My blog has already published several independent routes. I publish them, firstly, in order to help others compose their march, submit an idea, and direct them to the right resources for booking. And secondly, I want to show that in many cases, the independent organization of your trip will help to save significant money and will cost not so much! Travel is available to everyone!

In this article I will briefly describe our April route through two countries – Italy and Spain, I will direct to more detailed articles on especially important points and calculate how much an independent trip can cost.


So, for 10 days of our trip we visited: Turin (Italy) , Genoa (Italy) , Portofino (Italy) , Pisa (Italy) , Valencia (Spain) and rested in Benidorm (Spain) .

Day 1. Flight Yekaterinburg-Turin with a connection in Moscow (S7 airlines), morning flights, so in the afternoon we calmly inspect the city. Check in at the Dock Milano hotel (55 euros per night with breakfast)

Day 2. An hour and a half we spend on visiting the Royal Palace (in fact, we did not plan to visit it, but there was free admission on the first Sunday of the month). Next, we take the metro to the Automobile Museum (you can choose other museums to visit, depending on your interests), and also climb to the observation deck at the Santa Maria del Monte church to see a gorgeous panorama of the city. We devote the remaining time to a walk

Day 3. By bus we move to Genoa (about 2.5 hours), walk along the port, inspect the Old Town and the main attractions of Genoa . On a nice funicular we go up to the Upper Town and spend 2-3 hours there, looking at the houses and relaxing in the parks. We finish the day in a family Italian restaurant with the traditional Italian name “At Mario”. We stay at the Chopin hotel (70 euros per night with breakfast)

Day 4. We take the train to Portofino , a town with postcards, have time to see another town, undeservedly deprived of attention, Santa Margarita Ligure . We return to Genoa and again go to Mario.

Day 5. In the morning we take the bus to the city in one photo (please do not be offended by those who live there :)). 2 hours on the road and we are in Pisa. We inspect the center, have lunch and go on foot to Pisa airport . Only 1.5 hours and in the evening of the same day we are in Valencia . Check in at hostal el cid (39.40 euros per night)

Day 6. Little time is allocated to Valencia undeservedly (only 1 day), so we try to see as many attractions as possible. The pedometer counter shows 20 km. We finish the evening with a paella pan and sangria.

Day 7. From the bus station in Valencia, we leave for the resort city of Benidorm and spend the next two days there. We live in the Brisa hotel (110 euros per day with three meals a day)

Day 8. Rest in Benidorm

Day 9. We relax in Benidorm: we walk along the promenade, visit a very beautiful landmark of the Mediterranean Balcony, look into the Old Town. You can increase the number of days and visit other attractions (depending on your budget and the prices of the Costa Blanca )

Day 10. We leave for the Alicante airport and fly to the same S7 airlines.

how much does it cost to Italy

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Total we spent: 1900 euros FOR EVERYTHING IN 10 DAYS.


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That’s all for me. If you have comments or questions, please write in the comments. Have a Budget holiday!

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