Today I will talk about the route of our auto-trip to Portugal (and partially to Spain) in September – October 2018. I will write down the route every day, and also write how many kilometers traveled per day, how much gasoline was spent, and also how much I had to pay for travel on toll roads.

I must say right away that my route is very far from ideal: I spent a lot of time on the road. There were long journeys, but managed to see a little. Therefore, I recommend changing this route for yourself, taking mine only for a very “raw” basis.


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Portugal Travel Planning Tips

When planning your itinerary in Portugal, I recommend you:

  1. Do not try to grasp the immensity: do not try to embrace both Spain and Portugal.
  2. If you rent a car in Spain, then do it not in Valencia, and not in Barcelona, ​​but at least in Seville, Malaga, in extreme cases, in Madrid.
  3. For each day, plan no more than 300 km of track , preferably no more than 200 km, as I did in 2017 when traveling in Central Europe and the Alps.
  4. Pawn at least a week exclusively on Portugal!
  5. Study the map of toll roads in Portugal in advance , especially roads where payment is done only electronically!
  6. Learn how to electronically pay for roads in Portugal if you rent a car in another country.
  7. Download navigator , or rent a car with a built-in navigator.
  8. If you need to track the traffic situation, it is better to use google maps. 

Car rental for traveling in Portugal

You can rent a car for traveling by car in Portugal:

  1. In any city / airport in Portugal (ideal, because the tenant will immediately tell you about the rules for paying for roads, provide a device for electronic payment of roads).
  2. In any other country in Europe, for example, in Spain. In this case, it is necessary to check with the distributor whether travel to Portugal is allowed, whether it is free, or if it will be necessary to pay, to figure out how to pay for roads in Portugal.

We rented a car in Valencia from a Hertz dealer. We had a great new BMW 218d car, with a mileage of less than 10,000 km, with an automatic transmission, a navigator, a very smart on-board computer that even showed the cost of gas at the nearest gas stations and a diesel engine, which saved us a lot of money on fuel. The cost of such a car is 300 euros for 8 days. We rented through . My review can be read on the link .

route in portugal for 8 days
Rent a car in Spain

If you have not previously encountered a car rental abroad, and you still have questions, you can also read my article about car rental on travel.

Toll roads and gasoline in Portugal

All motorways in Portugal are paid. They, of course, are duplicated by free roads. But here you must decide for yourself what you are willing to spend – time or money. My calculations showed that 1 hour of time saved on the road costs about 10 euros.

The cost of toll roads in Portugal is about 10 euros per 100 km (which is more expensive than, for example, in Italy ).

Toll roads are divided into 2 types: with regular payment (when you pick up a ticket at the entrance, you pay for it at the check-out) and only electronic payment (the payment is automatically debited using a special device, or from an attached bank card, or from a special prepaid card). Read more about this here .

Gasoline price in Portugal (as of February 1, 2019): 1.51 € (95), 1.40 (diesel). In October 2018, we refuel (diesel) at 1.459-1.479 €. On highways, prices are high and at all gas stations (300 km ahead) the prices are the same. Slightly lower prices at motorway exits at small gas stations, where even a check is written out manually 🙂

My travel itinerary in Portugal (and a little in Spain)

We spent the first 5 days of vacation in Valencia ( what to see in Valencia ), and on the sixth day we took a car and headed towards Portugal. Therefore, in this route there will be only days of travel by car. Go!

route in spain and portugal
You must come to Valencia for at least 3 days!

Day 1. Valencia> Benidorm (Benidorm guide )> Seville> Overnight at the hotel in Seville  Ilunion Alcora Sevilla  4 * (88.50 € per night).

to portugal by car
In the evening of the first day we got to Seville

Total per day: 787 km

Toll roads: € 14.75 (Benidorm – Alicante road)

Day 2 . A walk in Seville ( photo report )> crossing the border with Portugal> a walk and dinner in Tavira> night at the agro-hotel Monte Oliva – Turismo Rural (70 € per night, review )

car trip to portugal
Dinner in the town of Tavira (Portugal)

Total per day: 171km

Toll roads: € 1.75 (electronic payment)

Day 3 . Tavira> Lisbon> check-in at Relax & Quiet Apartment (180 € for 2 nights, 25 $ discount on booking )> day and evening in Lisbon ( what to see in Lisbon ).

to Lisbon by car
Drive up to Lisbon

Total per day: 300 km

Toll roads: 24.25 € (including 3.55 € electronic payment)

Day 4. Day in Lisbon without a car.

Portugal travel by car
One of the viewing platforms of Lisbon

Day 5 . Lisbon> Sintra> Pena Palace ( buy tickets )> Cape Roca > Bussaco> night at the palace-palace Palace Hotel do Bussaco 5 * (120 € per night)

what to visit in portugal by car
Hotel – Palace Palace Hotel do Bussaco

Total per day: 331 km

Toll roads: 19.25 € (including 0.55 € electronic payment)

Day 6 . Bussaco> Aveiro (Portuguese Portuguese)> Porto> evening in Porto ( TOP-20 attractions )> night at Hotel Miradouro (67.90 € per night).

Hotel Miradouro is a rather strange, old hotel, already outdated, but there are several advantages: a large room, a comfortable bed to sleep, free parking.

car hire in portugal
Harry Potter Library (Porto Bookstore)

Total per day: 119 km

Toll roads: € 3.75 (including € 0.20 electronic payment)

Day 7 . Porto> Madrid> evening in Madrid> night at a hotel near Madrid Hostal Colon (49 € per night + 2 € garage space).

The hotel did not choose in Madrid, so that in the morning it would be easier to go directly to the track.

roads and gasoline in portugal
Royal Palace in Madrid

Total per day: 600 km

Toll roads: 19.25 € (including 2.65 € electronic payment)

Day 8 . Madrid> Benidorm> Valencia> car rental> evening in Valencia> night at the Boutique Creative Rooms (100 € per night)

Total per day: 600 km

Toll roads: € 34.85 (€ 29.40 Alicante-Benidorm-Valencia road)

Trip Summary

Total for the trip (8 days):

  • We drove about 2800 km
  • Road tolls: 120 € (including 44.15 € for travel to / from Benidorm)
  • Gasoline (Diesel): 220 € and 167 liters.

That’s all! Focus on my numbers and tips and make your ideal route! Have a great trip to Portugal!

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