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Today, the blog has a new auto route in Italy, along which we drove in May-June 2019. It was my 8 or 9 trip to Italy, therefore, there are practically no popular tourist cities in the route (with the exception of Verona and Florence, which were the starting points), I built this route consciously, based on my travel dreams.

The main points of the route were: Tuscan fields (although I was here a year ago , you can’t compare a trip to Tuscany with a car!), Alberobello (and necessarily a night in trull) and the Strawberry Festival in Nemi because of which it was necessary to shift a trip from mid-May to the end.

The starting and ending point of the route was Verona. Car was rented in Florence , there are more options there than in Verona, and it turned out to be cheaper to get to Florence by public transport than to overpay for another 2 days of rental. We traveled from Verona to Florence by the italotreno high-speed train (1.5 hours on the way, 11.90 euros per ticket), back on flixbus (2.40 on the way and 10.80 euros per ticket). I used Flixbus in Italy 5 times, each time without complaints, although there are different reviews, you can read in he comments under my review .

How many kilometers total have traveled and spent money on the road, I will write at the end of the article, but for now – the route. Kilometers specifically did not write, therefore, I write approximately.

Italy route by car

Day 1. Arrival in Verona -> Walk around Verona -> Transfer to Florence -> Overnight at the Affittacamere Graziano (65 €, without breakfast; modest, but one of the most budget options, within walking distance from the station and car rental locations)

Verona Center

Italy route by car
Erbe Square Fountain

Day 2. Florence (climb to the church dome of the Duomo , visit other facilities of the Santa Maria del Fiore complex, walk around the city) -> car rental -> Castelfiorentino -> San Gimignano -> Greve in Chianti -> check-in to B&B Fagiolari (120 € per night with breakfast) -> dinner at the Dario Ceccini butcher shop .

castelfiorentino tuscany
Empty streets of Castelfiorentino

castelfiorentino italy
Balconies with drying linen

Overnight at the traditional Tuscan B&B Fagiolari
The pool overlooks the Tuscan hills.

By car: 120 km.

Day 3. Tuscany: fields, cypress alleys, many photos. From the cities – San Quirico d’Orcia [You can visit Montalcino, Pienza, Montepulciano ] -> Overnight at Agriturismo il Cicaleto in Umbria (70 € per night with breakfast).




Postcard Tuscan species
And more
And more
And again a traditional house (Agriturismo il Cicaleto) for an overnight stay

By car: 200 km.

Day 4. Umbria -> Castellluchio Li Norcia -> transfer to Puglia (450 km) -> Overnight in apartments in Bari (72 € per night, bonus for first booking )

Castellluchio di Norcia
The road to the city passes along the serpentine, but at the top you can’t even believe it
Landscapes are not Italian at all
Mountains and fog
450 km and we are in Bari. Our apartments (booked via airbnb)

By car: 560 km.

Day 5. Bari -> Ostuni -> Alberobello -> Trulli a sud-est night in trullo (215 € for 2 nights, review )

bari italy
Southern color of Bari

bari puglia
Narrow streets with linen

And here is the sea!
ostuni apulia
Ostuni – the white city on the hill
Ostuni city in Puglia
Colorful and quite cozy town
The town is similar to Greek


From white blind eyes like Santorini


alberobello italy
And finally, Alberobello!
Of course, a lot of pictures!

And an aperitif with a view of the trulls

rent trullo
And another dream – night in the trullo house

remove trullo alberobello
And such a cave bed

By car: 130 km.

Day 6. Alberobello -> Lecce -> Brindisi (boring city) -> evening in Alberobello.

lecce italy
Cathedral in the city of Lecce
Lecce Apulia
The ruins of the Roman amphitheater
what to see in lecce
Tourist city – many cafes and shops

But there are photogenic corners

Two padres. This is also Lecce.
brindisi italy
And Brindisi seemed to me deserted and not very interesting
brindisi puglia
Deserted streets

By car: 235 km.

Day 7. Alberobello -> Nemi (strawberry festival) -> night at Il Collicello farm in Umbria (60 € per night, with a breakfast)



strawberry festival in nemi
Strawberry Festival deserves a separate article 🙂 In three words: delicious, colorful, crowded!

Tons of strawberries ….
Colorful farm Il Collicello and soulful owners
Great place for girl photo shoots

With its vineyard and olive grove

Romantic sunset
And a real farm dinner (actually, “an aperitif before dinner,” but I’ll talk about it later)
And such a foggy morning

By car: 570 km.

Day 8. Narni (farm) -> Florence, car return -> Verona -> night in B&B Accademia (80 € per night, with breakfast).

By car: 230 km.

Day 9. Verona -> shopping -> flight to Russia.

Route in numbers: distances and car prices

Italy route by car

As already said, I did not record the mileage, according to approximate estimates, we drove 2043 km.

We spent about 113 liters of gasoline, at 173 euros.

Toll roads cost 75 euros from the budget

Parking only 8.50 euros (in Lecce and a night in Bari , in other places of residence there were private free parking)

Car rental (Opel Grandland) costed us 275 euros for 6 days (no deductible), no extra insurance was taken.

This time rented through .

About all the main points, I will write separate detailed articles, they can be read from the active links in the text.

If you have any questions along the route, ask them in the comments under the article.


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Have a good travel!

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