.2020, 2 guests. And click “Start Search”

airbnb reservation

The system offers us a lot of options. In the left part we can see the main parameters: city, dates, type of accommodation, price range. All of these items can be adjusted. Below are shown the varieties suitable for our request. We can also apply filters and refine the request.

airbnb housing

 So, for myself, I choose “Entire housing”, we need only one bedroom and one bed (it makes sense to overpay for mansions?). You can also select the Superhost option. This icon marks the most hospitable hosts who often receive guests and, accordingly, a lot of reviews about them. Click “Apply Filters”airbnb housing search

I also want to note – on the right side of the screen we see a map. If it is important for you to rent an apartment in a specific area, then this is a very good option. It is important for me to live in the center, so I have identified this area and it is here that I am looking for housing.

map search on airbyendby

I chose an apartment. You can see photos of this object

Airbendby Rental

apartment rental on airbnb

You can also read reviews.

airbnb apartment and house reservation

Also note what is included in the price. In our case, a cleaning fee isn’t added to the price of the object (it costs 9 €), but at the same time, we are given a 10% discount for weekly accommodation (when booking for a month, the discount will be 20% for this object).

There is still such a fad as “Cancellation”. This is a very important point about the cancellation policy. You can read in detail on the Airbnb website at https://www.airbnb.ru/home/cancellation_policies#flexible

airbnb reservation terms

We all looked, everything was fine, then we can reserve an apartment.

rental housing with local residents

By the way, on the Airbnb rental site there are two types of apartments – those that can be booked instantly (as in our case), or those where you need to request a reservation (example below). In the case when it is necessary to request a reservation, it is necessary to contact the owner and check availability. Nevertheless, just in case, I wrote to our hosts and clarified the availability of seats, after which I made a reservation.

By clicking “Book” the system redirects us to a page where the amount is detailed: the rental amount for 7 nights (with a discount), cleaning fee, site service fee, and the applied discount (the reservation was made through the husband’s account, which he registered on my account ” bonus “link. If you have not registered yet, then it’s time to do it !

In the first step, we can write to the owner about the purpose of the trip, or information about ourselves. Next – proceed to payment. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.

Enter the data, accept the House Rules, click “Confirm Booking”. Done!

Now we can see all the information about the reservation in the “Travel” section. By clicking “View travel plan”, we will see all the information and calculation. You can also see and print the Detailed receipt here (it is useful to you if you are traveling on business and need to report on expenses), this information may also be needed when applying for visas (I know that many visa centers and consulates already accept reservations with Airbnb as paid place of residence).

Well, that’s all, nothing complicated, as you see. Sign up on Airbnb’s worldwide rental site, get a nice bonus and go on a trip! Bright discoveries and comfortable travels!

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