In this article I will tell you how to spend one day in Pisa, how to get to the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, and where to spend the night if you decide to stay for a couple of days.

Pisa is a small town in Italy, in the Tuscany region, about 100 km from Florence. It attracts tourists mainly with its “falling tower” and the desire to make a few photos on its background))

leaning tower of pisa
Everyone wants to “support” the tower

How to get to Pisa 

From Europe

There are direct flights to Pisa from European cities such as London, Paris, Prague, Brussels, Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, etc. You can find such tickets on the Skyscanner website .

From Italy

From Italian cities can be reached by plane, for example, from Milan, Catania, Venice. Prices are very nice.

how to get to pisa from italy

From nearby cities it is easier to get by land transport – by train, bus or car. How to get from Florence and Siena I already wrote in this article (there is also information on how to get from Pisa airport to the city center)

From Genoa

Getting from Genoa to Pisa is also not difficult. There are several options:

  • From Genoa to Pisa by car. The distance from Genoa to Pisa is about 160 km, travel time is about 2 hours, if you go on a toll motorway (if you choose free roads, it will be longer). Fare on a toll motorway on this route is EUR 16.70

from genoa to pisa by car

The cost of gasoline in Italy in June 2017 is about 1.60 € per liter.

  • From Genoa to Pisa by train. The Genoa – Pisa train leaves from the Genova Piazza Principe station. Travel time from 1:40, ticket price from 9.90 €. I recommend choosing direct routes on high-speed trains.

train genoa pisa

Check the exact schedule for your date and ticket price on

  • Bus Genoa –Pisa. You can use the bus. We used the flixbus ( my review ). Tickets from 5 €, and during the sales period even cheaper. Look for tickets through  Buses are comfortable, with wi-fi. Travel time is about 3 hours. The traffic is more or less on a schedule, but since no one has canceled traffic jams, lay a little more time on the road.


Read also the article Rent a car for traveling in Europe


Pisa sights and a map 

pisa attractions
Pisa is a small town. The photo shows the center, the railway, and the airport

So, we got to Pisa, so what to see in Pisa? Even in one day you can have time to see the main attractions. The city is very small (so that you can imagine the scale, the distance from the center to the airport is about 5 km, and you can walk it), so here you do not even need transport. All major attractions are concentrated in the center.

pisa center
Entrance to the center of Pisa through a medieval gate


Leaning Tower of Pisa and other buildings in Miracle Square

leaning tower of pisa

Of course, the main attractions of Pisa are the Tower of Pisa, which, along with the Colosseum, is a symbol of Italy. It is also known as the Leaning Tower. It is interesting that the tower (it is also the bell tower) is not a separate structure, but part of the architectural complex. This complex includes Duomo (Pisa Cathedral), Battistero di San Giovanni (baptistery), Campo Santo cemetery and Piazza dei Miracoli (translated as “Square of Miracles”). It is on Piazza dei Miracoli that the whole ensemble is located.

A bit of history. The construction of the tower began at the end of the 12th century by the architect Bonnano Pisano, in whose honor, in fact, was named. But the construction dragged on and lasted about 200 years. A tower of white marble was built, its height is 55.86 – 56.7 meters (on the low and high sides, respectively), and 294 steps lead to its upper level. By the way, the tower “fell” for about 800 years, but now the “fall” is stopped thanks to the strengthening.

photo from the leaning tower of pisa
Main photo from Pisa

As you may have guessed, you can climb the tower, but the pleasure is not cheap – 18 euros. Official website:

The tower is open to the public every day.

In the summer from 8:30 to 22:00

In September from 9:00 to 19:00

From October to March from 9:00 to 19:00


At the same time, no more than 30-40 people are allowed into the tower, therefore, it is better to buy a ticket in advance. In order not to stand in line, you can buy online >>> .

If you want to visit other attractions of Miracles Square, then for visiting one attraction you need to pay 5 €, two – 7 €, a complex ticket will cost from 8 €. You can also buy a ticket online. Buy a ticket >>>

duomo pisa
You can get to the Duomo for free, but for this you need to take a ticket

A visit to the Duomo is free, but a ticket is required to enter. If you buy a ticket for any attraction, then you are given a free ticket to the Duomo without reference to time. If your plans are only to visit the Cathedral, then you need to get a ticket for a specific time (you can only do this at the ticket offices on the spot).

visiting the duomo in pisa

What else to see in Pisa in 1 day

In the central square of the city you can see another slightly gloomy building – of dark red brick. This is Ospedale Nuovo di Santo Spirito. Previously – it was a hospital, but now – a museum of synopy. Sinopia is a preliminary drawing under the mural (the frescoes themselves suffered during the bombing during World War II). Entrance to the museum – 6 euros.

what to see in pisa in 1 day
A brick building with a clock opposite the Duomo is a former hospital, and now it is a synopia museum

In addition to the objects located on the Square of Miracles, the popular place in the city is the Square of the Knights (Piazza dei Cavallieri). Here are the Palazzo dell’Orologio (watch face), Palazzo Cavalieri, as well as one of the main educational institutions in Italy – Scuola Normale Superiore (by the way, there are a lot of students in Pisa!)

Be sure to go to the embankment. The Arno River flows in Pisa and the local landscapes are very reminiscent of Florence.

On the promenade are the Medici Palace, Toscanelli Palace, the Gothic-style church of Santa Maria della Spina (built in the 13th century). There are many other churches in Pisa.

Arno Pisa River Embankment
Pisa Arno Embankment and Cathedral of Santa Maria della Spina

Pay attention to the University of Pisa and the Botanical Garden attached to it. This botanical garden is one of the oldest in the WORLD!

Here is a map of the sights of Pisa, the map is fully interactive, you can zoom in, move, read the names, and for a detailed study go to the usual Google maps.

Where to live in Pisa

If you decide to spend more than one day in Pisa, or you just need to spend the night here, then book your accommodation. There are both hotels and hostels in Pisa, but, frankly, housing is not cheap and at the same time very modest, without frills. There are practically no modern hotels.

The cost of one night starts from 37 € (double room in the hostel). For 50 € you can rent an apartment, or settle in a guesthouse. Something more or less like a hotel for the price starts from 75-80 €.

Examples of good hotels in Pisa

Grand Hotel Bonanno 4 * (rating on booking 7.9) – a 10-minute walk from the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In general, not bad, considering what is considered 4 *. Price from 89 € per night with breakfast

Hotel Roma 3 * (booking rating 8.1) – a modest hotel in the center, overlooking the Square of Miracles. From 99 € with breakfast.

Relais Centro Storico Residenza d’Epoca (booking rating 8.2) is a palace-style hotel located in a historic building on the seafront. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is 15 minutes on foot. From 110 € with breakfast

Hotel Pisa Tower is a well-rated hotel (booking rating 8.8) 50 meters from the central square and with a good breakfast. Price from 120 € (breakfast included)

NH Pisa (booking rating 8.1) is a modern hotel in a modern building, but is located next to the Pisa train station, that is, you will have to go to the center for about 20 minutes. Prices start at 158 ​​€ (breakfast included)


Choose a hotel in Pisa >>>


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