For a walk in Seville we had just a few hours (see the route of our trip to Portugal ), I have not enough information for a full-fledged guidebook, but there are a lot of photos. Therefore, this article will be in the form of a photo report.

So, what we managed to see in Seville in such a short time.

1. We arrived in the city in the morning, many cafes were still closed. But you can admire the painting of the shutters.

2. The first thing we went to the Seville Cathedral. One of the gates in Mauritanian style

3. Cathedral under reconstruction

4. The tower of the Cathedral. As far as I understand, there is an observation deck at the top.

5. Square at the Cathedral

6. And this is the turn to the Royal Mauritanian Palace ( buy tickets in advance )

7. Traditional courtyard in the center next to the Cathedral of Seville

8. Breakfast time.

9. Fountain Sevilla (Hispalis) in Puerto de Jerez

10. University of Seville

11. Heading towards Plaza de Espana

12. Plaza Spain is the most beautiful and unusual place in Seville.


13. The name and picture of each city tiled by mosaic

14. Top view is better


15. Nice to walk along the streets of Seville

16. How do you like this street?

17. And this?

18. Well, on this narrow street, drive even on mopeds

19. “Entrance” of one of the houses in the city center

20. Nice to see different details

21. Small square near the church

22. The ruins of the Roman Temple: yes, they are here too.

23. San Francisco Square. In summer, canopies are pulled, otherwise you can burn it alive.

24. A street with a cafe is also under awnings, therefore, it will be comfortable even at lunchtime.

25. Well, of course, how in Spain without sangria? 🙂



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