One of the most vivid impressions of our trip to Europe was a visit to the 5-finger viewing platform in Austria, not far from Hallstatt. The pleasure, of course, is not cheap, but the money spent is definitely worth it. In the article I will tell you where the viewing platform is located, how to get there and how much the funicular costs. And, of course, I will show a photo.

5 Fingers viewing platform, Austria

This viewing platform is one of the most popular (and picturesque) in Austria. It is called so because of its shape – 5 fingers-bridges that look like a hand “hang” over an abyss at an altitude of 2100 meters.

observation deck 5 fingers

5 “fingers” are free to visit. There you can take a photo, look through a free telescope, or walk on a transparent floor (in fact, it is not very transparent and there is no “hanging over the abyss” effect). The central “finger” is closed for visiting, which symbolizes the impregnability of the mountains.

5 fingers viewing austria


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There is a site near the popular tourist city of Hallstatt . To get to the viewing platform, focus on the city of Obertraun. It is from here that you can climb to the site by funicular. The location of the “5 fingers” and the funicular show on the map

For clarity, the map (you can click on the image)

dachstein austria


To get to the viewpoint, you need to use the funicular. We buy a ticket at the box office (you can pay by card) and go to the funicular station.


5 fingers funicular


The cabin is very large, probably 30 people fit there and everyone wants to take pictures or shoot 🙂



Arriving at the first station. You can stay here and go on a visit to the ice caves of Dachstein. It was not very interesting for us, so we went on. 

Another funicular and we are at an altitude of about 2000 meters

5 finger cable

dachstein glacier

Judging by the signs, go to the lookout for 30 minutes, however, we reached 18 minutes, walked at a slow pace, constantly taking pictures.

how much to go up to 5 fingers

We leave for the “5 fingers” along the picturesque trail

dachstein austria

Along the way, you can go to another viewing platform

Dachstein observation deck

And there’s a chapel

5 fingers chapel

Or just enjoy the views


dachstein austria

This place is popular with paragliders.

5 fingers paraglider

austria mountains hallstatt

Mountain flowers

5 fingers flowers

Finally, the viewing platform

5 fingers

5 fingers austria

By the way, wi-fi works well here, at an altitude of 2100 meters. You can even make a video call and show your relatives this beauty.

On the way back we walked a little more and went down.

5 fingers viewpoint

lookout five fingers austria

Observation Deck “5 fingers”, price

Visiting the viewing platform is free. However, to get there, you need to use the funicular. The cost of getting to the site and back is 30 € for adults (as of September 2017). Here are all the prices for September 2017. Actual prices (as well as the schedule of lifts) can be found at

five fingers viewing price

If you only want to get to the viewing platform, you need a Panorama Ticket.

You can also purchase complex tickets – in addition to the site, visit the ice caves of Dachstein (Mammut Cave, Dachstein Ice Cave). A visit to only the ice caves (they are located at the first station of the cable car) will cost 38.40 €.

The cable car runs until approximately 5:00 p.m. therefore, check the timetable in advance in order to be able to go down.

There is a restaurant on the second level of the cable car, here are some prices

5 fingers restaurantprices in the restaurant lookout

5 fingers viewing platform, Dachstein, Austria: how to get there, parking

The easiest way to get here is by car. You can rent via the Internet, saving a lot. I have already rented twice on this site , including for this trip (read the article “Rent a car in Prague” ).

You can get to the Dachstein Tourismus parking lot from Hallstatt in about 10 minutes. The road is good, without serpentines.

By public transport, probably also possible. There is information on the Internet about the 543 bus, where you can get from Hallstatt to the cable car in 10 minutes.

The funicular has a free large parking lot, even with caravans come and park there.

5 fingers parking

parking at the cable car dachstein

Helpful information

According to numerous reviews, it is better to come to the viewing platform in the morning, in the afternoon there may be cloudiness, even if it is sunny in the morning.

I recommend taking warm clothes and comfortable shoes. When in Hallstatt it was +30 (September 2017), the viewing temperature was about 16 degrees, but the wind was very cold. We, already frozen on the volcano Etna , this time prepared better. Europeans are everywhere in trekking shoes, but if you do not plan hiking, ordinary sneakers will be enough.

Take also sunglasses and sunscreen.

If you have any questions, or have something to supplement, leave comments. And please like this post!

Have a nice trip to Austria!

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