In this article, I will talk about the Agrohotel Monte Oliva near the Spanish-Portuguese border. On the second day of the route, we decided to take a break from the road and drove from Seville to the border with Portugal. About 20 km from the border, in the countryside, this hotel was located.

Hotel Monte Oliva is a pleasant country hotel surrounded by an olive garden, with cozy rooms and a jacuzzi on site. The exact location of the hotel can be seen on the map:

I don’t write how to get by public transport, as the hotel is definitely for road travelers only. Read about car rental here , about Portuguese roads here .

Hotel Monte Oliva
Parking for cars. The rest of the tourists pulled themselves into the evening.
monte oliva portugal
It looks like a house as our recreation center, inside – much more comfortable.

Check-in and a room

We arrived in the afternoon, about an hour at 3. The hotel was quiet and empty, there was nobody, neither tourists nor hosts. A little annoying, but what to do, they began to call the owners.

After the call, the hostess arrived 10 minutes later (apparently, they live in a neighboring city). She showed us everything kindly, told us, and advised me to go to Tavira for dinner, because there are no restaurants or shops nearby.

I show the photo of the number:

monte oliva portugal
Comfortable bed
hotels in portugal
Olive sprig
where to stay in portugal
Small TV (as I know, I didn’t watch it)


book hotel in portugal
A large comfortable bathroom, but for some reason the cabinet is in the bathroom.
portugal booking
There is a hairdryer and cosmetics
route in portugal
Again a sprig of olive
hotel in parking in portugal
Large comfortable shower, hot water in the evening (basked after a jacuzzi)


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Convenience and food

And here is the hotel territory:

faro portugal
You can use the jacuzzi for free, in the late afternoon, however, there are many who wish. After sunset, it gets cool (were at the end of September)
Place to relax
Full relax

The rooms have Wi-Fi.

Breakfast is included in the room rate. Since the hotel is a family business, breakfast is tasty and homely, the hosts themselves cover it. It’s not difficult to eat too much: pastries, cheeses, sausages, granola, yoghurts, freshly squeezed orange juice (juice tastes better than in Portugal, there is nowhere else in Europe!), Fruits, including local mangoes.

Modest photo on the phone

As I said, there is no restaurant in the hotel, in the evening you need to go out for dinner. About a kilometer from the hotel there is some local bar, but I don’t know whether they are fed something, and the people appeared there already by 9 pm (or by 8: do not forget about the time difference with Spain: -1 hour )

Tavira is a town about 5 km away, I initially thought it was some kind of provincial town, but it turned out to be a resort town not far from the ocean.

Cozy streets

tavira tavira portugal

Many tourists and cafes

Holidays in Tavira Portugal
Central square of the city
tavira portugal
Of course the monument
tavira hotels
Restaurants in the center

River embankment

tavira where to stay
And again, the cafes
tavira reviews
Beautiful colors

And even a big grocery store

You can have dinner for 35-40 euros for two.

tavira restaurants
Cataplana – a visiting card of Portuguese cuisine (35 euros, enough for two).
tavira where to eat


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Price & Booking

In September 2018, we paid 70 euros per night with breakfast. You can pay by card. Booked through booking, here is the link .

If you haven’t yet booked a hotel on your own, I recommend my article   “5 reliable reservation systems”  with booking instructions.

In general, I want to sincerely recommend this hotel – for one night, or for a few – it does not matter! Nice, clean, relax hotel where you can relax, at least on the way to Lisbon!


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I wish you a great holiday and 10-point hotels!

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